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Those who shouldered the fate of the Great Dao would obtain the aura of fate of the Great Dao, allowing them to pry into the Great Dao.

This would open the path for them to reach the Dao realm.

The aura of fate of the Great Dao was equivalent to a key to the Dao realm.

Stepping into the Dao realm would no longer be difficult for them.

Chu Xuan finally understood why so many Dao realm experts emerged during the Great Daoyuan calamity.

This was the true reason they fought for fate.

Furthermore, even if they reached the Dao realm during the calamity, if they continued fighting for fate, like Fengkong, their Dao principles would advance, as would their cultivation levels.

After he figured out the purpose of the aura of fate, Chu Xuan focused on his other priorities.

Heiyue would return to the Central Zone, so Chu Xuan had instructed her to come back to strengthen her cultivation foundation.

“The Central Zones blood fiends are ferocious and there are Dao realm blood fiends among them.

You should meet up with Wang Luo and Fengkon.

Fengkong is a second-level Dao realm expert who is much stronger than those half-crippled Dao realm experts of the Central Zone.”

“He will be fighting for fate there as well.

Furthermore, he was once a human king, so hes quite knowledgeable about the secrets of the nine zones.”

Fengkong would be able to provide support for Hei Yue.

Otherwise, without the support of a Dao realm expert, it would take a long time for Hei Yui to prepare her plan and implement it.

With Fengkongs assistance, she could be bolder.

“Ji Dexin is no ordinary person.

He has the ability to enter the Dao realm whenever he decides to.

For the time being, try not to provoke him.”

“As for what hes planning, thats not important.”

Heiyues eyes flickered.

Ji Dexin was not an ordinary person

If even her master said that Ji Dexin was extraordinary, then he had to be more than just a genius of the Ji family.

“Master, whats so special about him”

It was hard to say whether or not she would have a conflict with Ji Dexin.

Hei Yue was not a person who would give in.

Chu Xuan thought for a moment and smiled.

“Hes just the reincarnation of an expert from a powerful race that has disappeared from the nine zones.

It doesnt matter what hes planning.”

“He probably has his reasons for reincarnating into the Ji family.

Also, the Ji familys human king is not an ordinary expert,” he continued.

Hei Yues heart trembled.

Ji Dexin was the reincarnation of an expert

Furthermore, he was not from the human race.

It was no wonder he was so monstrous.

What was the purpose of his reincarnation

“Master, can you tell me about his background”

Chu Xuan nodded.

“Hes the reincarnation of a half-saint of the celestial race, which, by our current standards, is someone who has reached the peak of the Dao realm.”

“If you want to compete with him or obstruct his plans, youll need to become stronger,” he said after some thought.

No matter what Ji Dexins intentions were, it was necessary to have someone who could compete with him.

Since the three races had already left the nine territories, why did they come back

In the future, the nine zones would be his territory.

He could not allow some outsiders to mess with his territory.

Next, Chu Xuan prepared some treasures for Hei Yue to strengthen her cultivation foundation.

Hei Yue stayed for a month in the scripture pavilion Chu Xuan had prepared for her.

These were all the secret manuals and records rewarded by the system.

Chu Xuan made a copy of them and placed it in the pocket dimensions scripture pavilion.

His disciples would be able to read and refer to these things when they needed to.

Regardless of whether it was Wang Luo, Xiang Xing, or Hei Yue, the methods they had used during the Great Daoyuan calamity had been derived from the methods he had left earlier in this scripture pavilion.

Of course, they added their own adjustments and improvements to them.

A month later, Hei Yue bade Chu Xuan farewell and set off on her journey back to the Central Zone.

Su Xianer did not follow, and returned to her duties as a maidservant.

Chu Xuans life once again became leisurely.

With a maidservant taking care of him, his life became even more comfortable.

“Your disciple, Qian Ming, has entered the Divine realm.

You have been rewarded with a lump of chaotic energy.”

A few days after Qian Ming reached the Divine realm, Qin Ying also broke through.

“Your in-name disciple, Qin Ying, has entered the Divine realm.

You have been rewarded with a lump of chaotic energy.”

A few days after Qin Yings breakthrough, the systems reward arrived again.

“Your nephew, Chu Pingfan, has displayed the might of the Extreme Dao and killed many blood fiends.

His fate has increased, and his cultivation level has skyrocketed.

He has reached the Heaven realm.

Your Fate Dao principle has advanced.”

As his Fate Dao principle continued to advance, Chu Xuan could already vaguely sense some changes.

It seemed to be moving toward becoming a Great Dao principle.

Still, it was insufficient for him to pry into the changes happening to the fate of the nine zones.

He then thought of the strange black power of the Great Dao.

Would it spread to the nine zones

Did it herald the beginning of the Great Dao calamity

Hei Yue then returned to the Central Zone in a very low-key manner.

Her return did not attract any attention.

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