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29: The old father of the palace

Breakfast was a simple sandwich and orange juice.

The preparation was also very simple.

Eight servings were made in less than half an hour, and the other members went downstairs one after another.

Yin Heng and Yu Ran came down first.

They were slightly surprised when they saw the breakfast on the table.

They saw that Gong Ze was still wearing an apron.

They were even more shocked: “Mr.

Gong made the breakfast”

Wen Ge answered Gong Ze from the side: “Yes, Mr.

Gong personally cooks for everyone, you are blessed.”

The two thanked them and sat at the table.

Then the four girls also went downstairs.

Knowing that Gong Ze had prepared breakfast for them, the reaction was much greater than that of the two men.

One by one, you pinched me and I pinched you happened.

It took a long time to make sure that this was really not a dream.

Gong Ze mixed the vegetable salad and served it on the table, and the four women were taking pictures of breakfast with their mobile phones.

“After I go back, I will post on Weibo.

Teacher Gong made the breakfast by himself.

Hahahahaha, I want to pull hatred.”

Yin Heng ridiculed the words: “You will take photos later, maybe more than breakfast and wet body.

You can take a few photos.

When that happens, you will be waiting to be wanted by Teacher Gong’s fans all over the network.”

Liu Mo received his phone and thought with delight, “If this is the case, I will recognize it as wanted!”

“The ingredients here are not complete, so I’ll just eat it today and buy some vegetables at night.

We don’t have a lot of money.

It’s impossible to eat out every meal.

Unless necessary, I’ll cook it at home.”

Gong Ze said as he sat beside Wen Ge.

After all, since becoming the captain of this small team, he has been very responsible for everything and started planning daily expenses before going to bed last night.

Naturally, other people will not have any objections.

They can eat the dishes made by the Emperor Palace himself.

The treatment is much higher than that of going to a small restaurant.

They are too happy to have time.

A long dining table was full of eight people, and Gong Ze simply started a small meeting while eating.

“Last night, I roughly made the itinerary for today and tomorrow.

Let’s see if there is anything to add.” Gong Ze handed the schedule to Wen Ge for them to circulate.

Wen Ge saw it last night and passed it directly to the next person.

The notebook went round and round, and finally returned to Gong Ze.

No one raised any objections to the route he made.

Before that, none of the eight people had been to Cuba, and wanted to make some comments and didn’t know how to make.

After breakfast, the group is ready to set off.

When they were in the house, they were all in agreement, but once they left the house, they had a disagreement.

The difference lies in the way of travel.

Some people advocate taxi-hailing, and some people think that chartering a car is more cost-effective.

Mo Liu said: “We want to stay here for ten days, the car is clearly cost-effective point, traveling by car and obviously a lot easier.”

Sun Xiaofei said:”But I wanted to experience that a well-known classic cars, eh.”

With no solution on the bay, everyone had to turn their eyes to Gong Ze.

Gong Ze was also a little upset at this time.

It was too late to be here last night.

After that, he assigned the room to make the route, and his brain was so dizzy that he even forgot the most important trip.

A group of people stood at the gate, and there were more than a dozen cameras facing them, attracting the attention of passers-by.

Finally, Wen Ge suggested: “I think the several scenic spots today are not far away.

Or take a taxi today, and then start chartering two cars tomorrow.”

“Yes.” Yin Heng agreed.

The other two girls also said it was acceptable, and Wen Ge’s proposal could satisfy Sun Xiaofei and Liu Mo’s requirements, and they didn’t say anything.

There are very few taxis passing by in this homestay area, so everyone can only walk down.

Folklore is not far from the foot of the mountain, it is estimated to be six or seven hundred meters, but because it is a mountain road, there are so many twists and turns, and walking down these few hundred meters is a bit tiring.

Ten minutes later, when they reached the foot of the mountain, a few girls sat directly on the ground without any image.

Upon seeing this, Yu Ran went to the small shop next to him to buy a few bottles of ice water, and divided them one by one.

“Xiao Yu Ran, you are really an angel, my sister loves you so much.” Sun Xiaofei was moved and hugged Yu Ran.

Yu Ran is only eighteen years old, much younger than everyone else, and he looks good and has a well-behaved personality.

So from the very beginning, he captured a group of women who were overwhelmed by maternal love, and rushed to treat him as a younger brother.

She also knows that Yu Ran has just made his debut and has no experience.

She’s afraid that he will have few shots, so she will often queer him and change his tricks to add shots to him.

On the way to the break, a few taxis happened to pass by, and everyone was not too busy to rest, so they ran to stop them.

There are four cars in total, one for two, and the girls have already got on the car in pairs.

Yin Heng was about to go to Wen Ge, and Yu Ran leaned forward: “Big Brother Yin, let me take one with you.”

Wen Ge had already gotten in the front car with Gong Ze, and Yin Heng glanced at Wen regretfully at Wen Ge’s back, followed Yu Ran into the car.

The first stop of the itinerary was Revolution Square and Ming Square.

Gong Ze reported the destination, and the four cars drove to the old city of Havana.

When the car arrived at the destination, everyone was first attracted by the colorful convertible classic cars on the square.

The girls exclaimed, and although the men did not scream, their eyes were full of surprise.

Because there are really too many, and the colors are different, it looks like an over-exquisite collection, echoing the same colorful buildings around it, it is indeed very pleasing to the eye.

Seeing those cars, a group of people had long forgotten the purpose of coming here.

They were so excited that they pointed to the classic cars and said to Gong Ze, “I, let’s take this!”

Gong Ze smiled: “Don’t worry, there will be a chance.

Sit, you can drive it by yourself at that time, now you can follow the schedule first.”

“Really!” I heard that I can drive it by myself , everyone was interested, and they all came over and looked at Gong Ze eagerly.

Gong Ze nodded helplessly, feeling a little funny.

If he was right, Wen Ge had a different look in his eyes just now, and he couldn’t help wondering, except for the age of the car, the color is a little brighter.

Why are both of them so interested

Originally, Gong Ze was going to stay in this square for almost an hour, but seeing the sight of other members from time to time at the classic cars parked in the middle of the square, his mind was obviously not here, and he didn’t want to stay at all.

So he quickly ended the attraction, and then He took out his cell phone and made a call.

Soon a middle-aged Cuban man came over, and after a few conversations with Gong Ze, he handed a few sets of keys to him, and then disappeared quickly.

It took no more than five minutes from appearing to leaving.

“Who is he” Wen Ge waited until they had finished speaking before coming over, and the others surrounded him.

“The person in charge of the car rental company.” Gong Ze shook the four sets of keys in his hand and asked everyone, “Who wants to open it Let’s get the keys, or two by two.”

“Me, me, me!” Summer raises her hand, she is usually quiet and introverted, with a low sense of presence.

This is the first time everyone has seen her so excited.

If she was really this convertible, everyone will not rob her.

Liu Mo asked puzzledly: “But we don’t have an international driver’s license.

You can’t drive a car abroad.”

Wen Ge explained: “You can drive if you have a Chinese driver’s license in Cuba.”

“That’s it, then I want to drive too!” Sun Xiaofei exclaimed.

After worrying about the future, my hands are also itchy.

The girl already had two cars, the other two didn’t take the keys anymore, one with one car, and agreed to change when they wanted to drive.

Yin Heng also took a bunch of keys.

Yu Ran was too young to get his driver’s license.

Naturally, he couldn’t drive the car, so he got into Yin Heng’s car according to his distribution.

Surprisingly, this time Yin Heng took the initiative to call Yu Ran to get his car, which made both Yu Ran and Wen Ge puzzled.

“Remember, the destination is Malegon Beach, where the network signal is weak and mobile navigation is not available, so follow me and contact me with the intercom if there is a problem.” Before departure, Gong Ze reminded everyone again that a group of people nodded obedientl.

The appearance made Gong Ze feel in a daze that he was waiting for a group of children, and the more he thought about it, the more he felt uneasy.

Four convertibles of different colors set off one after another, drove on the main road and followed the coastal road all the way to Malecon Beach.

Gong Ze squeezed the car and didn’t dare to drive too fast, so he looked at the rearview mirror from time to time for fear that someone would be left behind.

Wen Ge sat in the co-pilot with a pair of sunglasses on his nose.

His hair was messed up by the wind, so he grabbed a few of them.

Yu Guang caught a glimpse of Gong Ze’s worried face and couldn’t help laughing: “Don’t be so nervous like an old father.

They are all in their 20s, not two years old.

Even if they are really lost, they can find a way home.”

Gong Ze also felt that he was a little too nervous, but he just can’t help but worry.

The two groups of girls were guarded in the middle.

They headed in the front and Yin Heng was watching from behind.

It is actually impossible to go away.

As for Yin Heng, as the third-year-old senior in the team, he is still very reliable, so really There is nothing to worry about.

While worrying, Gong Ze kept thinking about that old father.

Although he knew it was just a joke, he couldn’t help complaining, “Am I very old You actually call me old father! I’m obviously two years younger than you.”

His tone of voice is the same as that of his friends.

Wen Ge didn’t avoid too much taboo.

He couldn’t help but smiled and said: “I’m talking about your age.

I’m clearly saying that you act like an old father.

You are our parents, take care of us as carefully as dad.”

Gong Ze blurted out: “If I am a dad, you are a mom.”

When these words came out, both of them smiled slightly stiff, Wen Ge reacted quickly, and quickly retorted with a smile.

“Hey, it’s too much.

I said you are a dad.

At least the gender has not changed.

It’s okay for you.

Just give me a sex change.”

Wen Ge took the opportunity: “It’s your turn to rank according to age, and No matter how you look at you, you look like those mothers who unconditionally spoil their children.”

Wen Ge smiled and shook his head, not continuing the topic.

But after the two of them talked like this, the topic of this mom and dad became less obtrusive.

And this dialogue was also broadcasted repeatedly by the program team as a trailer when the show was broadcast.

As for Gong Ze’s old father’s character it was officially confirmed from this day.

By the second half of the show, it was no longer called directly.

He is called by his name directly as his old father.

Every time he appears, the subtitles next to him must be “Old Father…”, which adds a lot of laughter to the show.

At this time, Gong Ze’s naturally wouldn’t know that he would become the laughing point of the show later, and he was still responsible for the team leader and used the walkie-talkie to confirm the situation of the players again.

Wen Ge shook his head and thought he was hopeless.

“You can enjoy it when you come out to play, but don’t let down the beauty.” Wen Ge opened his five fingers and closed his eyes to feel the breeze passing between his fingers.

After confirming the situation, Gong Ze finally relaxed and put one hand on the car window, enjoying the beauty of the coastline.

Cuba has the longest coastline in the world, and the coastal avenue is a section of the main road along the coastline.

Next to the driveway is the endless blue sea.

You can smell the salty smell of the sea in the breeze.

With such a beautiful scenery and a lover sitting next to him, Gong Ze only felt that his heart was about to overflow.

He wanted to hold his lover’s hand and feel it together.

He was sitting behind a big light bulb!

Gong Ze looked at the camera brother who was carrying the machine in the back seat.

Hello, light bulb.


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