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233 Shi Qian Fainted!

“Of course,” Fu Sinian replied firmly.

Su Ruoqing was completely relieved.

So what if it was fake She would do everything she could to make it real.

“Sinian, are you free later”


“I feel that the voice in my ears isnt very clear.

Its muffled.

Why dont you accompany me to the doctor” Su Ruoqing looked at Fu Sinian expectantly.

“Okay.” Fu Sinian nodded.

Su Ruoqing was excited.

“Im done eating.

Lets go now.”

She didnt believe that she couldnt beat Shi Qian.

She had known Fu Sinian for so many years.

She gave him five years of treatment and so many days of companionship!

Shi Qian was still in the recording studio.

boxn ovel.


After Jiang Yuan finished speaking, it was her turn.

She was about to open her mouth when she heard a buzz.

“Whats wrong” Jiang Yuan looked at Shi Qian and realized that she looked even worse than before.

“Shi Qian Shi Qian!”

Shi Qian could not hear Jiang Yuans voice.

It was all ear-piercing buzzing.

She quickly removed the earpiece.

The beeping had yet to subside.

As soon as she got up, the world spun and she fell to the ground uncontrollably!

“Shi Qian! Shi Qian!” Jiang Yuan quickly squatted down to check the situation.

“Xiao Hua, hurry! Call 120!”

In the Fu familys old residence.

Jin An was playing chess with Old Master Fu.

Suddenly, the old masters phone rang.

“Oh, Qian Qian called!” The old master answered happily.

“Hello, is this Shi Qians grandfather She suddenly fainted and is on her way to the hospital!”

“Which hospital!”

The other party gave him the address of a hospital.

“Okay, Ill be there immediately! Hows Qian Qian now”

“Shes still unconscious.

Besides, we found injuries to her cheek.

Preliminary conclusion is that she was beaten.

We have to do further tests when we get to the hospital.”

“Okay, sorry to trouble you.

Ill be at the hospital as soon as I can.”

The old master hung up and Jin An immediately went forward to help him.

“Old Master, dont be agitated.

We still have to go to the hospital to see Young Madam!” Jin An was even more afraid that Old Master would be agitated again.

“Im fine.

Go and drive!” The old master stabilized his emotions.

No matter how anxious he was, nothing could go wrong!

Qian Qian was still in the hospital! She was still unconscious.

She was beaten

It was only her first day at work.

Who hit her!

The old master was extremely angry!

She hurried to the hospital.

Shi Qian was still in the emergency room.

The nurse welcomed the old master and Jin An in.

She saw the unconscious Shi Qian on a bed with curtains drawn.

The old master immediately saw the injury on Shi Qians face.

The palm print was clearly visible.

Half of her face was swollen!

“Qian Qian” the old master called.

Shi Qians condition made his heart ache.

“Hello, is this the patients family” A doctor came over with a folder.

“Yes, Im her grandfather,” the old master replied quickly.

“Weve just examined the patients brain and found no brain damage.

We suggest an admission procedure and further tests to find out why shes unconscious.

Its been more than an hour since she fainted.

This is a more dangerous situation.”

“Okay, lets do the admission.” The old master nodded.

Jin An immediately followed the doctor to settle the hospitalization procedures.

The old master stayed by Shi Qians bed and did not leave her side.

Xiao Hua walked in and saw the old man guarding Shi Qians bed.

He quickly walked over.

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