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Yan Ruyue was very pleased and confident about her looks and the outfit worn. However, when she stealthily peeked at him, she found that Lin Yuan didnt look at her with the same gaze that got her disgusted with him in the first place. If it were the former Lin Yuan, his gaze would have wanted to gobble her up. However, thepresent Lin Yuans eyes were pure. Yan Ruyue was more comfortable seeing this, such that she did not loathe Lin Yuan like other men.

As the two walked out, they passed a garden in the villa. Lin Yuan suddenly stopped his footsteps. Yan Ruyue curiously followed his line of sight and found that Lin Yuan was gazing at an iris flowering plant.

“This iris is soon going to die.” Lin Yuan said.

“En[1].” Yan Ruyue glanced at Lin Yuan. This iris was looking sickly, and everyone could see that it was dying. She didnt know why Lin Yuan suddenly said this.

“Is this piece of iris transplanted here, less than two days ago It will soon be completely dead.” Lin Yuan said.

“Huh How do you know” Yan Ruyue, who was usually reserved, couldnt help ask.

Iris generally grows and declines year after year, and if you take good care of it, even if it seems that the iris is dead, as the roots underneath are still alive, they can germinate and bloom again in the coming year.

She was quite baffled and wondered how Lin Yuan knew that this iris flowering plant was about to die, and even more strange was how Lin Yuan knew that the iris flowering plant had only been transplanted here for two days.

She had been planting flowering plants for more than ten years, and she cant see how he arrived at these conclusions. She had never heard that Lin Yuan also planted flowering plants.

Could it be that the maid at home told him this

Just as Yan Ruyue was letting her imagination run wild, Lin Yuan said: ” I dont know much about flowering plants, but I know a little about plants related to medicine. For example, this iris flower can decrease inflammation, improve blood circulation, remove blood stasis (TCM), relieve cold, rheumatic pain, etc.”

“And its rhizomes have withered, furthermore....”

“So, I guess this iris has been transplanted here less than two days ago.”

Lin Yuan talked about the medicinal properties and growth habits of iris flowering plants, even where they were transplanted from and how they were transplanted to.

Lin Yuan didnt brag. God-level medicine skill is not limited to treating diseases but also has given him the knowledge of the medicinal properties of many plants. This is complementary; otherwise, how could it be regarded as god-level medicine skill.

Moreover, he knows that Yan Ruyue likes to grow flowering plants and even vegetation.

She planted almost all the flowering plants in the garden, and one of Yan Ruyues favorite plants was about to die then. In the original novel, Yan Ruyue was sad for a long time because of the death of that plant.

On the other side, Yan Ruyue looked at Lin Yuans beautiful eyes, and she was astonished. Everything Lin Yuan had just said about iris was correct! It was like he had watched her transplant the iris.

Yan Ruyue felt that she was increasingly unable to see through Lin Yuan.


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[1] Sound to show approval, appreciation or agreement.


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