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Chapter 99 - The Land Of Fire Is Nothing Special

In this wave, Kirigakure suffered a great loss.

Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Kirigakure, an average elite superior Ninja, was killed to become a commander without an army.

Even the last surviving Suikazan Fuguki was confused, completely unaware of the background of that Xu guy.

When the news of Mokuton Ninja quickly spread to Ninja World, it naturally caused a huge sensation.

“Xu He knows Mokuton”

“Who is this guy The second Mokuton Ninja after Senju Hashirama…”

“Investigate! Send a mission to the underground bounty.

No matter who it is, as long as you can give me information about Xu, the reward will be easy!”

“Oh, Xu’s true origin It is said that this guy is like a ghost… Hehehe, our bounty hunters have come to big business again…”

“Yes, but remember to be wary of that despicable person called Kakuzu.

I heard that he single-handedly defeated three of the four bounty centers in the country of fire.

He even said that he was innocent… I have never seen such a shameless person!”

Many people had a strong interest in Mokuton Ninja.

Similarly, many of the higher ups of the villages naturally suspected that he was related to Konoha.

After all, this guy appeared in the country of fire.

The last Mokuton followed was Shoudai Hokage…

Konoha naturally became the first suspect.

No, it can’t be Konoha.

If they had this kind of power, they would have used it in the war a long time ago.

It’s impossible for them to only use it on Kirigakure and the others until now.

Sandaime directly closed the information in his hand and fell into deep thought.

If Konoha had Mokuton and a powerhouse like Xu, he wouldn’t have lost so much in the past four years of war.

Everyone knew that Mokuton was a weapon to deal with Bijuu.

That’s interesting.

A powerhouse at that level is at least an elite superior Ninja.

It’s impossible for him to appear overnight…

Sandaime kept thinking.

In the end, there was nothing he could do.

He could only ask Kitsuchi at the front line to pay more attention.

On the other side, he continued to issue missions to the continue to issue tasks to the underground bounty office..

“I heard that the continue to issue tasks to the underground bounty office of the Fire Country has been destroyed.

This won’t do.

They must be rebuilt.

I am very good at using all external forces.

Sandaime snorted coldly.

The entire Ninja World was stirred up by the appearance of Mokuton ninja.

When this news reached Konoha, it directly dropped a bomb in the upper echelons of Konoha.

“Mokuton A ninja named Xu…” Sandaime Hokage immediately looked at Danzo.

Instinctively, he suspected that this old friend of his had done something behind his back.

“Don’t look at me like that, Hiruzen, the secret experiment on transplanting the cells of the first generation has long been personally banned by you! A large number of Senju clansmen have died on the experimental platform.

How can I touch the cells of the first generation again”

Danzo was furious, as if he was furious because he was wronged and accused.


Sandaime Hokage retracted his gaze and immediately summoned Yuuji, who was waiting outside.

Several higher-ups focused their gazes on Shiranui Yuuji.

“Yuuji, you are going to the battlefield to support Duy and risk tracking Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Kirigakure.

Do you have anything to say”

Sandaime Hokage took a few puffs of his pipe, but no emotions could be seen on his face.

Yuuji said respectfully, “Lord Sandaime, although I chased after Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Kirigakure out of the anger of Mr.

Duy’s death, they ran too fast.

I can’t catch up to them…”

A trace of helplessness appeared on Yuuji’s face.

At this point, the four higher-ups in the office subconsciously frowned and then let go.


Yuuji was only 13 years old.

Even if he could do things far beyond his peers by burning his lifespan with a forbidden technique, his foundation was still insufficient.

Chasing Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Kirigakure…

“Then did you see any traces of that enemy called Xu and Mokuton ninjutsu” Koharu turned around and asked.

“No, after chasing for a period of time, I could only bring back Mr.

Duy’s corpse.”

“Really” Homura stared at him.

“Yes, no.”

Sandaime Hokage was silent for a while.

The impact of Mokuton’s appearance was too great.

Moreover, it seemed that the guy who controlled Mokuton was at least an elite superior Ninja.

This was even more troublesome.

“I understand, Yuuji, you can leave now… I am sorry about Might Duy, but his death has already contributed to the growth of the new generation, and his will will be passed down by generation.”

Sandaime Hokage gestured.

Yuuji paused, respectfully agreed, and left the office.

“Hiruzen, leave this matter to Root.

I will definitely find out who that Xu is!” Danzo said in a deep voice.

Sandaime Hokage shook his head.

“Root, don’t interfere in this matter.

Anbu will investigate it in secret.

Moreover, this might be a conspiracy on Kirigakure’s side.

Perhaps Root doesn’t have any Mokuton ninjas in the first place.”

Danzo was angry in his heart, but there was a trace of urgency.

However, Sandaime Hokage did not give him the chance to speak.

“Humph, Mokuton must be second only to the Western Front.

Hiruzen, don’t be indecisive!”

Danzo snorted coldly and walked out of the office with anger.

Mokuton… There was actually someone who controlled Mokuton faster than him

“Damn it, I definitely won’t allow it! It seems that I have to urge Orochimaru to end the Western Front War faster and then quickly return to Konoha to do research!”

Yuuji walked out of the building and turned to look at the majestic building.

Then he lowered his head.

“Mokuton is really a hot commodity.

These higher-ups are too lazy to pay more attention to the dead Duy.

Their minds are full of Mokuton.”

A trace of indifference flashed through Yuuji’s eyes.

Tsk, the greatest effect of Duy opening the Gate of Death to repel the enemy was to further prove the value of the Eight Gates Escape Armor.

Yuuji shook his head.

Shoudai Hokage’s Mokuton was basically something that only people who possessed Shoudai Hokage’s cells or God Tree’s strength could grasp.

Madara, Obito, Zetsu, Yamato, these people all knew Mokuton.

If it was included in the legend, there was also one person who knew Mokuton – Konohamaru’s teammate, the orange haired brat.

As for why she had Mokuton, the reason was unknown, suspected to have Senju’s blood.

Apart from that, no one else knew Mokuton.

But now, there was a completely new user, Mokuton.

Moreover, it was not God Tree’s branch of Mokuton, but plant Godzilla.

“The confrontation between two systems of plants is really interesting.

It is enough to make these guys anxious.”

Yuuji sneered.

Now, Might Duy was still in the base, unconscious, and the reproduction process was still going on.

Yuuji was not sure what Duy would become in the end.

He was also taking a risk.

Yuuji left the Hokage building and went directly to Duy’s memorial tablet.

“Yuuji-san, my father died in battle…” Guy rushed over and hugged him.

“I’m sorry, Guy.

I was a step too late…”

Yuuji sighed.

“No, this has nothing to do with you.

If the enemy is an enemy like Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Kirigakure, even if you arrived early, you would not be their match.”

Guy lowered his head, tears streaming down his face.

The others, Kazue, Genma, Ebisu, and Gekkou Hayate, all stood silently in front of the memorial tablet.

“Duy died to save us.

We will not let him down.

We will bear his will.” Genma clenched his fists tightly.

At the same time, he looked at Yuuji with eyes full of guilt and apology.

Ebisu said, “Those two swords have also been recycled by the village.


“There’s no need to say anymore.

I know everything.” Yuuji interrupted Ebisu.

However, his gaze was calm as he looked at this tablet.

His father’s death was a huge blow to Guy.

He began to train like a madman.

“Eight sets of Escape Armor.

If I cultivate to the extreme, I can fight against an elite like Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Kirigakure.

If I cultivate with all my might, I can also become an expert like my father!”

Guy wiped away his tears and shouted.

He decided to run twenty rounds around Konohagakure.

Because he also counted Duy’s share.

“Is this really okay” Kazue stood beside Yuuji and said in a low voice.

“Let him vent first.

He must face this reality.”

Yuuji said calmly as he watched Guy leave.

He asked casually, “How much of the equipment I need”

“Half of it.

Many of the equipment are very difficult to find… As long as you want it, you can get some of it at any time.”

“Well, that’s good…”

“Yuuji-san, although it is not appropriate to say such words now, Lord Fugaku wants to invite you to Uchiha’s clan through me.

Shisui also really hopes that you can go there…”

“A guest” Yuuji pondered for a moment, “Alright, then I will go.”

If he was a guest, in principle, he should prepare some gifts.

What should he prepare… Fugaku definitely did not lack anything.

He could just casually deal with it.

Then, he would prepare a set for depressed Shisui.

Yuuji pondered.

Uchiha’s clan had invited him to do something.

Could it be that they were also asking about Mokuton

That night, Yuuji went to Uchiha’s clan.

On the way, he was very familiar with this place.

In any case, he had come here more than once or twice.

Even Konoha’s guards who were patrolling on the road, who should have been watching everyone vigilantly, nodded slightly when they saw Yuuji.

Although Yuuji had become Danzo’s disciple, he still had feelings for Uchiha.

“Senior Yuuji, I have been waiting for you.”

Shisui stood at the door of Fugaku’s house and waited respectfully.

The moment he saw Yuuji, his eyes lit up and he immediately greeted him.

“Shisui, have you encountered any problems now” Yuuji looked at Shisui, whose eyes were shining, and felt a little worried.

Huh Why does Senior Yuuji ask this… Massaka, Senior wants to teach me, but he can’t take the initiative to speak, because this might make him very “arrogant”

That’s right, it must be like this!

Senior Yuuji can write so many shocking articles.

His thoughts are higher than mountains, and his wisdom is as deep as the sea.

There must be a deep meaning to this.

Shisui was filled with respect and suddenly bowed.

“Senior, I didn’t expect that you had already seen through everything!”


“Senior, please share your wisdom with me.

After you meet with the patriarch, please teach me! Please!” Shisui bowed twice.

“Shisui, it seems that the problem with you is very big, very big.

You are now in a state of confusion.”

Yuuji became serious.

His hand slowly stretched out, as if he was brewing some kind of terrible forbidden technique, with a sense of dignity and solemnity.

“Yes, confused.

I am very confused now!”

Shisui was excited.

His breathing was rapid, and his entire body was trembling slightly.

Senior, do you even know this Is he going to take action to solve the dilemma in my heart

Finally, under Shisui’s expectant gaze.

Yuuji gave the specially selected gift to Shisui.

“Shisui, I know that your heart is full of pain, but it is absolutely impossible to be immersed in pain.

Not only will this not allow you to solve the problem, but it will also make you fall into a deeper level of despair.

This is more difficult than any problem.”

Yuuji patted Shisui on the shoulder with a solemn expression.

He handed a carefully selected book to Shisui solemnly and said, “I came in a hurry and only managed to find this book in a roadside bookstore.

Although it is not perfect, it means that you must not dislike it, Shisui.”

“No, how can I dislike it! Since it is a work that can catch the eye of senior, I will definitely study it seriously.”

Shisui took the book with a trembling face and looked at Yuuji with awe.

He stared at Yuuji’s back for a long time.

He felt that Senior Yuuji’s every move was so dignified that it seemed to reveal some deep meaning.

After Yuuji’s back disappeared.

Shisui took a deep breath and looked down at the book in his hand.

There were a few big words written on the cover.

[Sow postpartum depression care]

At the same time.

Somewhere in the Fire Country.

“Damn it, I already said it.

I have never cheated a single cent! I pay attention to my reputation when I do business.

I do whatever I give.

You are all slandering me!”

Kakuzu was rejected by the only remaining No.

3 bounty office and finally couldn’t help but get angry.

“Wait, wait, Lord Kakuzu, you really don’t have to do this!”

“No, I have to do this.

I haven’t gotten the money for a long time.

You bastards who slander me have to pay the price!”

He dragged a pile of corpses and could not get the reward, which was stinky.

“Lord Kakuzu, I understand, I understand, but you can’t just stare at our bounty… The bounty in the neighboring country of Earth is even more lively.

Sandaime and Roots are generous.

If you go to the country of Fire…”

“The country of earth, Iwa ninja Village… I will let you go this time.

I repeat, I am a man of honor!”

He wanted to throw away the corpses in his hands, but he was really reluctant to do so, so he simply took them away.

“Sandaime is generous Humph, the country of fire is nothing special, it might be better to come to the country of earth to make money!”


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