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What happened in the Rain Country did not cause any waves in Konohagakure.

To Konohagakure, the Rain Country was just a small country that was not worth mentioning.

It was the core battle zone of the Western Front.

Those who occasionally had good news channels knew that Hanzo attacked a local armed organization, but they did not care.

Even Danzo thought so.

“Is that so That guy Hanzo actually lost so many people… How did Akatsuki’s members do it”

Danzo leaned on his walking stick and looked at his disciple calmly.

“I’m not sure.

It looks like a spiritualization spell that can directly attack the soul… But the soul has been dead for a long time.”

Yuuji answered, revealing a puzzled expression.

There was a trace of doubt in Danzo’s eyes.

He stared at him for a while before nodding slightly.

“Forget it.

That guy, Hanzo, has become more and more timid and incompetent.

He only has terrifying strength, but his temperament has already fallen.”

Danzo snorted coldly, “I’ve already told Orochimaru about you.

He’ll take good care of you, but don’t get too close to that poisonous snake.”

“… Thank you, Sensei.”

Yuuji raised his eyebrows.

Is it about life

Orochimaru, that guy is the commander of the Western Front.

“Calculating the time, it’s about time for the Battle of Kikyou to break out…” Yuuji estimated.

The third battle of Ninja World took a full four years to end.

The sign of the end was that Konoha won the Battle of Kikyou.

After being pushed to the village entrance by Iwa ninja and Suna ninja, Konoha barely managed to win.

However, the complete end of the three battles still had to be pushed back for another three years.

During these three years, the Nine-tailed Rebellion broke out.

Minato and his wife died in battle.

Medicine Master Ye Naiyu hid in Iwa ninja Village and was killed.

Hyuga was targeted by soldiers.

In the end, Hyuga Hizashi was forced to commit suicide.

The suicide incident of Hyuga Hizashi was the complete end of the entire three battles.

Only then did Ninja World welcome several years of precious peace.

“After the Battle of Kikyou, many things have to be prepared.

For example, because of the reincarnation of Indra and Asura…”

Yuuji silently pondered.

At this time, Danzo said, “Hiruzen is very interested in your subordinates, that guy called Might Dai.

He insists on controlling him.

This old man, Root, can’t stop him.

After all, he is the Hokage… You have to pay attention to this.”

After saying that, Danzo turned and left.

Yuuji frowned.

He walked out of Root’s base and went straight to the training ground.

He had made an appointment with Kazue and Guy to practice in the training ground.

When he arrived at the training ground, Yuuji saw that Kazue was talking to a cat.

“Summoned Beast I heard that Uchiha’s family is very close to the cat race.”

Yuuji put his hands in his pockets and slowly walked over.

He glanced at the cat with interest.

“Meow —Are you Lord Yuuji Your name is also circulating in our cat clan.

You once fought against Three-tailed Beast’s strongest genius.”

The cat kept licking its hands and rubbing its head, looking very harmless.

“Well, it’s just a false reputation…” Yuuji nodded.

Kazue smiled and said, “We often buy weapons and equipment from the cat race.

The weapons made by Grandma Cat are all very popular among Ninja World.

Yuuji-san, do you want to buy some too There will be a discount.”

Yuuji shook his head.

“I don’t need a weapon, but I need some experimental equipment.

If the cat race can help me get it, we can cooperate.”

“No problem.

We are not good at making experimental equipment, but we can get it for you.

The price is a bit more expensive because we need to make some difference in price… But we will keep your personal information strictly confidential.”

“Well, then I will trouble you.

I need the experimental equipment…”

Yuuji let the cat record it.

Kazue took out the precious cat food and poured some out.

“Meow, the latest cat food…” The cat’s eyes were shining.

Suddenly, dust flew up.

“Oh! Yuuji-san, I haven’t seen you for a while.

Have you finally completed your mission” Guy was running upside down with a dirty face and rushed over.

He turned over and sat on the ground.

His stomach was rumbling with hunger.

When he saw Kazue holding a small biscuit in his hand, he grabbed it without saying a word.

Before the cat, he grabbed the cat food with his dirty hands and chewed it in big mouthfuls.

“Smack smack… This smell is a bit strange, but it’s not bad.

Yuuji-san, do you want a little”



The cat was so angry that his whole body was trembling and his hands and feet were cold.

What is wrong with this world Are humans going to steal food from cats But forget it, if we just let this stupid human eat a little…

“Finished, is there no more” Guy threw the box aside and burped.

Damn, damn it!

Granny Cat was right, cats only had dogs as their enemies.

“Lord Yuuji, these things just now… when we get them, we will let Kazue inform you.”

While the cat was angry, it rushed up to scratch Guy and disappeared with a bang.

“ What happened to that cat just now It’s so strange…” Guy covered his face.

“Don’t worry about it.

It’s just a cute little thing.

It encountered a major obstacle in life…”

Yuuji said indifferently.

Guy scratched his head in confusion.

“Yuuji-san, let’s start cultivating.

It’s been a long time since we fought.”

“Why don’t I see Senior Dai At this time, he should be running circles around Konoha with you, right” Yuuji suddenly said.

“Ah, father, I accepted a mission to patrol the borders of the Fire Country this morning.

Kirigakure lost, but they still refused to give up.

There are often teams who sneak into the Fire Country to destroy…” Guy said.

Yuuji paused and frowned.


Today’s training is canceled.

I will go out for a while.”

Yuuji didn’t say anything more and directly left.

“Strange… What is Yuuji-san going to do” Guy was increasingly confused.

Kazue was also surprised.

With Root’s identity, Yuuji checked Duy’s patrol record and directly left Konoha, going deep into the Fire Country forest.

Genma’s team was on a mission.

They constantly shuttled through the forest, searching for traces of Kirigakure’s ninjas.

Although the Western Front war was over, Kirigakure’s desperadoes still showed up from time to time, and some sporadic ninjas sneaked into the country of fire.

This forced Konoha’s side to have a portion of the ninjas that were responsible for sniping this group of Kirigakure.

Genma’s team was one of these patrolling troops.

“When will this group of Kirigakure’s guys settle down”

Ebisu pushed his sunglasses and casually pulled out a piece of Root grass and put it in his mouth.

Cough cough, this is also something that can not be helped.

I heard that their Sandaime Mizukage was seriously injured by Lord Jiraiya and Yuuji together.

He has not recovered yet.

It is understandable that Kirigakure and his gang are so crazy.

Gekkou Hayate coughed desperately.

Ebisu sighed and said, “Yuuji… I really can’t imagine.

That guy has actually grown to this stage.

He can play a huge role in the situation of a war.

Back then, I even risked my life to think of a way to surpass his theory class results.”

Gekkou Hayate coughed, and his eyes were somewhat erratic.

Indeed, none of them had expected that the 13 year old Yuuji would be able to achieve such a result.

Although it was said that he had done it through forbidden techniques, even so, it was still very terrifying.

Not to mention, at this age, being able to learn a forbidden technique already surpassed many people.

Many ninjas would never be able to touch the forbidden technique in their entire lives.

“Genma, why aren’t you saying anything What are you thinking about”

“I am thinking about how to face that guy.

Seriously, I originally hoped that he wouldn’t die.

I could leave a blood limit for the Shiranui clan so that our clan can rise again…”

Unknowingly, he, the clan leader, had already been left far behind.

“With Yuuji around, no one in the Shiranui clan would dare to look down on them.

Just like Senior White Fang back then, when he was alive, the Hatake clan was Konoha’s great clan.

Uchiha and Hyuga did not dare to look down on them” Ebisu said.

“That’s true…” Genma stretched and said, “Let’s continue the patrol mission.

It’s really troublesome…”


“Be careful!” Gekkou Hayate’s expression changed and he kicked Genma hard.


There was a loud explosion.

The explosive blade – Fei Mo fiercely stabbed into the spot where Genma had just been, causing a terrifying explosion.

“Hmph, I was dodged… You guys just talked about a name that made me very unhappy…”

Munashi Jinpachi sneered and looked at the three little ghosts in front of him with vicious eyes.

“That’s right, Shiranui Yuuji, that vicious Nuclear Release little ghost, he killed many of our companions… I really want to put him in a string and sew him up.” Munashi Jinpachi held a knife and aimed it at Genma and the other two.

One figure after another began to appear.

Until the moment a fat figure appeared and waved the huge Samehada.

Genma’s team of three revealed deep despair on their faces.

“This, could these guys be…”

“It’s over…”

“It’s Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Kirigakure!”

A hint of fear flashed across the face of the captain, Genma.

How could this be

Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Kirigakure, with those seven knives, the average level of elite superior Ninja, why did they encounter these monsters

“Damn it, we are really unlucky…” Genma laughed bitterly.

“No, you are very lucky.

Little brat… to be able to meet the seven of us working together, even if you die, you should rest in peace.” “I heard that you are still a member of that little brat Nuclear Release That would be even better.

I will use my Samehadas to cut you into a human stick.

I think that little brat’s expression will be very interesting.”

“Let’s do it.

The souls of our comrades are howling in grief… My broadsword is already thirsty for blood.”

Fuguki sneered, revealing a terrifying smile that carried a deep sense of brutality.

The seven of them would never forget that battle back then.

The originally great situation was forced to suffer a setback from Shiranui Yuuji.

Countless people died in the hands of Yuuji, and the Silent Killing Technique that they were so proud of was directly defeated by Yuuji, becoming a joke.

In addition, the forbidden technique that defeated Sandaime Mizukage…

This slap directly hit the faces of all Kirigakure Ninjas.

As long as Yuuji was alive, it was a humiliation to the entire Kirigakure.

“Humph, don’t joke around.

Do you guys, Kirigakure, have the concept of companions” Gekkou Hayate pulled out two knives, and his body began to gradually become transparent.

Transaction sword technique, this was all the power he could use, even though the effect was minimal.

“That’s true, but we are trying to pretend that we have companions…”

The seven people let out a terrifying laugh and moved with a loud bang.

Killing intent filled the air.

At this time.

“Youth Sonata! Kirigakure’s guys, we meet again!”

Dai kicked over fiercely, sending the unlucky Munashi Jinpachi flying again.

Duy, who was under the seventh gate, had a unique sense of oppression brewing all over his body.

“It’s you again, using a strange technique…”

Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Kirigakure immediately revealed an angry and fearful expression.

Especially Munashi Jinpachi, who had been kicked twice by Duy, he was so angry that he almost went crazy.

When they were on the battlefield, the seven of them wanted to find a chance to kill Yuuji, but they were stopped by this guy who was full of inexplicable words like youth.

“Your technique is nothing more than endurance, but I have never seen you use other Ninjutsu… Don’t tell me you only know this one technique Then you are going to die soon, and we will definitely not be blocked twice by a technique!”

Jinin Akebino smashed with a blunt knife.

Duy dodged swiftly, bringing Genma and the other two back with a solemn expression.

“Senior Duy, run quickly.

With your ability, you will definitely be able to escape.

Call for reinforcements to save us.” Genma roared.

Might Duy was Yuuji’s follower, so there was no reason for him to die here.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t know how to explain it to Yuuji.

Could it be that your powerful subordinate died in order to save the life of a mediocre person like me

“If I can’t escape, and I have to win no matter what… I can only use that thing.

Sorry, Yuuji-san, I’m going to break my promise.”

Duy clenched his fists and took a deep breath.

Even though Yuuji repeatedly emphasized that the last door could not be opened without his permission.

But if it were forused here, for the sake of three young people full of hope, he would sacrifice himself as a middle-aged man…

It seemed to be worth it.

Young people were the future.

Not to mention, among these three young people, there was also Shiranui Genma.

This was Yuuji’s only remaining clansman, who had played with him since childhood.

“If there is only one person left in the clan, I believe that Yuuji-san will also feel disappointed.

This won’t do…”

“Eight Inner Hidden Gates – Death Gate – Open!”

Duy let out a furious roar.

At this moment, the last one of the Eight Inner Hidden Armor was completely complete, arriving at the absolute end.

All the blood in his body began to burn, turning into terrifying crimson colored steam.

The power of the explosion ignited the air, almost boiling.

The violent impact turned into a terrible hurricane, tearing everything apart.

“Senior Duy, what are you doing… What are you doing” Genma’s eyes were Kurenai at that time.

He knew about the Eight Inner Hidden Gate.

After Duy became famous in the eastern battlefield, the name of this forbidden technique spread.

But… Death Gate

Just the name alone made one uneasy.

Looking at the blood that flowed out of Duy’s body… it was actually for these guys…

“Senior Duy, there’s no need for you to use these mediocre people on us…!”

“No! It’s not like that.

Now is the time to burn youth spring.

Otherwise, there won’t be a chance… Young people, never underestimate yourself.

Because I am the most mediocre person in this world.

I can do what I can do.

You must have done it too.

Work hard and struggle, desperately fighting for your dreams.

This is… the youth you have!”

Duy roared, his eyes almost burning out.

In the last few seconds of his life, he used everything he had to charge at Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Kirigakure.

“Eight Gates Escape Armor Formation!”

Duy fiercely kicked at Munashi Jinpachi.

“What the hell is going on What the hell is going on with this guy!” Munashi Jinpachi screamed.

He was kicked, and his entire body was almost split in half.

What happened in a flash of lightning had almost scared the remaining six people crazy.

Without any hesitation, they fled.

Because they had already seen the appearance of Duy when he opened seven gates, they were mentally prepared.

They were not scared crazy by the eight gates Duy.

The moment Munashi Jinpachi was kicked to pieces, they began to flee in panic.

“This guy is not an enemy we can deal with!”

“Might Duy, such a guy is just a subordinate of that Shiranui Yuuji.

Damn it, they are all monsters!”

“Get lost, Akebino, don’t block my way!”

Suikazan Fuguki was so anxious that his eyes were on Kurenai.

He raised his Samehadas and smashed Akebino with a fierce blow.

His fat figure was faster than expected.

“Damn it…”

Akebino changed directions and ran.

The six people split into six directions and fled.

“The second one!”

The terror on the face of the Akebino frozen forever, and Duy smashed his head with a punch.

But at this moment, Duy had no chance to kill the third person.

In the face of such a group of seven people who had decisively escaped, killing two of them was already his limit.

“What a pity…”

The blood-colored steam on Duy’s body slowly dissipated.

His entire body was charred black.

He stood up straight, his back facing the scared Genma and the others.

He raised his arm from the side and gave a thumbs up.

Everything frozen at this moment.

The flames of his life began to slowly extinguish.

“Senior Duy!”

“Could it be that he has already…”

Genma and the other two looked at this scene in a daze, tears streaming down their faces.

How could this be

“Wu, Senior Duy burned himself just to save us, wu…” Genma began to cry.

He really felt that he was not worthy of being saved by an expert like Duy.

“Don’t cry.

Tsk, I didn’t expect things to turn out like this… I clearly reminded him.”

A voice suddenly rang out.

Yuuji’s figure suddenly landed, and a biting cold wind hit his collar.

“Y- Yuuji I didn’t expect this to happen.

I’m sorry…” Genma lowered his head deeply.

“I’m sorry, Yuuji, we…” Ebisu turned his head and looked at him.

However, Yuuji ignored them.

Instead, he squatted down and observed Duy’s condition.

“The vital signs are about to disappear.

I can save him with my last breath.

But I don’t have that kind of thing… I can only take the risk and try that.

Yuuji sighed.

Although he had to experiment with that thing sooner or later, he hadn’t thought of using it until now.

He would never have thought that one of the important reasons for driving Mr.

Duy to die so generously was to protect Genma, his last clansman or relative.

Yuuji placed a hand on Duy’s charred body.

He wanted to try that imaginary technique, but he had never tried it before.

That was the possibility of an individual that could destroy the origin and transform it into a whole new species.

Godzilla… Bio-Boosting again!


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