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Was Yahiko worthy of admiration Of course, he was worthy.

An idealist was one of the few warmth in the darkness and chaos of Ninja World.

Unfortunately, when an idealist faced a powerful and targeted pragmatist, his weakness was undoubtedly revealed.

He, who was as dejected as death, did not even know how to face this cruel reality in his despair, much less face this bloody truth.

“Nagato, take Konan and live.

If it’s you, with Sage’s eyes, you would definitely be able to do it…”

Yahiko bumped into Kunai in Nagato’s hand and said this.

Then, he fell down forever.


Nagato trembled as he watched this scene.

He lowered his head in disbelief and looked at Kunai, who was covered in blood, and then turned to look at Yahiko who had lost his life.

He was completely dumbfounded.

What was even more dumbfounded than Nagato was that it was Hanzo.

“Bastard, what did you do”

Hanzo was so angry that his whole body was trembling.

He looked at Yuuji who had turned into his own appearance in anger.

“I’m sorry, Lord Hanzo.

Didn’t you ask me to do this You want me to find a way to kill Yahiko…”

“I didn’t use my appearance to kill him!”

Hanzo was shocked and angry, feeling that he had been fooled by a little ghost.

Yuuji slowly retreated and removed his transformation technique.

He looked meaningfully at Hanzo who was emitting killing intent.

“Lord Hanzo, I have completed the mission you issued.

I have also cleared out a core member of Akatsuki for you.

Now, it is time for you to show your sincerity.

We, Root, will take our leave.” Yuuji said.

“Damn bastard!” Hanzo’s eyes were bloodshot.

In the Second World War, he, who had not lost his spirit, would kill all the people who dared to fool him in minutes.

But now, he could not do it.

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

Root’s ninjas left the cliff.

Under Yuuji’s orders, they used all their strength to run wildly.

Nagato was about to go crazy.

If they didn’t run, they would die.

“Hmph, why do these guys feel like they are running for their lives… Danzo’s subordinates are just this kind of trash.”

Hanzo sneered, and his mood became a bit better.

He was about to order the Rain Ninjas to surround and kill Nagato, and completely eliminate Akatsuki.


A mournful roar resounded, and terrifying burst of chakra instantly froze countless raindrops in the air.

It temporarily changed the weather.

“What This power came from that little brat with red hair” “Attack! Kill him!” Hanzo’s heart skipped a beat.

All the soldiers immediately moved out, and hundreds of elites rushed towards Nagato from all directions.

However, Nagato only held onto Kunai tightly, his eyes staring blankly at Yahiko’s corpse.

He went crazy.

Along with the terrifying chakra, the eye power in his eyes changed into a visible spiral, which spread in all directions.

Instinctively, he used all his strength, only wanting to kill everyone in front of him.

Summoning Technique!!


“Gedo Statue!”

The huge Gedo Statue was summoned.

At the same time, it began to extract Nagato’s vitality as energy.

“What is this thing”

“Is it some kind of unknown Summoned Beast It’s so huge…”

“Hurry up and attack! No matter what technique it is, it won’t be a problem to kill that fellow!”

The Rain Ninjas charged over.

However, in the next moment, an illusory dragon suddenly emerged from the Gedo Statue.

It roared madly and charged towards the Rain Ninjas.

As long as they were touched, their souls would be taken away on the spot.

In just an instant, a large number of the Rain Ninjas died, terrified.

“What kind of technique is this Don’t let that thing catch up to you, you will die!”

The Rain Ninjas began to flee.

Nagato roared, and as if he had gone mad, he hysterically drove the Gedo Statue and slaughtered his enemies.

In particular, there was only Hanzo in his eyes.

“It’s you, it’s all you!! It’s you who killed Yahiko!!” Nagato roared, his entire body staggering, pulling the Gedo Statue to move.

“… I didn’t kill him.

Damn it, why should I explain it to a little brat like you And your eyes…”

Hanzo ignored his slaughtered subordinates.

He had nowhere to vent the anger in his stomach.

He was attracted by Nagato’s strange eyes.

“It’s actually Rinnegan.

I didn’t expect such eyes to really exist in this world.

The legendary Supreme Eye that only Rikudou Sennin has…”

Hanzo maintained a cold expression on his face, but in his heart, he wished he could hack that Root Ninja into a thousand pieces.

It would be fine if he killed a person like Nagato who had eyes like Sage, but it was obvious that he couldn’t kill him now.

Hanzo also couldn’t risk his life to fight Sage, causing the current situation… It was all because of Danzo!

“Little brat…”


Hanzo had no choice but to use the Body FlickerTechnique to run away.

Dead corpses littered the ground.

Nagato controlled the Gedo Statue and poured out his vitality.

He was about to go crazy.

He watched Hanzo run away and then looked at the unconscious Konan.

If Yahiko died, could he not even avenge Yahiko

At this time, just as Nagato was blaming himself in pain.

Yuuji appeared again, of course, it was a clone.

“If it’s an Gedo Statue, it wouldn’t be too much to chop off Root’s toes…”

Yuuji quietly poked his head out of the ground and stared at this huge Gedo Statue with great envy.

He aimed at the Gedo Statue’s toes and made a light ding sound.

The Gedo Statue was unharmed.

“This is so troublesome… This thing is too hard.

My avatar’s strength is limited, and I can’t use methods like Godzilla Coat.”

Yuuji sighed.

He had already been discovered by Nagato.

Body Transformation!


“Hanzo, you bastard, you actually dared to come back! Die together with Yahiko! Die!” Nagato roared, and the illusory dragon attacked again.

Hanzo, who was running away in the distance, shuddered violently.

Yuuji directly dismissed this clone.

At the same time, another clone took the opportunity to attack Yahiko’s corpse, grabbed it, and immediately ran away.

Yahiko’s corpse could not be controlled by Nagato as a Heavenly Dao cultivator.

He still had great use.

By the time Nagato came back to his senses, it was already too late.

Yahiko’s corpse was taken away by Yuuji.

However, his vitality had been rapidly depleted.

A trace of white appeared on his red hair, and his entire body became skinny.

Even controlling the Gedo Statue became more and more difficult.

He could only protect Konan first, and then he let out a cry of despair.

Yuuji dragged Yahiko’s corpse and successfully escaped.

“The Gedo Statue is really interesting.

I need to find a chance to deal with this thing.”

Yuuji found a place to sit down and rest.

He looked at the dead Yahiko.

At this moment, deep despair could still be seen on Yahiko’s face.

“The dream of a lifetime is destroyed in one day… This world is just so cruel.” Yuuji stretched out his hand and closed Yahiko’s eyes.

Yahiko was of great use to him.

Moreover, considering that there was actually a place like the Pure Land in this world.

If Yuuji was lucky enough to enter the Pure Land in the future, he might be able to retrieve Yahiko’s soul.

“Is the Pure Land born from Ninja World, or from the birth of the earth, or from a thousand years ago when Rikudou Sennin sealed his mother, Kaguya”

Yuuji had always been very interested in this, which involved many things.

He took out a scroll and sealed Yahiko’s body.

At this time.

“It seems that you have succeeded.”

Obito suddenly appeared.

“If Yahiko dies, no one will be able to cover Nagato’s eyes.

Nagato should also be deeply aware of the evil of this world.”

Yuuji sat under a tree.

“I was very interested in that Gedo Statue.

I thought it was used by Madara to extend his life, but I didn’t expect it to be psychic.”

“Hmph, there are many things you don’t know.

Gedo Statue is used to carry the shells and carriers of nine Bijuu, and the Ten Tail is his true identity.” Obito said coldly.


He had definitely crawled out from the ground.

“Nagato is so crazy, I don’t dare to get close at all, I will be killed by him if I’m not careful……”

“Then let’s wait a little longer.

After he calms down, we will go find him.

It is also time to establish a new Akatsuki… There is no innocence, only the real Akatsuki.”

Obito sneered.

After a long time.

The three of them met up with Nagato again.


Three rings were thrown over.

“This is a ring I made with Rinnegan.

It carries the aura of an Gedo Statue.

It can be used to contact and seal Bijuu.

Don’t lose it.”

Nagato sat on a stone chair with empty eyes.

Konan looked at Yuuji and the other two with alert eyes.

“It seems that you finally understand that this wrong world needs to be corrected… If you could listen to me at the beginning, Yahiko would not die.”

The three tomoein Obito’s eyes kept spinning, and he was very satisfied.

The skinny Nagato said indifferently, “Yahiko’s death will bring about the dawn of peace.

I have already clearly realized this.

I will use the lives of countless people to accompany him in death.

Of course, this includes… that damned bastard Hanzo!!”

“That’s right…”

However, Obito threw the [Jade] ring back.

“We will all join Akatsuki, but I can’t show my face for the time being.

You know that, otherwise, it will only bring Akatsuki a lot of unnecessary trouble… I will hide in the dark and assist you in your operation.”

Obito said coldly.

“A spatial ring Does it represent nothingness But how should I -“

Everyone saw that Xu was using a black robe to roll up the [Space] ring, looking a little embarrassed.


Obito fell silent after hearing this.

“Forget it, just put it on my head, it works anyway.”

The black robe moved without any wind.

With a click, the ring was stuffed into the mask.

“In that case, Akatsuki’s initial members are the five of us.

Although we are using each other, our final goals are generally the same…”

Obito began to narrate the Ten Tailed and Infinite Tsukuyomi’s plan.

“No, Infinite Tsukuyomi is not reliable to read this kind of thing.

The illusory world is not what I pursue.” “I want to collect all the Bijuu, just like what you did with Shoudai Hokage.

I want to use this power to deter all countries and villages.” Nagato sneered.

“Bijuu deterrence, this method is not impossible.

If it fails, it is not too late to execute my method.”

Obito nodded, and his body began to disappear.

Nagato’s eyes narrowed.

This time, he was still unable to capture any traces of Obito.

“Then, leader, what is our first mission” Zetsu laughed.

“The first mission is to kill Hanzo, find the corpse of Yahiko that he stole, and then find one of Hanzo’s subordinates, the one who destroyed Yahiko’s faith… I am very interested in him.” A trace of fluctuation appeared in Nagato’s eyes, and his eye power was slowly rising.

“…” Yuuji asked.

“Do you want revenge”

“No, if you want revenge, just kill Hanzo.

He seems to have a good understanding of peace.

I need him.”

Yuuji was silent.

But forget it.

The current Nagato’s legs were not blown off like in the original story, and the degree of horror was rising rapidly.

Hanzo was in trouble.

After Yuuji left the Rain Country with his false identity.

It seems that I have to speed up the development of Mokuton.

Otherwise, this avatar of the Xu is too weak and can be easily killed…

Yuuji carefully examined the [Space] ring on the mask and shook his head.


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