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[Iris]: This is the best!

[Theo]: The best...


Theo repeated as if he had never heard the word best before.

I held out a mirror in front of him.

Theo looked into his face for a long moment.


I said, anticipating.


[Iris]: Maybe I actually had a considerable talent for hairdressing


I trimmed the length of my bangs and clumsily touched them here and there, but that alone was very good.

I don't know if it's because of my skills or Theo's face.

Anyway, let's skip that.


[Iris]: Don't you like it


But Theo's expression wasn't good.

I carefully examined his face as he looked in the mirror with an anxious face.


[Theo]: I can see my eyes so well like this.

[Iris]: Huh


I tilted my head and looked at Theo.

He was pressing his bangs with his hands to make them look longer.


[Theo]: .......

I don't like to see it well.

[Iris]: But you knew I was going to cut your hair.

[Theo]: .......



Theo hesitantly looked in the mirror.

Unable to make proper eye contact with himself, I could tell that Theo's wounds were bigger than I thought.

I hesitantly spoke to him.


[Iris]: Theo, if I say this, you might snort.

But still....


I was very different from Theo.


Unlike Theo's color, which is called the symbol of the devil, I had hair-like gold threads and blue eyes that were considered sacred.

Therefore, I didn't think that complimenting Theo's hair or eye color would make him feel genuine.


Perhaps even worse, he would consider it a deception and feel offended.

But even so, I wanted to tell Theo.


[Iris]: I like your black hair like the night sky and your red eyes like jewels.


I like you as a kid.

Even that color, which is considered special, is thought to be pretty.


[Iris]: I'm serious.

That's what I really think.


I mumbled as I held the mirror.


[Iris]: So you don't have to hide it, I'm not sure what you'd think if I said this on my subject, but...

Still, I want you to be confident...


That was then.


I stopped what I was saying and looked blankly at Theo.

Like spring has arrived after enduring a long winter, like finding a sprout in the barren ground....


The warm feeling that had grown tickling in my stomach disturbed my chest.

I could feel my heart beating inside my small body.


[Theo]: Other times you were always so confident, why do you look so much like that now


I wasn't the only one who arrived in spring.

Before I knew it, the sun was shining, and a bright smile spread across Theo's face.


Theo was smiling at me.


[Theo]: Iris


I stood there like an idiot, blinking.

Theo waved in front of my face.


[Theo]: What's wrong

[Iris]: What...You laugh goodly."


Theo's face stiffened at the muttered words.

He didn't even know he was smiling.


[Theo]: Oh....


Theo touched my face with a hollow sound.

He probably won't know for the rest of his life.

What a smile he just wore on his face.


[Iris]: I cut your hair and you even got a nice smile.

All that's left is to have friends Whew, be proud.


I fussed to release the air that had become a little awkward.

There was no answer back to me, who hurriedly arranged the mirror and scissors.


[Iris]: Aren't you very happy Or are you still worried


I turned my back to clean up and didn't see Theo's unanswering face.

 What I heard was Theo's voice, which had calmed down a bit.


[Theo]: I don't intend to make friends.

[Iris]: What


With that, I immediately turned around and stepped closer to Theo's front.

At best, I cut his hair and trained him to smile! What do you mean by this all of a sudden


[Iris]: Why It's nice to have a lot of friends.

Then you'll have your side, and you'll have a shield to protect you from those weird rumors.

[Theo]: That's where you are.


Theo said, looking straight at me.


[Iris]: Huh


I asked back, squeaking and pausing.

I was so shocked that my head seemed to harden.


[Iris]: So now you mean....


With the most confident face he had ever seen, Theo grabbed my hand without my hesitation.

He said with that big smile.


[Theo]: I just need you.


Enough to make my heart drop to toe....

It was a very unconventional statement.


[Iris]: Uh...


[Theo]: Ftt


Theo laughed when he saw me squirming like a crucian carp.

Am I teased by a ten-year-old now...


[Iris]: You...

That's on purpose! Where did you learn this

[Theo]: The reaction was funny, but I wasn't kidding.


He paused.


[Theo]: Really.

I don't need anyone else.

I cut my hair because you wanted to.

[Iris]: What


I doubted my ears at Theo's words.

But the words that followed were even more shocking.


[Theo]: Just.

Because you're pleased.


I opened my mouth as I looked at Theo talking casually.

Besides, how are you so good at saying such ticklish things


[Iris]: Theo, since when have you been so good at talking

[Theo]: .....

I regretted looking at Theo, who had shut his mouth again.

I made him into a human and then he went back to being a robot.


[Iris]: Anyway....

I'm glad I thought about all that, right You said we weren't friends like that.


I patted Theo on the head.

I couldn't be happier that the little kitten seemed to have opened up to me.


[Theo]: Keep it in.


Theo said with a crooked smile.

It was funny that I kept it in my heart.

I glanced at Theo slightly and pursed my mouth.


[Iris]: Done.

I've cut off all of your hair, so let's get out now.


I said softly and walked out of the common room.


No, I was going to walk.

Until Theo pulled my hand, which had been holding him all along.


[Theo]: That's right.


Theo left that brief comment and began to walk past me.

Somehow, his gait seemed fast, as if he was running away.


[Iris]: Now....

Are you embarrassed


I spoke to Theo slowly, following him.

I walked alongside, holding back the desire to pinch his cheek.

My project to change my perception of Theo was not over yet.


Theo still has a very important problem.


[Iris]: First.

Don't say you're going to kill.


Theo didn't answer, staring straight ahead.

But there was no way to hide the red-hot ears because of his shortened hair.


[Iris]: Ayu, so cute!"


Did you Were you worried I was really hurt


[Iris]: For example, you can't take out their guts, you can't break their head."


I explained, writing eagerly on the ground in front of Theo.


[Iris]: Okay People see the inside of a person from the language they use.

[Theo]: So what should I do if he is a bastard


Theo, who was also squatting next to me, furrowed his brow and said.


[Iris]: Then use this.


I held out my clenched fists.

Immediately, Theo's gaze flew in as he looked at me pathetically.


[Iris]: Ha, yes.

This is not it.


Unknowingly, revealing my wild nature, I hurriedly shook my head.

I corrected his explanation with a gentle smile.


[Iris]: There are many ways to express anger without using cruel words.

[Theo]: For example

[Iris]: For example....


I was troubled.

Speaking of which, I also had forgotten how to speak without using profanity because I was a bit of a hot-headed person.

I felt myself depraved and collapsed.


Until I remembered my previous life, I was  an innocent child.


Theo, who watched me with his jaw clenched, smiled shallowly.

I could clearly see so many emotions passing from my face.


[Theo]: I don't think you're in a position to teach me


I couldn't answer and glanced at Theo in silence.

Do you get scolded when you keep saying the right thing like that


[Iris]: Hmm, second.

No violence.


Once again, I felt a strange gaze directed at me.

I was furious with Theo, the thief had numbed my feet.


[Iris]: What! For what! Why do you look at me like that!

[Theo]: I didn't say anything.


'Eyes glowed, eyes shining!'


I whispered to myself, scraping the floor with a branch.


[Theo]: So, what's next


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