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“Genma, bring your team back to the village immediately.

Oh, bring these two knives back as well.”

Yuuji pointed at the explosive knives and blunt knives on the ground.

“What about you Ahem.” Gekkou Hayate asked.

“We can’t let go of Mr.

Duy’s matter just like that.”

Yuuji’s words had two meanings.

Genma had already silently picked up the two knives on the ground.

He pulled Gekkou Hayate and Ebisu and left without a word.

They were only a burden here in the end.

After Genma and the others left, Yuuji’s hand that was on Duy finally began to exert strength.

To be honest, everything was just an idea.

It was a technique that he had come up with after combining all kinds of information and information from his previous life.

Originally, he planned to use it after many years, at least after Indra and Asura’s chakra successfully reincarnated, he would find an opportunity to experiment.

“I didn’t expect it to be used on you… Let me try.”

The next moment.

Layers of concave substance immediately appeared on the surface of Yuuji’s body.

This was the power that belonged to Godzilla.

In the next moment, Yuuji directly extended this power into Duy’s body.

This process was the process of forcibly changing Duy’s original life form, turning it into a completely new life form.

“If I have another Godzilla in my body, I really can’t do this, but if it is a planetary Godzilla, there is no problem…”

In the next moment, an endless stream of Godzilla life tissues poured into Duy’s body, constantly replacing Duy’s original organs and changing the structure of his body.

Planetary Godzilla was an existence that tied and controlled an entire ecosystem.

All animals and plants had to simulate and adapt to Planetary Godzilla to evolve.

What Yuuji needed to do now was to accelerate the process and turn Duy into that kind of creature.

After a while.

When Yuuji raised his hand.

Duy’s entire body had already been enveloped and permeated by layers of power.

Everything had been modified and corrected.

Yuuji also took this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Godzilla’s strength.

He had a preliminary grasp of the ability to control Godzilla’s biological tissue.

“… His life is temporarily preserved, but it will take some time to fix the DNA.”

Yuuji looked at him for a while and nodded slightly.

Fortunately, Duy had no room to resist now.

His body had lost the instinct to resist and was easy to be transformed.

“If that’s the case, Duy’s life is saved.

There are still other matters to deal with…”

Yuuji slowly stood up, and a trace of coldness flashed through his eyes.

Might Duy was the ninja that he had taken a fancy to.

In the past, no matter how troublesome the situation was, Yuuji had always suppressed Duy and forbade him from opening the Death Gate.

But now, he had only gone to Amegakure for a mission, and Duy had been mobilized by the higher-ups and directly consumed here.

“Although this can’t be counted as wrong, from my point of view, this feeling is still very bad… This debt…”

Yuuji snorted and looked up.

He said, “White Zetsu, get out here.”

A White Zetsu immediately came out from the distance.

“I didn’t get close to you this time.

Your strength is too dangerous for me.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.

Turn into Duy and lie here until you are buried in a coffin by the people in the village,”

Yuuji ordered.

White Zetsu was a little dissatisfied, but he could only break his thoughts in a low voice.

He obediently turned into the charred appearance of Duy, lying on the ground and pretending to be dead.

Yuuji directly picked up the transformed Duy, turned around, and ran to a secret base that was currently being built.

Duy had already opened the death door, and in principle, he must die, so he could take advantage of the opportunity to let Might Duy, who was in the midst of being reborn, turn into a dark place.

In order to avoid being caught by the group of elders of Konoha, they would not let go, and would continue to talk.

“Oh right, there are also those bastards who ran away.

We have to think of a way to get rid of them…”

Yuuji walked into an extremely rough basement.

After putting Duy here, he directly separated his avatar.

Duy put on the mask with the [Space] ring and wore a black robe.

The mysterious masked man – Xu, went online.

Two of the seven people were killed by Duy, and there were five left.

It would take some time to kill them, but considering that he had grasped the ability of Godzilla’s biological structure, it was not impossible to kill them all.

Xu slowly merged into the ground and began to pursue.

The remaining five people were almost scared out of their wits, each choosing a direction to flee in panic.

After fleeing for a long time, they found that Duy did not catch up, and their wildly beating hearts gradually returned to normal.

“They didn’t catch up”

“What happened just now Munashi Jinpachi and Akebino were killed in an instant… That kind of power that could burn everything in an instant…”

Some of the five people continued to run away, while others began to change directions and meet up with each other after running a distance.

Chojuro and the chestnut Kushimaru came together, looking at each other with deep fear on their faces.

Might Duy, why is that guy with his mouth full of nonsense so terrifying


There is no need to dwell on this matter anymore.

After using that level of forbidden technique, that guy will definitely die.”

“En, the mission has already failed.

We just need to live.

Let’s return to the village…”

The two of them discussed and felt like they had just survived a calamity.

“Are you going back to the village now I think the two of you can stay here and continue your mission until you die.”

A voice suddenly rang out beside them.


Chojuro slashed horizontally at the first possible moment, and the huge broadsword slashed out with a loud bang.

Kushimaru also moved quickly.

His long knife – sewing needle was thrown out a large number of silk threads.

However, all of this did not have any effect when it landed on the other person.

The big knife cut through the other person’s waist, only cutting off some black robes, but it did not cut any physical flesh.

The silk threads that filled the air were the same.

There was a clatter.

They saw the white mask fall to the ground.

“If it’s not Might Duy, that’s good.

But what is this thing with a strange mask Is it some kind of puppet technique without a physical body” Kuahimaru jumped onto a tree after chiding.

She was surprised and bewildered.

“Aren’t you also wearing a mask, and your mask is obviously even more strange…”

Under the shocked gaze of the two, they saw the mask shake, and then it “floated” again, dragging the few remaining black robes.

“The clothes are broken again… I have to find a way to make a set of self-regenerating clothes.”

They saw the mask talking to themselves.

“The height of this damn thing has been lowered, and the height is determined by the clothes Then destroy all the black robes!”

“No, the mask is the real body.

Maybe the word ‘Hollow’ is the core of this thing!”

The two of them had cold expressions and decisively attacked.

They did not understand the situation of the enemy in front of them, but their fierce temperament drove them to kill first.

At this time.

Xu slowly raised his head and looked at the two fellows.

The face behind the mask was already filled with endless indifference.

“Don’t be too confident.

I will use the two of you to test the technique I used with this body…”

The white mask trembled slightly for a moment.

In the next moment, an astonishing amount of chakra burst out, and what truly made the two seven people feel their hair stand on end was what happened after.

“Mokuton… Thorn Art.”

In an instant, one terrifying black brambleafter another, emitting a terrifying depth, suddenly drilled out from under the black robe, and pounced towards Chojuro.


“Mokuton How could it be Mokuton And it’s the black Mokuton!”

Chojuro and Kushimaru widened their eyes and roared in disbelief!

Only that man, the God of Ninja Shoudai Hokage, had Mokuton!

Why did this strange mask in front of him grasp Mokuton’s technique!

“This is impossible.

Something like Mokuton… must be some kind of illusion technique!”

Chojuro roared as he raised his broadsword and slashed down with a ferocious expression.


A loud sound rang out.

It seemed to be the sharp sound of two types of metal colliding.


Loquat Juzou was dumbfounded.

He looked at his broadsword in disbelief.

Then, he looked at the thorn that only had a crack.

“This is Mokuton”

“This is wood”

Chojuro and Kushimaru were both shocked and angry.

Who could be harder than metal

“This is Mokuton, you two fools.

The plants I made are probably tougher than the wood you know.”

Xu said slowly.

At the same time, he began to try using biological tissue to imitate the black robe to make a qualified coat.

And he succeeded.

He changed into a new set of black clothes.

Xu, an amazing tailor master.

“Who are you Are you Konoha’s ninja I’ve never heard of you before…”

Kushimaru became more vigilant and felt that he had encountered a big trouble.

“No, no, my name is Xu.

I don’t belong to any ninja village now… It’s meaningless to ask this.

Anyway, you are going to die soon.”

More thorns began to emerge from the body of Xu.

Looking at it, there were more than a dozen thorns.

In the rapid movement, they attacked the two people in succession.

At the same time, Black Mokuton’s hardness and sharpness, had the power to penetrate everything.

Moreover, he also had a huge amount of chakra to control him.

In just a short time, Xu broke through the dense silk net set up by the Kushimaru, and with a light sweep, all of it was cut off.

Chojuro roared, waving his machete to cut down.

“Really, if it is a machete, it is indeed a good heavy weapon, but how long can this garbage machete hold on for…”

Xu had a mask on his face, making people unable to see or feel any gaze, but only that terrifying coldness and indifference existed.

“Mokuton… Black Wood Wall.”

A large number of black trees drilled out from the ground, moving in all directions, surrounding the two people who were fighting against the thorns and trying to find an opportunity to escape.

“This time, you won’t be able to escape… all of you go to hell.”

“Mokuton – Great Tree Art.”

A giant black tree suddenly rushed out from the ground.

The branches swayed, and the sharpness of the leaves on each branch was beyond imagination!

With just a slight touch, a person’s flesh and blood would be cut off on the spot.

“No, impossible, it really is Mokuton, such a ridiculous thing…”

“Who the hell are you Are you Shoudai Hokage!”

The two of them fought with everything they had, screaming and resisting, but in the face of this strange black Mokuton, which had never heard of before, they, who were severely lacking in intelligence, quickly fell into a disadvantage.

After a long time.

Only two miserable screams could be heard from the countless strange pure black trees.

Then, everything went silent.


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