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But this mans coldness… was similar to that of a non-living object.

His eyes were numb and empty like a machine, and at first glance, it sent shivers down ones spine.

It was as if he only had the appearance of a living being, but did not have a living soul.

Su Yanyuns brain stopped working for a second, but she said honestly, “Hello, Third Young Master.”

Third Young Master Rong, Rong Jinghui.

She really did not expect them to meet again at such a place after the birthday banquet.

Standing face-to-face, Su Yanyun realized that Rong Jinhui was about the same height as Rong Linyi.

Furthermore, compared to Rong Linyis noble temperament when he was still, Rong Jinhuis silence made people feel the danger of a beast lurking around.

Although they were cousins, they looked similar.

The receptionists behind lowered their heads almost without exception when they saw Rong Jinghui, and only dared to peek at him.

Third Young Master… they had seen him before, but only a few times.

Like Rong Linyi, Rong Jinhui also had a handsome face that made women fall in love at first sight.

Moreover, although he was cold and unapproachable, he had a bad-boy vibe to him.

Speaking of which, he was so cool and arrogant that women easily loved and feared him.

Rong Jinghui was also sizing Su Yanyun up.

He could have walked up the stairs through the private corridor, but through the glass in the lobby, he saw the little woman standing at the front desk.

The lobby was large and Su Yanyun was small, but Rong Jinghui recognized her immediately.

That adorable woman who had stepped on his flower field.

Thus, he unexpectedly walked in.

When he came to his senses, he was already talking to her.

“Do you want to interview my Second Brother again” He lifted his chin and looked down arrogantly at Su Yanyun.

Su Yanyun: “…Yes.”

“Havent you learned your lesson from your previous failure” Rong Jinghuis lips also showed signs of mockery.


“Im saying that my Second Brother will never accept an interview from a reporter.”

“Oh.” Su Yanyun really wanted to roll her eyes at Rong Jinghui.

This brother-in-law was too much.

Could he not be so self-righteous

Su Yanyuns answer was simple and absent-minded.

Rong Jinghui looked a little impatient.

“Forget it, Ill let you interview me.”

“What” Su Yanyun found it surreal.

Wait, Third Young Master, our channel doesnt seem to be connected.

What are you talking about, and what am I talking about… What is this

However, Rong Jinghui did not seem to care what Su Yanyun was thinking.

He suddenly grabbed Su Yanyuns wrist and dragged her towards the elevator.

“Lets go.

Im free this afternoon.”

His cold face had a subtle blush on it.

Su Yanyun said, “Wait, wait, wait!”

W-Why should I interview you!

Third Young Master Rong, although you are precious and have never been interviewed before, my target today is not you…

The receptionists at the front desk all widened their eyes, not knowing what was happening.

Not to mention them, even Su Yanyun was confused.

Rong Jinghui pressed the elevator button impatiently and tilted his head.

“If you cant interview my brother, you will definitely be scolded, right I cant let you interview my brother, but I can accept your interview reluctantly.

You can just use me to complete the task.”

As he said this, he looked away a little unnaturally.

The blush on his face grew more obvious.


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