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C136 – A Maid’s Little Ploy


Vampir and I were currently attending the “Assembly of True Ancestors”, which was supposed to decide the future of the vampire territory.

   Yet, we somehow ended up deciding who would rule the territory.


   …Well, choosing who’s in control won’t really deviate that far from the topic, I guess.

   Since it will eventually decide what would become of the vampire territory anyway.


…And How are you going to decide who will sit at the top




   Vampir glanced over at me with an “I don’t know” look on her face.


Why are you looking at me

Are the three strongest true ancestors going to fight in a three-way war


If you do that, it’s certain that the other vampires will suffer tremendous damage

…Don’t tell me you didn’t think of that when you thought this



Well, a vampire who dies from such a thing is only that good after all.”


Are you a tyrant


   I couldn’t help but give a cold stare to the persistent Vampir, whose face was drenched in cold sweat.


It’s not good to be on the top without thinking about what’s below them, you know


“How about having a discussion between the ones involved beforehand For instance, a battle of intelligence between me and Litricia, or a battle of strength between me and Vampir…something like that.”


   Gehirneid suggested his idea to settle the matter.


I think it’s better to have a set of rules for this kind of thing from the start….


   Nevertheless, I am just an outsider when it comes to vampires.

   I mustn’t be actively involved in the battle to determine their ruler.


   However, Vampir is my daughter so I will be supporting her.

   …Though, I can’t help but be restless if she actually takes control.


   W-Well, Vampir was the territory lord before she met me, so I’m sure it’ll be fine.


“With that said, today’s assembly is over.

I’m already tired.”


   Gehirneid uttered languidly with a small yawn.

   Vampir and Litricia also agreed, and thus, the meeting finally came to an end.



“Well now…, let’s hear what you have to say, Mel.”


   Each of the three True Ancestors was assigned a break room inside the assembly venue.

   Currently, Vampir was questioning Mel inside her own chamber.


   Aah… it seems like she’s unaware that Mel becomes Litricia’s servant just to pester her.

   Vampir probably felt betrayed remembering what had transpired before.


   Though, despite baring her sharp fangs, she did not attack Mel.

   …Compared to when we first met, you’ve certainly grown up….




   Mel thought deeply on what to say.

   Of course, she couldn’t just give a straight ball and say that “it was to pester you”.


   …No, wait, she might say that.


“…You see, for a long time, not even Vampir-sama nor Master-sama came back, and I felt lonely, so….”



   Mel broke down in tears.

   Uwaah….what an actress….


   Vampir unfortunately didn’t seem to notice as her eyes also became wet.

Quite weak to tears, aren’t you


“And the lonely me was taken advantage of by Litricia-sama….”

“Goodness gracious…!!”


   …You really are bold, Mel.

   She’s trying to get Vampir and Litricia to fight each other without lowering her own reputation.


   Her hatred for vampires is still alive and well, huh


“I won’t stand by this!!”


   Vampir then exclaimed and ran out of her break room with haste.

   Aah…I got a bad feeling about this….


   I looked at Mel with a wry smile and she stuck her tongue out as her answer.

   …Can’t be helped.

It’s time to chase Vampir.


   With that in mind, I ran after her, immediately recognizing the path that Vampir had taken as all the ornaments to the left and right were in tatters.


   …There seemed to be a very expensive-looking vase among them, but I decided to not look at it.

   Please ask Vampir directly for any claims of reimbursement.


“I demand a duel!!”


   Vampir’s loud voice suddenly reached my ears even though I couldn’t see her yet.

   Aah… I knew this was going to happen….


   Seems like what I slightly had in mind had become a reality.

   The source of her voice was coming from inside the break room which was assigned to Litricia.


   I hurriedly let myself inside Litricia’s room, feeling my stomach churn.

   Rather, I actually wanted to knock on the door first, but Vampir’s silliness had already blown my thinking process away from the start.


   Peeking inside, I saw Vampir arrogantly pointing her finger at the shocked Litricia, who couldn’t understand what just occurred.




   And gradually, Litricia’s expression turned grim.

   It was probably due to Vampir having to suddenly barge into her room only to pick a fight with her.


   To Litricia, Vampir was making no sense.


“So you’re going to immediately start a war to decide who’s in control”

“That could indeed be one of the reasons!”


   Oh Although it was a convincing reason, she made a wrong guess.

   Litricia thought that Vampir wanted to duel for the top spot which they had decided earlier.


   In truth, Vampir’s intention was only to help Mel out.

  Hence, there was a subtle discrepancy.


“If I win, I will have you give Mel back to me!!”

“…Ah, that’s what you meant.”


   Fortunately, Vampir herself unraveled their misunderstanding.

   Litricia giggled, and the light in her sharp eyes returned.


   This is getting somewhat heartwarming….


“Let’s see….”


   Litricia pondered for a while and grinned after glancing at me who was standing behind Vampir.


“Then, if I win, how about letting me have a taste of Master”



   Vampir opened her eyes and mouth wide in disbelief from what she just heard.

   Uwaah…! There are sparks flying between them.


   This girl….

She has been showing interest in my blood, even during the assembly.

   In fact, it was Vampir, who was currently aghast, that caused that to happen.


“T-That can’t be allowed…!!!”

“Ara I can’t Then I won’t return Mel.”



   Vampir was sweating in stress.

   Litricia, on the other hand, had a very bright smile on her face.


   She must be enjoying making Vampir squirm.


“Very well! If I win, I shall protect Master’s blood and I will take back Mel!!”

“Then, it’s decided.”


   Eh Do I not have a say in any of this

   Vampir looked as if she had made a hard decision and accepted Litricia’s conditions.


“It’s alright, Master! I will protect your precious blood!!”


   …Yeah, my blood would have been safe if this fight had not occurred in the first place though.

   Thus, without my approval, a duel broke out between two of the true ancestors, in which my blood was also at stake.






EDN: Hey, just a heads up, I know its been awhile but here’s a new chapter! If you don’t know, the tl has been very busy and will continue to be so we can’t promise any type of schedule, sorry!


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