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It was the great demon Gudius who destroyed the borders of the empire.

It is said that he was cruel and violent by nature, killing people without blinking.

He didn’t dare to imagine that the demon would be straightforward if his cooking could not satisfy the other party.

Unscrew their heads.

“I should know it, Uncle Ludding; I know what you are worried about, but don’t be afraid.

In fact, he is not as scary as the rumors…”

At least it can be communicated and made sense, much more normal than the pigman tribe butcher in the Warcraft Market.

And he also gave her a pass to the dark city; if you want to kill her, it doesn’t have to be so troublesome.

Luya felt that this might be an opportunity.

Instead of avoiding it, it would be better to face fear and gain a little favorability than nothing.

Maybe he thinks that human cooking is good, and he is more tolerant of human beings

Although it’s not realistic, dreams are always to be done.

You can’t give up without trying.

It’s always right to work hard.

Of course, Luya was afraid that he would hear the true thoughts in her heart, so she took Ludding and ran away from him.

“Well, yes, but I’m not sure what he likes…”

Ludding sighed in pain, “I heard that monsters like stinking things, especially the by-products of Demon Flower…”

“That’s right, he forced me to eat a dish of Demon Flower’s whiskers.

I have every reason to suspect that he likes to eat stinky things.”

Luya murmured, “Why don’t we add some ** to the wine…”

The moment she had just moved this idea, Gudius suddenly turned to look at her, with a hint of warning in his eyes.

No way Can you hear it so far

“…Just kidding, we want him to like human food, so naturally we want to make it taste delicious.”

If she changed her words nonchalantly, “Just make spicy crab claws.”

The ingredients and seasonings are still less, so I can only make simple dishes.

Luya took out the swamp crab claws collected yesterday, scrubbed them one by one with clean water, smashed the shell with a stone, threw the pepper in the boiling water to remove the fishy smell, and then Ludding also cut the black truffle into thin slices.

Throw it in.

Piggy said it was pigsong fungus, and he found it for him to eat, but Luya snatched it over.

He didn’t dare to have any comments at this moment.

After Gudius appeared here, he had disappeared completely.

After boiling for ten minutes, she took out the crab claws, took out the crab meat with Ludding, and placed it on the dinner plate.

After adding the pepper, most of the smell of the marsh crab itself is removed, and the black truffle also brings a wonderful flavor, which makes your appetite.

She also picked up the black truffle slices, put them on top of the crab meat, and brought them to Gudius.

“This is the best food we can get here.”

She took out a bottle of wine from the treasure chest of Red Dragon and poured a glass for Gudius.

It seemed that the meal was not too shabby and felt like Western food.

Gudius glanced at the food.

He didn’t ask anything.

He took a knife and fork and rolled a small piece of crab meat into his mouth.

Luya swore that she saw his fangs when he opened his mouth.

If it weren’t for the goat-like devil horns on his head, he might be more like those vampires.

His chewing speed is very slow, unlike his neatness when killing people on the battlefield, but more like savoring.

He spent ten minutes eating this small amount of food, then took out his kerchief and wiped the corners of his mouth to give an evaluation.

“It’s a taste that you humans like, but it’s a bit unsatisfactory for our demons.”


Luya was a little disappointed at once since she thought he liked it since she had been savoring it for so long because she felt it was unsatisfactory.

“This is the evaluation given after careful tasting.”

Gudius seemed to see her heart again and responded to her complaints.

“I know I will improve and strive to make dishes that satisfy you.”

It seems that their demons still like to eat stinky things, and they knew they had mixed some ** in their food.

“I am very touched by your sincerity, but you should know I can hear your heart, little human girl.”

“…But I can’t control my thoughts!”

“We like things with strong flavors, which are too light for us.”

Gudius glanced at her and said slowly, “For example, human internal organs are very good.”

“I will improve my taste next time.”

Luya pretended not to hear his intimidation and silently wrote down his preferences.

You can make something heavy next time if he comes back.

After the plague **** left, Ludding finally couldn’t hold back and fell to the ground.

He let out a sigh of relief, quite a sense of prostration.

He did not expect to survive after seeing the devil.

He is not a wise old man.

Ludding didn’t understand why Luya wanted to invite each other.

This behavior was too crazy, and in his opinion, it was too risky to please that kind of monster.

The name “Gudius” is a nightmare for mankind.

He wiped out at least one-third of the emperor in the national defense war.

But what was unexpected was that they passed the level smoothly.

When they sat down to eat, they didn’t seem to see such a terrible devil.

In short, his life was also picked up, and he was lucky enough compared to those compatriots in the human ranch.

Ludding sighed; the red dragon that saved him and Luya was much kinder than the devil archduke.

Luya diluted the potions brought by Gudius and fed them to the goblins.

They quickly regained their vitality.

They “quickly” expressed their gratitude to Luya and then lined up to continue their work.

When it was about to get dark, the red dragon still did not return.

This made Luya couldn’t help but start to worry.

It was agreed that today was the day to pick up their friend Matthew from the human ranch.

Red Dragon shouldn’t forget, did he encounter any situation

Luya waited until the middle of the night and couldn’t help falling asleep.

She had just started dreaming in a daze when she was suddenly awakened by a loud noise and heavy breathing outside the Dragon Nest.

She immediately jumped from the bed, took a weapon in her hand, and cautiously ran out of the cave.

Unexpectedly, he saw the wounded red dragon lying at the lair’s door, watching her very sleepily.


Luya was shocked when she saw this and rushed to the side of the red dragon, looking at him in disbelief.

“What’s wrong with you! What happened!”

What caused such scars on the dragon’s body

The wounds on the red dragon looked very abnormal as if they were caused by magic, but ordinary magic couldn’t hurt the dragon.

This was obviously a fierce battle.

Facing Luya’s panicked expression, Red Dragon shook his head.

It didn’t seem to want to mention this matter, then slowly moved away and handed Luya the steel cage pressed under him.

Inside that narrow cage was an adult with a dull-eyed look.

The author has something to say: a fight with the evil dragon.

When Red Dragon first adopted the heroine, it meant that he would be injured sooner or later, and it had nothing to do with what the heroine did! (Extremely strong desire to survive)

The red dragon still raises its beloved cats happily!

Have you noticed that the heroine’s description of Farus has changed from “it” to “him”

Others describe the dragon as “it.”


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