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Lu Ya sat firmly on the dragon’s back and was about to take off.

At this time, the piglet hurriedly chased him, tilting his head and staring at Lu Ya anxiously, “Then what about me Did you leave me here Oink “

“So what Do you want to ride a dragon too”

Lu Ya gave him a look of “you are thinking of eating a fart,” “You find a way to run back by yourself.

Didn’t you even escape the necromancer for what you ate yesterday”

“That’s different, Onik! There is no threat on this mountain.

The undead are slow to act; even if caught, they won’t die all at once! But the monsters that fall out of the eyes of the earthly demons are different! They will eat me alive!”

Piggy was terrified, stared at Luya, and called out, but the red dragon completely ignored him, as if he could not see him, and flew away without mercy.

When flying back along the road, she saw a lot of monsters in the mountains that she had never seen before.

Luya threw thunderbolts along the way, killing all the monsters they saw.

Soon they arrived at the dragon’s nest and saw a mess, lying on the ground.

The corpses of three goblins lay on the ground.

Those goblins were chased by the monsters and ran around.  They didn’t see Lodin’s figure.

I don’t know if he was hiding or something.

Luya didn’t have time to think about this.

She jumped off the red dragon’s back, and a violent thunder blew the head of a monster running after the goblin.

These monsters look different from ordinary monsters, like the undead.

The body is similar to humans, but the limbs are like proliferating stones, not like organic life forms, and they have almost no intelligence and only kill by instinct.

There were only nine goblins left, but now three more are dead!

It’s so irritating!

Lu Ya was furious at the moment; she was very angry that the progress of her house would be slowed down again! It is also very important to protect these goblins.

She held the Thunder Emblem and uninterruptedly released magic, blowing up a monster that rushed towards her.

Too many, at least six! She didn’t know why the monsters that fell from the eyes of the earthly demon were all concentrated on the dragon’s nest.

Lu Dahuang rushed to the monster and yelled, diverting the opponent’s attention and buying Luya more time.

The red dragon swooped down to bite the monsters, threw them into the sky, and shot them down suddenly.

After a short while, they swept all the monsters that appeared in the dragon’s nest.

The ground is full of gravel, and the seedlings that have grown out of the field have been crushed by more than half.

Lu Ya was distressed and anxious.

When she was about to let Lu Dahuang help her find Ludding’s whereabouts, she found that the fat cook was frightened.

Sticking his head out of the cave, he cautiously called to Luya.


“Are you alright!”

Luya rushed up immediately after seeing Ludding, she looked extremely worried, and Luoding couldn’t help but feel a little moved.

What a good girl, so worried about his safety…

“I’m okay… When I saw the sky change color, I immediately hid, and after those things fell, they attacked the goblins, and didn’t enter the cave…” Ludding explained while looking at Luya.

Luya also breathed a sigh of relief, but fortunately, she came back in time! If something happens to Ludding, she will cry to death.

Where can I find such an almighty chef who knows how to cook and farm and does all the work except fighting If she had to continue to do all the work on her own, how bitter life would be…

“It’s great that your okay, I really don’t understand how that eye can appear here.”

Lu Ya said with lingering fear.

However, there has never been a record of the demonic eyes continuously appearing in the same place.

For the time being, she can feel relieved.  She ran to see the casualties of the goblins and found that the few who survived were also very miserable.

Either the ribs were broken or the hands and feet were broken.

Shrank into a ball in the corner, staring at Luya shivering one by one, looking pitiful.

A group of ferocious wild goblins has now become disabled, and it seems they cannot work for her for the time being!

“How can this be good”

Luya felt anxious.

Her house was almost finished.

Wouldn’t it mean that work would stop again This is not okay, she has to get some medicine, at least to let these goblins rejuvenate first.

“Farus, can I go to Duinbruck again”

She looked at Honglong and discussed with him nervously.

Although it was very risky to go to that place, and she was also a little afraid of the demon archduke, but she couldn’t let these goblin resources go to waste, the goblin that was finally conquered.

The red dragon seemed to have guessed what Luya was thinking.

It stared into Luya’s eyes and said comfortingly, “No need to trouble, these creatures are very resilient.

Just give them some fruits and twigs of the Devil Flower.

They will soon recover.”

“That slimy thing like octopus feet”

Luya was stunned for a moment.

She remembered that the Demon Archduke had given her this kind of food.

The taste was unspeakably disgusting, but at that time she did eat it and her wound stopped hurting.

In addition to helping to recover, it also has the effect of relaxing and relieving pain.

“But I don’t know where to get these things,” she muttered, looking at the red dragon with expectant eyes.

“I’ll think of a way.”

The Red Dragon sighed slightly; as long as it was looked at by those eyes, it would be very willing to help its little girl solve all the things that bothered her.

“Oh! Thank you so much, Farus!”

Lu Ya hugged the Red Dragon’s neck affectionately and rubbed it.

The Red Dragon who had long been used to this behavior was helpless and satisfied.

The goblins were temporarily unable to move; Luya lit a bonfire in the camp, distributed food to the goblins, and let them stay overnight.

Then came the next day.

Wake up from sleepiness as always, wash your face, rinse your mouth, and feed your dog.

I don’t know why the dog looked a little strange after seeing the Demonic world eye yesterday.

It seemed to have been worrying about it.

He hasn’t eaten a bite of food since returning, and she doesn’t know what he is worried about.

Lu Ya once suspected that the dog had always scolded her and tried to communicate with it with a dragon translator to hear if it was spitting nonsense.

But the dog is not a Warcraft, and this translator does not recognize “dog barking”.

This discovery disappointed Luya, and she had to go with the dog.

The dog didn’t eat breakfast today, and it feels very wrong.

“What are you thinking Lu Dahuang”

Lu Ya bent down, worried, and couldn’t help touching the dog’s head, but the dog immediately avoided it, and as if not wanting to talk to her, he got up and prepared to leave.

Lu Ya stretched her hand out, suddenly feeling helpless.



What can we do Make do with it.

She has to be patient with the good-looking dog.

She is very patient with animals, much more patient than with people.

The only good thing about this dog is that she doesn’t need to shovel his feces, and he doesn’t have to worry about his feces and urine problem.

It’s better to say that they are more like roommates living together than a shovel officer.

After all, this is a very assertive dog.

If it is not a stress response, it is that the Demonic world eye has brought bad memories to it.

Maybe it was when it was separated from its owner.

“Did you see the evil eye of the world and think of bad things”

Luya looked at the dog and couldn’t help feeling a little bit.

“Actually, I understand you.

That is the pain of everyone in our lives, but we can’t always be trapped in the past.

Only by looking forward can we have hope.

I believe that one day we can see the moon through the dark clouds… Humans can find a way to defeat them; maybe we can win.”

What she said were all beautiful things, and she might not believe it, but when people are in desperate situations, they always need something that can comfort them.

She didn’t know if the dog understood her meaning; the dog stopped halfway and suddenly looked back at her deeply.

“Oh Do you think what I said makes sense” Lu Ya was refreshed when she saw the situation and couldn’t help but stare at the dog and asked.

The dog grinned, showed Luya a human-like expression, and then walked away without looking back.

Luya vaguely felt that she was being laughed at.

Probably her illusion.

After the red dragon went out last night, he has not returned.

Luya didn’t worry about the Red Dragon’s accident.

She was going to get some food for the Goblins, but when she started to boil some of the crab claws she brought back yesterday, an unexpected visitor came.

Luya didn’t even realize when he came.

She was still discussing with Ludding whether to add fungus to the soup.

When he returned yesterday, the piglet found black truffles and was snatched by Luya.

Ludding felt that the savory flavor of the crab meat did not need black truffles to add freshness.

Just when he was about to convince Luya, he stared at Luya’s back and his face changed drastically, and his **** collapsed to the ground.

“Yi, Eve…” Ludding pointed at Luya’s back tremblingly.

“There is a demon…”

Luya suddenly turned her head and saw the man who had caused her to have nightmares for a long time sitting on the seat behind her, half of his face supported by his bluish-white fingers, staring at her blankly.

She opened her mouth wide in shock, and her brain almost stopped thinking for a moment.

The ruler of the dark city of Dünbruck, the demon Archduke Gudius…

Why is he here ! When did you come !

While her face was filled with astonishment and bewilderment, she saw the Demon Archduke grinning at her, as if being pleased, suddenly laughed.

“Long time no see, little human girl.”


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