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Ari, Run Away With Me (1)

“Did you come because you missed me”

Deon hugged her tightly as if he didn’t want her to go anywhere.

Soon, he buried his nose in her lavender-scented purple hair that he missed so much.

“Ari, I’m so touched right now.” He groaned, smiling pleasantly at her.

Thanks to his height, Deon didn’t even notice that they were almost half a meter apart.

“Let go.”

“What What’s wrong, Ari”

He lowered his head to get a closer look at her face.

“Let me go, Deon! You’re hurting me!” She cried so loud that his eardrum threatened to burst.

Surprised, Deon finally loosened his tight embrace.


Her knees had given out from the sudden loss of support, and when she was about to collapse, Deon immediately wrapped his hands around her again.

He looked at Ariad and finally realized that she wasn’t feeling well.

“Why is life so hard”

She wished she could get paid a hundred times more than her current manuscript fee, or maybe, she should just die.

Deon’s muscled bear hug must have torn So-hee’s left arm, and it didn’t make absolute sense that her legs still felt swollen.

She wanted to sob.

“I’m sorry.” Deon apologized in a deep baritone.

“I forgot that you’re sick.”

“That’s enough.”

Deon sighed.

He carried So-hee in his arms and laid her down on a single bed that seemed too small and uncomfortable to accommodate her and her injuries.

Soon, the delusional conversation continued.

“Why did you visit me when it’s obvious that you’re sick”

Sohee’s eyes widened in embarrassment as her forehead crumpled from the pain.

“I’m so touched.”

“No, Deon–”

Why did Deon’s eyes have to sparkle like that

She should be referred to an ophthalmologist.

His large hand gently swept Ariad’s cheek.

“I know you are worried about me, Ari.”

Deon’s huge form seemed to surround her.

This was driving her crazy.

After enough pondering, So-hee began.

“I’m here to see you.”

“Yeah, I missed you, too.”

They were talking about the same thing, right

Feeling dizzy for a moment, So-hee placed her able right hand on her forehead.

“I have a question to ask  you.

That’s why I’m here.” She admitted honestly.

Deon’s fierce eyes folded into down-turned crescents as he chuckled.

He had told her to ask him anything.

“Where did that doctor who visited your mansion last time live” She asked carefully.

Deon’s face contorted at the unexpected question.



I mean, last time you brought me into your house, you thought I had gone insane.

You called a doctor that day.”

“You came all the way here just to ask me that”

The atmosphere had suddenly turned hostile.

The beautiful field of flowers in Deon’s head withered at once.


But when I saw you…”


His face hardened.


I am here to ask you about it, but it isn’t the only reason why I am here.

Who do you think I am I missed you so much, Deon.

I’m here because I want to see your face.


There are many people all over the mansion, but I don’t want to look at just anyone.

Perhaps, it’s really not much of a need for me to visit you all the way here.” So-hee spoke such quick words that she might as well be a hip-hop rapper.

Even she was bewildered of her own voice bursting out without conscious thought.

She was that determined to get the contraceptive pill instead of just accepting death.

Fortunately, Deon was a very simple man.

He smiled again at the quick-fire excuse.

“And here I thought you were just using me so that you could throw me away after you got what you needed.”

“Oh, what are you talking about”

Sweat trickled her forehead as her right arm started trembling in chagrin.

Deon’s suspicion was precisely what she thought.

She just wanted to save Ariad here.

She gave zero f*cks whether Deon lived or died.

‘Forgive me, Deon.’

“Why are you looking for that doctor, anyway”

Finally, this was the subject that she wanted them to focus on.

So-hee spoke without hesitation.

“I wanted him to prescribe me some contraceptive pills.”

“A contraceptive pill”

Somehow, the atmosphere became even more dangerous.

As she witnessed those intense gray eyes swirling round and round, So-hee shut her mouth immediately.

“Who else are you sleeping with, Ari”


“Why look for contraceptives Why on earth”

“I want to take them, so I don’t get pregnant.”

She decided to come clean with him and simply dropped the bomb.

“I did it with someone–.”

Nothing but rage burned in his gaze, turning them into ashes.

His eyes caressed  Ariad’s neck.

“No, I meant you and—-”

‘I did it with you.’

‘With you.’

She wanted to finish her words, but she couldn’t.

Deon had risen from the bed like a beast, grabbed her arms and pushed them against the wall.


His large hand seized her already injured left hand with violence.

So-hee screamed in pain, but still, Deon didn’t loosen his hold as he scrutinized the kiss mark down her pale neck.


I already feel so sick.

Please let me go.” She said in a pained voice.

Deon’s grey eyes shook frantically, not seeing anything else.

“Who did this to you, Ari”

Desperate to escape from his fierce grasp, So-hee confessed, “Husband.

It’s my husband, Deon!”

“Your husband Do you mean Joshua”


What’s wrong with having sex with my husband Let go of me, you bastard!”

Deon’s grey eyes burned with envy.

She shouldn’t have said that.

The consequences were too dire.


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