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Chu Xuan waited for Hei Yue and Su Xianer to return.

During this time, another Dao realm expert from the demon race turned bald.

Another Buddhist had been born.

Mo Tu even ran over to thank Chu Xuan for his guidance.

He even bragged in front of Hong Yuanchu and the others that a bald demon was even stronger than a regular demon, which was true.

Other than the fact that the bald demon would occasionally put his palms together and chant “Amitabha,” he was the perfect warrior.

Chu Xuan felt that he had to reach the Daoyuan realm as soon as possible and become stronger than Mo Tu.

Otherwise, if Mo Tu found out that something was wrong, there would be trouble.

He was not sure if his awe-inspiring persona was sufficient to deter him.

No matter what, as long as his strength increased, he would be able to deal with all kinds of unexpected situations.

Southern Zone.

Fengkong, Wang Luo, and Xiang Xing had joined forces and had already found a way to deal with that strange ancient battlefield.

They were currently in the midst of making preparations.

After dealing with this ancient battlefield, Fengkong was going to leave for the Central Zone.

He was a Dao realm cultivator.

If he continued to stay in the Southern Zone, he would probably trigger the descent of a Dao realm blood fiend.

Wang Luo was also preparing to go to the Central Zone, leaving Xiang Xing to handle the Southern Zone.

Time flew by, and a year passed.

Chu Xuan could sense that the Heavenly Dao laws in the Chaos Zone were rapidly expanding in the remaining seven regions.

Hei Yue had completed her preparations and was ready to return to the Northern Zone.

“Your disciples, Wang Luo and Xiang Xing, have suppressed the nascent Blood World.

Their fate has been transformed and their cultivation has soared.

Your Fate Dao principle has advanced.”

“Your follower, Fengkong, suppressed the nascent Blood World.

His fate has transformed and his Dao principle has advanced.

Your Fate Dao principle has advanced.”

The systems reward suddenly arrived.

Nascent Blood World

Chu Xuan was stunned.

The unusual ancient battlefield that appeared in the Central Region of the Southern Zone was actually a nascent Blood World

The Blood World could continuously give birth to blood fiends and even make the blood fiend race a true race of the nine zones.

Fengkong, Wang Luo, and Xiang Xing had joined forces to suppress it.

Now, their fate had been transformed and they were now shouldering the fate of the great Dao.

Chu Xuan pondered.

What did it mean to be a person shouldering the fate of the Great Dao

After Hei Yue and Su Xianer returned, he would check it out.

Fengkong also gained a lot.

After his Dao principle had advanced, he had broken through to the second-level of the Dao realm.

The Great Daoyuan calamity was indeed a great opportunity.

However, it was also a great crisis.

Chu Xuan looked to the Western Zone and frowned.

Ding Yue and Xiao Liang did not seem to be doing too well recently.

Had something changed in the Western Zone.

Was it due to the blood fiend race itself, or had the hidden expert intervened again

Although the situation was stable for the time being, the blood fiends were getting more and more ferocious, putting great pressure on the human cultivator army.

Half a month later.

“Your Heavenly Dao laws have devoured and replaced the laws of Heaven and Earth of the Central Region of the Southern Zone.

Your cultivation level has advanced.”

After the suppression of the nascent Blood World, the Heavenly Dao laws quickly devoured the laws of Heaven and Earth of the Central Region of the Southern Zone.

Not long after, the Central Region became the newest addition to the regions under the Heavenly Dao laws control.

Chu Xuan received his cultivation boost reward.

20th level of the Dao realm!

He was only 16 levels away from the final level of the Dao realm.

He still needed the Heavenly Dao laws to take over 16 regions.

There were seven regions in the Chaos Zone and ten regions in the Central Zone.

If these two zones were incorporated into the Heavenly Dao laws, he would achieve his goal.

The next step would then be to open his Dao path.

Chu Xuan thought about it.

The Dao realm cultivators from the primordial land had not entered the calamity, so there was still time.

Chu Pingfan had entered the Eastern Zone.

It was time for this Extreme Dao cultivator to shine.

Wang Luo and Fengkong set off for the Central Zone.

At the same time, Hei Yue and Su Xianer had also returned to the Northern Zone.

Chu Xuan sat on the chair, very leisurely.

The calamity was non-existent in the Northern Zone.

Those ancient battlefields, and the blood fiends within them, had all been purified by him in advance.

In the entire nine zones, only the Northern Zone was peaceful.

The cultivators here were all confused.

Why had the Great Daoyuan calamity not arrived yet

Was it due to how barren the Northern Zone was before this Perhaps it would arrive later.

“Sir, Im back.”

Su Xianer excitedly ran in.

Hei Yue followed closely behind her.

“Greetings, Master,”

“Hmm, well done.”

Chu Xuan nodded.

At this moment, Chu Xuan saw something extraordinary.

There was a vast and mysterious light hidden inside Hei Yues body.

It was the aura of fate.

The fate of the Great Dao…

The light inside Su Xianers body was slightly weaker.

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