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Chapter 75 – Everyone at that time (Robin Paul Point of View)

Robin was in a foul mood again.

His men were kneeling at his feet as he relaxed in his royal capital residence.

"So, Lilianne failed to assassinate Nazelbert, and the fools at Quignonne and Apeau were captured"

"Yes, sir.

The frontier is now completely under Nazelbert's control."

Smashing a plate of "violaberry pie" with his fist, Robin scowled at his men.

The purple cream stuck to the back of his hand.

"What a bunch of useless bastards!"

"I'm sure you don't need to worry about Lord Nazelbert, whom you've driven to the frontier.

In the middle of nowhere like that, he's probably too busy defending his lands."

"Shut up, I don't like how well he's doing.

While little old me has to work so hard!"

Robin had escaped from the strict education imposed by the king.

Once you have gained some insight, the queen is now the one who holds the real power.

Even if he were to eventually seize power, he would not need the royal education.

He can leave the troublesome tasks to his subordinates and simply sit on his throne.

After all, he is the father of the future king!

"Nazelbert, that son of a bitch, he's been mercilessly discrediting my side of the story.


Oh, yeah."

Robin, who had a good idea, licked the cream off his hand and laughed.

"So, why don't we just send them against someone less likely to be merciless and be more decisive I know just the person for the job."

The subordinate listens to Robin's story with some trepidation, but eventually nods in agreement with the order and makes his move.

"I'm a genius, phew! And now there's a group in royal capital that I don't understand, like the second prince's faction, and I've got to get rid of them all together~!"

Satisfied with his orders, Robin now began to prepare to go to the castle.

Princess Mia's belly was getting bigger by the day, and the day of her birth was drawing near.

(I should go and see how she's doing.)

Robin has been flirting with various ladies until recently, but ......

the other day, the princess found out about it and the ladies were all sent to a convent.

Lilianne's case was also about the princess discovering her affair, but it's a special case of her parents throwing their daughter out like that.

(What the heck - damn! It's going to be a while before I can get my hands on a girl.)

Robin thought that it is not easy to be a king.

"Damn it! Damn you ......!"

Michael Evantail, head of the Evantail family, pounded the table with force.

He had been banned from all social events since his participation in the second prince faction meeting, and he had become isolated from the rest of the society.

"Honey, I need you to calm down."

Samantha, his wife, tries to stop him, but he shakes her off and shouts.

"Shut up! Don't tell the master what to do! This is all the fault of the damned Agnes and those bastards!"

"Mind your language."

"Shut up!"

Michael slams the table again, causing Samantha and the servants to shudder.

Michael had recently started to take it out on everyone and everything.

He used to complain and beat Agnes up, but because she disowned him she was no longer in the house.

One small shadow watches from the sidelines as his father lashes out and his mother screams.

――Paul, the heir apparent of the Evantail family, was just holding his breath, waiting for the storm to pass.


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