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W High School stipulated that students must arrive at the school before the evening self-study.

Most of the students didnt like the school and would come over later, so when Yan Jingze went to the original dormitory to get his things, there was no one there.

There are very few people like Shao Shenyang, who came so early.

Yan Jingze asked, “Why did you come so early today”

Shao Shenyang paused before saying, “I come very early every time.”

Yan Jingze noticed Shao Shenyangs slightly strange expression: “Dont want to stay at home”

“Mm.” Shao Shenyang replied dully.

“Im the same as you!” Yan Jingze suddenly slammed his desk.

When it comes to the bedroom desk, lets talk about the bedroom configuration in W High School.

As a well-known private high school with deep pockets, W High School has two kinds of dormitory rooms: two-person rooms and four-person rooms.

Among them, the two-person room is luxuriously decorated and pays attention to privacy.

It is equipped with air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and dryers and other household appliances.

When the sliding door is closed, two completely independent spaces can be formed.

The conditions are very good, and the accommodation fee is also very expensive.

Its about 20,000 yuan per semester.

The fee for a four-person room is much cheaper.

Its only 5,000 per semester.

As for the bedroom arrangement, there are two beds, one on the left and one on the right side of the room.

The middle of the adjacent beds is separated by a wardrobe on the top, so that each persons space is relatively independent.

The dormitory is also equipped with air conditioning and a small refrigerator, which makes it much more comfortable to live in than a normal school dormitory.

In W High School, the vast majority of people still live in the four-person rooms.

Only a few people live in two-person rooms.

This is the new campus that has just been built, so the dormitory is very empty.

With Shao Shenyangs family condition and the clothes being washed white…Maybe the school teachers are worried that if he lives with a group of rich and wealthy people, it might affect his mentality, so they let him live in a four-person room by himself to be a little more comfortable.

Now Yan Jingze is here, the two of them each occupy two beds near the balcony, one on the left and one on the right.

The two were sitting at the desk talking at the moment.

When Yan Jingze suddenly slammed the table, Shao Shenyang was startled and immediately asked, “You dont want to stay at home either”

Yan Jingze said: “Of course I dont want to.

If I stay at home, I will be forced to death by my mother.”

Yan Jingzes face was very gloomy.

He casually said a few things that mother Shi had done.

Shao Shenyang was stunned: “Why is your mother like this!”

“You also think my mother is going too far, dont you” Yan Jingze said, “I really dont want to stay at home, but my mother didnt let me come to school early.

This time I took advantage of my injury and quarreled with her.

Im determined not to listen to her, so I can come to school early.

To be honest, I dont want to go back on weekends in the future.”

“I dont want to go back either…” Shao Shenyang said.

“Whats going on at your house” Yan Jingze asked.

Yan Jingze said all the messes in his home…Shao Shenyang also said some things about his home: “My parents dont care about me like your mother.

I can study and eat whatever I want at home.

I can do whatever I want, its just…I dont know what to say.

My parents always say that they will rely on me in the future, so I feel a lot of pressure.”

Shao Shenyang is just a 17-year-old teenager.

Hes very simple and only concentrates on studying all the time.

He faintly feels that his parents are really not right, but he doesnt know why: “Actually, they are very nice to me but they always say how tired and busy they are.

I want to help but they never let me.

They only tell me to study hard…”

Under Yan Jingzes lead, Shao Shenyang started talking about something about his family.

Yan Jingze already understands Shao Shenyangs family situation.

Shao Shenyang was born in the countryside, his parents came to T city to work.

The couple were very diligent and frugal.

After saving money to buy a small house, they took Shao Shenyang, who had been studying in the countryside, to study in the city.

Shao Shenyang was in third grade elementary school at that time.

When he was studying in the countryside, he basically got full marks in every exam.

He was in first place in his grade.

However, when he first came to the city, he almost couldnt keep up.

Fortunately, he is smart, and things in the lower grades of elementary school are not difficult, so he slowly caught up with the others, and then continued to sit firmly in the first place.

Just looking at Shao Shenyangs personal experience, it can be said that he is a winner in life, but his parents and his family put too much pressure on him.

Probably…their old Shao family really doesnt know anything, so they could only rely on Shao Chenyang in the future!

Shao Shenyangs parents worked as bricklayers, which is very exhausting, and then they would say to Shao Shenyang repeatedly: “We work so hard and exhausted, its all for you.”

His parents said so, his relatives also said the same.

After saying so much, Shao Shenyang always felt sorry for his parents.

“Sometimes I feel really uncomfortable.

When I went back this weekend, my mother stewed chicken, saying that she wanted to replenish my body, and then they didnt eat anything other than the chicken head, neck, and feet! I kept persuading them to eat the meat, but they didnt eat it.

They say that they had eaten some meat on the construction site.

This chicken is all for me to eat…I ate the chicken for the weekend and still couldnt finish it.” Shao Shenyang took out a lunch box with a face full of helplessness.

It was a box of black chicken cooked in soy sauce.

“My mother asked me to bring the leftover chicken to school.”

When Shao Shenyang said this, he was aggrieved.

After speaking, he glanced at Yan Jingze, a little embarrassed.

He knew that there were also students from ordinary families in W High School, but most of those from really poor families would choose a public high school like T City No.1 High School, which has a similar enrollment rate to W High School, instead of coming to W High School.

Even if Shi Chengyings family is average, he is definitely better than him.

He showed Shi Chengying the chicken he brought him that he had eaten for two days.

Will Shi Chengying look down on him

Shao Shenyang regretted taking out the chicken.

Yan Jingze smiled and said at this moment: “Your chicken is really dark, is there too much soy sauce Alas, my mother said that it is not good to eat too much seasoning, so she never gives me anything braise…Can you let me try it.

Shao Shenyangs heart relaxed.

He picked a meaty chicken breast for Yan Jingze.

For him, more meat is better.

Yan Jingze ate and said to Shao Shenyang, “Your mothers cooking skills are not as good as the canteen aunt! Shao Shenyang, do you know why I am so fat Because my mother didnt give me anything to eat at home, after I came here, I felt that the cafeteria food was so delicious, so I accidentally ate too much and gained weight.”

Yan Jingze didnt praise the bowl of chicken that had no color and flavor, and treated Shao Shenyang with a very normal attitude, which made Shao Shenyang very relaxed: “I also think the food in the cafeteria is delicious!”

Then the two had a heated discussion about the meals in the two ordinary canteens in the school.

They also complained that some things in the school were too expensive.

The original owners mother did not allow the original owner to spend money indiscriminately.

Because the original owners mother had a very strict control on him, he didnt awaken the mentality to compare and compete.

He was satisfied with some instant noodles in the cafeteria every day, so Yan Jingze and Shao Shenyang could have a long talk about it.

Shao Shenyang regards Yan Jingze as a close friend!

Speaking of which, Shao Shenyang came here to study, mainly because his tuition fee is waived and his living expenses are paid.

The tuition fee in W high school includes the living expenses in the school.

At the beginning of the semester, each students meal cost, which is about 10,000 yuan per semester, will be directly transferred to the card that the students can only use on campus.

If they continue to put money in, and the student cant finish then they can continue to use it for the next semester.

If they dont spend it in the three years of high school, they can still get it back after they graduate.

Of course, most people will run out, and at least half of them dont have enough.

Eating in W high school is much more expensive than eating out.

There are other expenses such as utility bills, fruit snacks, school supplies, etc.

just spend two thousand a month and they will see nothing anymore.

In addition, there are many rich people in the school.

In order to cater to such customers, the on-campus supermarket has dozens of bottles of mineral water and dozens of small cakes and boxes of chocolates, they have almost everything.

It makes peoples consumption increase unconsciously.

However, every time Shao Shenyang goes home, he sees his parents suffering, so he doesnt dare to spend money easily.

He has been studying in W High school for two years.

Every year, the school gives 20,000 yuan to his card, and the end-of-term scholarship will also be credited to his card.

Now he has saved 40,000 yuan on his card!

He thinks that when he graduates, he will have at least 50,000 in his card.

If he can pass the college entrance examination and get the rewards promised by the school, he will not have to worry about his tuition and living expenses in university!

Shao Shenyang has been saving money very seriously.

He hardly went to the school supermarket, and he lives alone, so he doesnt fit in with the people around him and has never had any friends.

Now that he met Yan Jingze, who had the same consumption concept as him, he was very happy: “Someone told me that you are not easy to get along with, but it wasnt like that at all!”

Yan Jingzes eyes narrowed slightly: “they told you so, they are those who dont study hard! I wanted them to study hard before, and if I paid attention to them, they would trouble me all day long.

At the end of the semester, they also gave me laxatives, which caused me to fail the exam.”

“Theres that too Who did it” Shao Shenyang was angry.

Yan Jingze said, “Its a boy from our class called Sun Binbin.”

Yan Jingze did not mention Chu Qiyu, only Sun Binbin.

The person who spoke ill of him in front of Shao Shenyang should be Chu Qiyu.

Chu Qiyu spoke ill of him in front of Shao Shenyang, what about him He didnt say even a bad word about Chu Qiyu, and he was also hurt by the people around Chu Qiyu…

How will Shao Shenyang feel then

It doesnt take long, in fact, Shao Shenyang is frowning right now and has a bad impression of Chu Qiyu.

Shao Shenyang met Chu Qiyu this month.

Chu Qiyu said he wanted to be friends with him, but Shao Shenyang felt it was unnecessary – the gap between them was too great!

Even if he is the first in his grade and can get into the best university, he may only be able to work for Chu Qiyu in the future.

However, Chu Qiyu was very enthusiastic and always came to talk to him.

Shao Shenyang also had some friendship with Chu Qiyu.

In the few times they chatted, Chu Qiyu always said that Shi Chengying is a bad person and asked him to be careful.

However, Shao Shenyang felt that Shi Chengyings grades were so good, no matter how bad he was, he couldnt be really bad.

Chu Qiyu couldnt tell a specific case of Shi Chengying being a bad person, so he didnt take it to heart.

As for Sun Binbin…Isnt he Chu Qiyus good friend

On one side is a top student from an ordinary family just like him, and on the other side is a young master who does not study well every day and roars in and out of school with a group of people…

“Hes too hateful! Did you tell the teacher” Shao Shenyang asked.

“I dont have any evidence, so its useless to tell the teacher.” Yan Jingze said.

Shao Shenyang was even more angry, so he warned Yan Jingze earnestly: “Shi Chengying, dont care about them in the future! They are different from us and dont need to study.” Shi Chengying is too honest! Even if he is the class president, he doesnt need to take care of those in the class who dont want to study.

“I think so too.

I dont dare to care about them now.” Yan Jingze said.

Shao Shenyang felt that Yan Jingze is a little pitiful…

Yan Jingze then asked again: “By the way, Shao Shenyang, do you have a mobile phone”

“Yes, why” Shao Chenyang was puzzled.

Now an ordinary smartphone only costs a few hundred yuan.

His familys conditions were not at the level where he couldnt even afford a smartphone.

Before he came to W High School, his father bought him a mobile phone that cost more than a thousand.

“My mother wont buy me a mobile phone.

I dont have one.

I want to borrow your mobile phone to make a call.” Yan Jingze said.

Before, father Shi proposed to buy him a mobile phone, Yan Jingze refused because he was not the real Shi Chengying.

Besides, he still needed to run away from home according to Shi Chengyings request…In that case, he would not spend father Shis money.

Anyway, he has found his wife.

He can spend his wifes money.

Cough cough!

Hearing that Yan Jingze didnt even have a mobile phone, Shao Shenyang felt more sympathetic and took out his mobile phone for Yan Jingze to use.

Yan Jingze picked up the phone and said, “Thank you so much! I have some study materials here that are not available outside.

Let me show you.”

As he spoke, Yan Jingze took out a stack of papers from his suitcase and handed it to Shao Shenyang.

The teachers, who gave the original owner extra lessons, were very good.

These are the questions given by those teachers in private, so Shao Shenyang should lack these.

Sure enough, Shao Shenyang took a few glances at it like a treasure.

The study materials he bought outside contained a lot of repetitive basic questions, which were of little help to him, but what Yan Jingze gave was different.

It was full of difficult questions, some of which he had not seen before.

Shao Shenyang lay on the table to do the questions.

Yan Jingze glanced at Shao Chenyang, then sighed secretly.

Its actually not really good for Shao Shenyang to study in such a school.

The students and teachers in the school are very good, and no one looks down on Shao Shenyang.

As far as he knows, many people still admire Shao Shenyang a lot.

However, being exposed to such a huge gap too early is not a good thing for an underage student.

If it wasnt for Shao Chenyangs good character, and the school teacher was protecting him, maybe he would have grown cynical and crooked.

Yan Jingze retracted his gaze and pressed Su Moxius phone number on Shao Shenyangs mobile phone.

When Su Moxiu answered the call, he said, “Hello, big brother Su, Im the little fat guy you met at the gate of W High school today.”

The little fat man still remembers his phone number!

Su Moxiu, who had been doing psychological preparation for a long time and decided to stay away from the high school students, heart moved.

His voice softened a bit: “Hello, you…Whats your name” It was also at this time that he suddenly remembered that he didnt know the name of the little fat guy.

“Big brother Su, my name is Shi Chengying.” Yan Jingze adjusted his voice, trying to make his voice sound magnetic.

The little fat guys voice is a bit seductive…Su Moxiu felt that his ears were a little hot.

He didnt care much about things in Chu Qiyus school before.

Those were all his mothers worries, so he didnt know who Shi Chengying was.

After a while, he said, “Your name sounds nice.”

“Big brother Su, your name sounds good too.” Yan Jingze chuckled, feeling that it would be a bit outlandish to call him big brother Su.

Lets fight for it.

In the future, its better to call big brother Su good big brother and what not.

Su Moxius heart was softened by Yan Jingzes laugh.

Shao Shenyang, who was working hard on the question below, felt that Yan Jingzes voice was strange, so when he looked up.

He saw that Yan Jingzes fat face burst into smiles.

Probably because Yan Jingze didnt want to disturb him, he deliberately lowered his voice when calling.

He ignored it and continued to work on the questions.

T/N: After this chaps, Im leaving big brother Su as Su gege (dunno man, big brother Su just doesnt sound seductive coquettish enough from sand sculpture Yan(≖ᴗ≖))


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