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Chojuro and Kushimaru shot to death, killed by the black Mokuton.

The two of them fought with everything they had, using their ninja sword to crazily cut and stab, trying to break through these strange black trees and find a way out.

Unfortunately, all of their efforts were so pale and powerless in front of the constantly growing black trees.

These black trees were too terrifying, both hard and sharp.

Even the small leaves on a black tree were sharper than blades.

The two people who were squeezed by the large number of black trees were unable to escape in the end and were killed by a large number of trees.

“This is the first time I used this kind of Mokuton.

It feels good… It is beyond imagination.”

Xu looked at the black forest and was satisfied.

He had to be satisfied.

The first time he used such a biological structure to fight, he had already achieved this result.

It was already excellent enough.

It had to be known that in the world where the planet Godzilla was in, the entire earth was filled with these dangerous plants.

Whether it was trees, grass, or even animals that looked very strange, they all had this kind of characteristic.

This was the terror of the planet Godzilla, the only plant-type Godzilla.

However, there were also many shortcomings.

The Mokuton plants created by the current strength of the void were limited in hardness and toughness, because they were only in the preliminary mastery.

If he wanted to release a stronger Mokuton technique, he still needed to walk a long way.

When using this so-called “Mokuton”, the consumption of chakra was too huge.

It was really a huge consumption.

Just making these dangerous plants consumed one-third of the chakra of this special clone.

Fortunately, he can continuously make it.

As long as his spiritual force can support it, the recovery of chakra is not a big problem, but the problem is…

“As long as there is no high-intensity fierce battle, there is no problem, but if there is a high-intensity battle, you have to prepare in advance…”

Looking at this black forest, these plants not only did not give people a sense of vitality, but also a deep and dense feeling, making people feel uneasy at a glance.

This is only a small forest formed by a dozen small trees and a big tree.

If a large tree world like Shoudai Hokage descends…


There is an 80% chance that it will disintegrate.

He began to retrieve the black trees.

He looked down at the two people who had died miserably.

He muttered to himself for a moment and sealed the corpses into the scroll.

“There are still three left.”

The floating void suddenly began to move.

Its speed was astonishing, and it began to track the whereabouts of the remaining three of seven people.

At this time, the other three people did not know that two of their companions had been killed.

They just fled in panic.

He planned to leave the Country of Fire directly, find Kirigakure’s big ship, and return to the Country of Water.

However, Xu was constantly tracking their whereabouts, like a terrible ghost that existed in the modern world.

“I won’t let you escape.

I will do the things that Duy didn’t finish.”

Xu raised his mask, and the pale mask was filled with a deep wooden feeling.

He found a target.

Kurosuki Raiga, the owner of Kiba.

“Humph, it seems to be safe.

That madman did not catch up… I wonder if the others are dead.”

Kurosuki Raiga’s eyes were cold.

However, in the next moment, his expression changed.

He saw a white mask suddenly appear from a tree in front of him.

There was something embedded between the eyebrows of the mask, revealing the word “Hollow”.

“I found you.

Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Kirigakure’s guy, go and accompany your dead companions.

A team should be neat and tidy.”

Xu said.

He immediately began to attack.

Mokuton’s thorns suddenly rushed out and engaged in a fierce battle with Kurosuki Raiga.

The loud roar was covered by even more shocking thunder.

“I, Kirigakure’s Thunder Man, will never be defeated by a strange guy like you! And this Mokuton…”

Kurosuki Raiga panicked.

As everyone knew, the only person who could control Mokuton was Shoudai Hokage.

This was the unique blood limit.

But… why could the masked man in front of him use Mokuton

Moreover, it was the black Mokuton.

The trees he created were extremely strange.

Kurosuki Raiga was destined to have no chance to verify it.

He desperately waved the thunder blade, and a large amount of thunder surged.

The terrifying power that should have torn everything apart did not have much effect in front of these black trees.

Kurosuki Raiga’s living space was constantly being squeezed.

In just a few seconds, he fell into a comprehensive disadvantage.

“This kind of Mokuton… Who are you Are you a descendant of Senju’s clan”

Kurosuki Raiga’s last saber cut into a black tree.

The violent thunder roared, but only a large area of charred black was produced.

It shook his hand so much that it hurt.

“You can guess whatever you want.


In the next moment, Kurosuki Raiga’s chest was pierced by several thorns, and he was skewered.

“Damn it…” Kurosuki Raiga died with a grievance.

He used the last of his strength to roar and died.

“This corpse, along with this ninja blade, I will accept it.”

Xu lowered his head and looked at it.

Then, he began to retract the scene and pounced on the next target.

At the seaside.

In the end, the two of them were chased all the way by Xu, fleeing in a sorry state.

The owner of the double sabers was also caught by a few trees that suddenly grew out, directly dragged into the ground and killed.

“Now, Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Kirigakure, only you are left, Suikazan Fuguki…” Xu raised his head and looked at this fat guy in front of him.

“damn, damn it, how could this be Mokuton actually appeared in Ninja World again…”

Suikazan Fuguki’s face was already covered in sweat.

Panic and uneasiness shrouded his heart, and the shadow of death was even more frantic.

This fellow who called himself “Xu” in front of him had killed the other four people in a row

Suikazan Fuguki carried the Samehada and frantically fled.

“Bastard, get out of my way, stay away from me!” Suikazan Fuguki had been looking for an opportunity to use the Samehada to eat Xu’s chakra.

However, he had taken several risks to get close to making a move, and more trees and thorns immediately emerged from the void, without any chance to devour his chakra!

Finally, he fled to the beach.

“Kisame! Take your men and stop this guy behind me!” A glimmer of hope flashed through Suikazan Fuguki’s eyes.

If he sacrificed Kisame and the others, he might be able to delay the footsteps of this guy called Xu.

Without saying a word, Kisame directly pulled out the katana on his back and rushed up with a team of ninjas to block the void.

“Is this Mokuton It’s really amazing.

I only heard that Shoudai Hokage has Mokuton’s blood limit…”

Kisame’s eyes moved slightly, but his expression was incomparably indifferent.

He glanced at Suikazan Fuguki who was frantically fleeing without turning his head, and a trace of coldness flashed through his eyes.

Only a few of Kirigakure ninjas were left, facing this guy in front of him.

“Hoshigaki Kisame To work for such a guy, it’s really too sad.”

Floating forward, the wide black robe dragged down to the ground, setting off waves of fine dust.

There were even more thorns that continuously swayed, easily killing several Kirigakure, leaving only Kisame.

“Is this Mokuton Isn’t he a bit too strong” Kisame had a solemn expression on his face as he continuously formed seals with his hands and spat out powerful Water Release Ninjutsu one after another.

Soon, this area turned from flat ground to a lake.

But these attacks did not cause any damage to the void – at least in Kisame’s opinion.

This guy seemed to be just like his name.

He had no physical body and was not afraid of any form of attack.

Whether it was Ninjutsu or taijutsu, they were useless.

“We have to retreat.”

Kisame quickly retreated and was ready to fight for his life.

However, he was surprised to find that Xu just stayed in place and looked at him quietly.

Even if he fled to the sea, Xu did not pursue.

Seawater No, this guy can’t be afraid of Seawater.

In that case, his Chakra is exhausted, or does he not want to kill me

Kisame turned around to take a look.

For a moment, he had a very strange intuition.

The actions of this guy called Xu seemed to be very similar to the actions of the person called Shiranui Yuuji, not killing him.

Kisame ran all the way and caught up with the big ship full of horsepower.

“Kisame, how did you survive” Suikazan Fuguki was sitting and resting.

When he saw Kisame, his face suddenly changed.

“… I don’t know the reason, but the other party did not kill me.” Kisame answered honestly.

Suikazan Fuguki rolled his eyes.

“So it’s like that… Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Kirigakure, the other six are all dead, but you, the guy responsible for blocking the enemy, survived…”

Kisame did not say a word, silently found a corner and sat on the ground.

“Humph, when we return to the village, I want to see how you will explain it! Even if you are my subordinate, the higher-ups of the village will not trust you…” Kisame, you have to be prepared.

Suikazan Fuguki crazily hinted.

Kisame responded to him with silence.

However, that inadvertently obscure gaze occasionally fell on Suikazan Fuguki.

“Is it really sad to follow such a guy” Kisame thought silently.

Time passed.

Suikazan Fuguki immediately reported the matter of Mokuton ninja “Xu”.

Of course, this triggered a huge shock.

Everyone who heard the news didn’t believe it at all.

“Mokuton Impossible, Mokuton has disappeared for decades!”

“From Warring States Period’s time until now, only Shoudai Hokage has mastered Mokuton!”

“This strange name, could it really be…”

“Shut up, that person is definitely dead, and the person named Uchiha Madara is dead one after another.

It’s impossible to revive!”

The higher-ups of Kirigakure were slightly uneasy.

Why did such a powerful Mokuton Ninja suddenly appear What exactly was going on

“This matter must be kept strictly confidential and absolutely can not be leaked! We are not sure of the enemy’s purpose yet…”

Not long after, news of Mokuton Ninja appeared like the wind and spread throughout Ninja World


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