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Chapter 24 – The uncouth daughter’s farm work

As I recall, there was a field in the garden.

It would be impossible to cultivate all of it neatly, but maybe one or two plants could be planted.

There was a pile of fertilizer in the corner of the garden, so I think we could use it.

I don't know much about the details, but ......

we can mix it in any way, right

Pulling a drunken Lord Nazel along with me, I went out into the yard where it was beginning to get dark.

Kelly had just finished buying dinner and was running toward us.

"What are you two doing!"

"Kelly, good timing.

Actually, I was thinking of plowing the field and planting the seedlings that Lord Nazel prepared."

"In a field that's been so neglected"

"Don't you think we could plow a small area and plant a seedling or two"

"Well, maybe just a seed or two."

Okay, with the three of us, it shouldn't take that long.

I lead Lord Nazel and Kelly by the hand down the garden path.

"So, let's eat our dinner outside! There was an unused, uselessly luxurious table there."

"Come to think of it, there was.

It was relatively clean, so I think we could have dinner there.

By the way, Agnes, what's the matter with Lord Nazelbert since a few minutes ago"

"He seems to have gotten drunk after drinking a few glasses of wine."

".....! A few glasses....! Um, Mr.


Actually, Lord Nazelbert is very weak on alcohol!"

"Eh! What should I do, I poured him many glasses..."

"I'm sure he'll be fine after a while since he's walking normally.

I also bought him some food and drinks, so he should eat before going to the field."

We came to a gorgeous table facing the garden, which was needlessly extravagant.

There were flowerbeds around it, so I guess this is where they used to have elegant tea ceremonies.

"By the way, have you ever worked in the fields, Lady Agnes"

"I have not, but I learned it from a book I found in the Florescence family's apartment."


Okay, I will give you a short lecture."

We enjoyed our meal in the open space while chatting about the fields.

I don't usually eat out, but it's nice to do so.

However, Lord Nazel, who was drunk earlier, was very clingy towards me, which made me uncomfortable.

"Agnes, Agnes is really pretty."

"Thank you, Lord Nazel."

Kelly watched us with a blank expression on her face, saying something like, "What a funny scene".

My heart is beating so fast that it feels like it is about to burst.

We finished our meal and headed for the fields.

Lord Nazel was still drunk, and he was still clinging to my back.

I think I may have gotten used to this distance.

"Lady Agnes, I'll be the one plowing the field."

"Kelly, can you do it"

"My parents had a farm.

My brothers and I used to work with the soil like this."

"You have brothers"

"Yes, I'm the eldest, and I have five younger brothers."


It's lighter than my old dress, though I should just sprinkle this on, right"

Kelly, holding a hoe, screamed when she saw me sprinkling fertilizer with a bushel.

The drunken Lord Nazel silently picked up the hoe and began to dexterously plow the field.

Really, he can do anything, this guy.

But his eyes are depressed, and when I call out to him, all I get is, "Agnes is so pretty."

We managed to recover a part of the field and planted Lord Nazel's seedlings there.

"I hope they grow well."

It seems that Lord Nazel's magic can also make plants grow.

However, plants created from nothing by magic cannot be cultivated because they need to continue to consume magic power to remain alive.

Therefore, we planted seedlings that had been harvested from a plant but had been improved with magic.

After we finished watering the plants, we returned to the house with light steps.

And the next day - Lord Nazel lost his memory after drinking wine yesterday.

I sent him off to work and immediately went to check the fields alone.



The seedlings I had just planted last night had somehow lost their vigor.

"It's wilting.


If it continues like this, it might wither and die."

While watering them, I kept fretting.

I had heard that the soil in Sutrena Territory was not conducive to producing crops, but the roses and weeds in the garden were growing.

Did this mean that it was difficult to grow crops that would produce food

Please, be well.

Please get well, somehow, somehow hold on.

I didn't want to make Lord Nazel, who was already feeling depressed, feel even more discouraged.

In desperation, I cast a material strengthening spell on the weakened seedlings and returned home.

It wouldn't work on the plants, but it was just a matter of feeling.

I go back to the mansion and clean the rooms with Kelly, as we did yesterday, and pack up unnecessary ornaments and other things.

We are still planning to sell them for money and increase the number of servants.

"I wonder, though, if there are any vendors nearby......

who would be willing to buy these things"

If possible, I would like a vendor who understands the value of these gilded objects and will pay a high price for them.

I asked Kelly as I sorted through them.

She looked at me as if thinking about something.

"......I'm sure there probably is.

I can arrange it for you."

"Thank you! If it doesn't work, you don't have to overdo it."

I put a note on the expensive items, saying what I "need" and what I "don't need".

Almost all of them are "don't need".

I hope I can be of some help to Lord Nazel.

He picked me up when I had nowhere else to go and rescued me from that situation.

I think he could have given a reason to escape his marriage with me when he went to the frontier.

He could have even forced me to go back to my parents' house........

And yet, Lord Nazel married a potato lady and brought me to the frontier with him.

I want him to say, "I'm glad I brought you here."


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