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“Yes, Master!”

After finishing up, Hei Yue began to retrieve the pillars that were buried within the three regions.

Each one had turned shockingly red after absorbing the blood-colored spiritual energy.

These pillars were still useful, so Hei Yue put them away.

The situation in the Chaos Zone was still unstable, so Hei Yue would have to remain here for some time to put the finishing touches on her plan.

The little evil king had made quite a name for himself in the Chaos Zone.

He wanted revenge!

Naturally, the target of his revenge was naturally the Evil Son.

However, the Evil Son had disappeared, and he received some information that the Evil Son was the reincarnation of the Great Evil Palaces founders soul.

Therefore, his enemy was the patriarch of the Great Evil Palace.

However, the Great Evil Palace had been disbanded, and its leaders were nowhere to be found.

As such, he could only give up for the time being and focus on increasing his cultivation.

Strength was essential in his pursuit of revenge, as well as to rise up during the Great Daoyuan calamity.

Furthermore, perhaps one of these ancient battlefields contained a heavenly treasure that could restore his third leg.


Du Yuan was also in the Chaos Zone, and his strength had also improved after fighting for fate during the calamity.

At this moment, Chu Xuan had no reason to pay them any mind.

His focus was on the Central Zone, and finding a method for Hei Yue to compete with Ji Dexin.

Her current strength was insufficient to accomplish this task, though.

After all, one had to know that Ji Dexin could reach the Dao realm at will.

The Central Zone was in a mess.

The sky was still red.

The blood fiends continued to appear in various places, but they did not descend from the sky again.

Still, they were endless, as waves upon waves of blood fiends invaded, causing countless deaths among the human races army.

Occasionally, a Dao realm blood fiend would be born.

The entire Central Zone was being overrun by the blood fiends.

Fortunately, the forces of the human race in the Central Zone were powerful.

Otherwise, it would have fallen long ago.

Countless formation masters, restriction masters, artifact refiners, alchemists, and the like, were all gathered within the alliance, researching how to eliminate the blood fiends.

The efficiency of the current methods they had was too low, and the cost was not proportional to the effect.

Qian Ming had already risen to prominence.

He had swept away countless blood fiends in the Qian Region.

None of the Heaven realm blood fiends were his match.

Furthermore, every time, he would kill the blood fiends completely, preventing them from reviving.

The power of the Heaven and Earth Myriad Transformation technique was on full display at this moment, which made countless geniuses envious.

Chu Xuan looked at the Central Zone.

Apart from the Qian Region, the progress of the Heavenly Dao laws in the other nine regions was progressing slowly.

The ghost race was also active in the Central Zone.

Many human cultivators who died in battle were lucky enough to escape with their divine souls.

Since they could not reform their physical bodies, many of them chose to become ghosts.

The ghost race also participated in the fight for fate amidst the calamity in the Central Zone.

Ji Dexin was wary of the ghost race.

He felt that there was something unusual about the ghost race.

How had this race suddenly appeared in the nine zones

When he searched his memories, he drew similarities between the ghost race and the Netherworld race.

However, the latter race had already perished during the Great Daoyuan calamity.

Was the ghost race a remnant of that Netherworld race Or had they obtained the Netherworld races inheritance and transformed into this strange new race

It did not seem to make sense.

There were indeed similarities between the two races, but there were also clear differences as well.

If it was only a partial inheritance, then he would be able to rest easy.

After all, that would mean that their inheritance was incomplete, and that they were not very powerful.

In any case, it was not suitable to deal with the ghost race at the moment.

After all, the ghost race was also helping them to deal with the blood fiends, which undoubtedly reduced some of the pressure on the human race.

Most importantly, most of the ghosts were once humans.

They had retained their memories, and were still attached to their former forces.

Furthermore, as the number of ghosts increased and their strength grew, gradually, such a rumor spread in the Central Zone.

“A hero in life and a hero in death!”

“Even if Im a ghost, Ill still fight for the human race!”

As these slogans spread, the human experts became more and more motivated.

Even if they died in battle, they would simply become ghosts and rejoin the battle.

For this reason, cultivators would deliberately leave behind a wisp of their divine soul before they went to battle.

If they were to die, this wisp would transform into a ghost.

The ghost race rapidly expanded.

This battle was an opportunity for the ghost race, and the Ghost World and Ghost Dao principle grew continually.

Fengdu Ghost Kings strength also increased.

The news of the heavenly punishments appearance in the Chaos Zone then spread to the Central Zone.

Ji Dexins expression changed when he heard this.

“Heavenly punishment How is that possible”

He had a look of disbelief on his face.

Heavenly punishment only existed when the immortal, celestial, and demon races existed in the nine zones.

“Impossible! How could there be heavenly punishment No such law exists in the nine zones current laws of Heaven and Earth!”

Ji Dexin frowned.

He carefully examined the information and description provided.

From the information he gleaned, it was indeed heavenly punishment.

Dozens of Divine realm experts had been killed!

“Whats going on Did the laws of Heaven and Earth in the Chaos Zone change because of the Great Daoyuan calamity”

“That should be impossible.

It shouldnt be able to create a new rule out of nowhere.

None of the current laws could be transformed into the heavenly punishment law!”

This Great Daoyuan calamity seemed to be very different from all of the previous ones.

The heavenly punishment law had existed to prevent any race from surpassing the three overlord races of that time, and was also used to temper geniuses.

Only by surviving the heavenly punishment could one break through to the Dao realm and achieve sublimation.

Ever since the three races had left the nine zones, the heavenly punishment had never reappeared.

Perhaps it was some kind of formation.

“Hei Yue.”

In his mind, the image of that expressionless young girl appeared.

No matter what she encountered, she always had a calm expression, and no emotional fluctuations could be seen.

“Is she going to return to the Central Zone”

It was inevitable.

She would definitely return to take revenge on the Tianyue Tower.

Unless the Ji family messed with her, they should not come into conflict.

Ji Dexin was thinking about what he should do after Hei Yue returned.

Should he stop her from targeting the Tianyue Tower

This would make him Hei Yues enemy.

Although he was not afraid of her, she was still an unknown variable.

Would she obey his instructions as the alliances leader

After some thought, Ji Dexin decided to wait for her to arrive and then decide how he would approach this issue based on the situation.

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