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Yuuji looked at the disappearing figure and fell into deep thought.

“Kakuzu, this guy is so miserable…”

He had almost foreseen the end of Kakuzu, and at the same time, he was keenly aware of a certain way of making money.

“My head, is it so popular now”

Yuuji could not help but touch his neck and fell into deep thought again.


The underground bounty bureau was an organization that covered the entire Ninja World.

No one knew who set up these bounty centers at the beginning and how they did it.

Most of Ninja World’s bounty centers could communicate with each other through intelligence.

Not to mention, they could accept missions from one bounty and go to another bounty to receive a commission.

It could be called Ninja World’s biggest black market.


At this time, Fire Country’s No.

3 bounty station.


Kakuzu pushed open the door and walked into the underground bounty.

“Ah! Isn’t this Lord Kakuzu It seems that he failed.

That little ghost is a guy who can hurt the Three-tailed Jinchuriki.

Moreover, he is closely protected by Konoha.

It is very difficult to kill…”

“Shut up.

As long as I make a move, there is no mission that can’t be completed!”

Kakuzu sneered.

The cold aura around his body suddenly spread, but for some reason, the more powerful and overbearing he was, the more confident he gave people a feeling.



Kakuzu took out a scroll and directly opened it.

With a pat of his hand, he immediately pulled out a head.

“Look, it’s just a freshman kid who relies on the forbidden technique.

No matter how strong he is, he is extremely weak in the face of me, a man who has fought with Shoudai Hokage.”

Kakuzu sneered again and again.

The person in charge of the bounty office was shocked at that time.

He looked at the head with a shocked face and immediately put on a serious expression and carefully examined it.

“… It is indeed a real head.

As expected of Lord Kakuzu.

You actually killed this kid.

Unfortunately, it only has a head and no body.

Since that is the case, I will settle the bounty for you.”

“Is that kid’s body very valuable” Kakuzu frowned.

“Of course, many people are very interested in that kid’s blood limit.

They want to research his bloodline gene.

It is said that Kirigakure has added another thirty million ryo of silver to the bounty recently.”

“Give me 60 million first.

I will go and bring back the body of the little ghost.”

Kakuzu counted with his fingers.

He had earned less than 30 million.

Suddenly, his five hearts were in great pain.

Kakuzu carried two big boxes, turned around, and left in a hurry.

“Lord Kakuzu is really diligent.”

The person in charge of the bounty office sighed and immediately examined the head, planning to find a scroll to seal it.

But when he took the scroll and turned around, he was stunned.

The head was gone.

“Where’s the head”

The person in charge was shocked, “Such a big head, how did it disappear after turning around This is a head worth 60 million!”

After he carefully examined it, he confirmed that Yuuji’s head was indeed gone, and his face immediately turned ashen.

The loss of 60 million had to be repaid with his life.

“Damn it, could it be Kakuzu It must be him! How could he do such a thing!”

The person in charge grasped the last straw of life and gritted his teeth, “He didn’t even talk about business and took away 60 million ryo of gold from me empty-handed.”


Outside the No.3 bounty station.

“This is the bounty station.

Later, I’ll go to Root to get some information and record all the locations of the bounty stations…”

Yuuji looked up and found a way to make a fortune.

A way to quickly raise funds and build his own secret base without doing missions or relying on Root.

For many things in the future, he had to avoid Root.

The plan to build a secret base had to be put on the agenda.

Not to mention anything else, just to plan Tenseigan’s plan, he must not let outsiders know.

After walking far away, Yuuji’s clone, which was made of the proliferation of a head, immediately found a secret place to make sure that there was no one around, and there was no surveillance of White Zetsu.

With a spell of Fire Release, the clone directly jumped into the open space and began to decompose until the last cell was killed.

At this time, Kakuzu still did not know what had happened.

He hurriedly returned to the place where he killed Yuuji.

When he found that the body was gone, he immediately beat his chest and stamped his feet.

“Damn it, damn it. In the future, when doing missions, you must take all the corpses away.

You must not just take the head!”

Kakuzu covered his chest, feeling extremely sad.

But now, he still did not know that there was something terrible waiting for him.


The first thing Yuuji did was to obtain information about the bounty from Root.

He discovered that there were four underground bounties within the borders of the Fire Country.

He noted down the specific locations of the four bounty locations and the method to open them.

“This time, won’t the Fire Country’s underground world be wiped out”

Yuuji immediately began to create his own clones as corpses, and then separated them into multiple clones.

He put on Root’s mask and immediately moved out.

He began to go to various bounty places.

After arriving outside the bounty places, these clones immediately used the Transformation Technique.


It turned into the appearance of Kakuzu.

He immediately pushed open the door of the bounty office with a cold face and shouted, “I’m here to hand in the mission!”

Many bounty hunters who were also in the bounty office frowned at this moment and their expressions immediately changed!

“What a strong aura!”

“Such a domineering and confident style… Could it be the legendary one”

Many hunters changed their expressions and subconsciously moved away.

“Eh, this kind of clothing and appearance, could it be Lord Kakuzu, who is famous in the underground world This is the first time you have come to our No.

2 bounty!”

“I have fought with Shoudai Hokage before.

I can go wherever Ninja World wants!”

‘Kakuzu’ snorted coldly as if he was extremely impatient.

As soon as he opened his mouth, he immediately calmed down and felt that the possibility of Kakuzu himself had increased to seventy to eighty percent.

Only Kakuzu would speak like this.

‘Kakuzu’ directly placed Yuuji’s corpse on the ground, causing waves of exclamations.

“This, is actually the complete corpse of Konoha’s strongest genius Lord Kakuzu is worthy of being the strongest bounty hunter!”

After the other party checked, he readily took the money.

Three large boxes, ninety million ryo of silver.

“Remember to tell all the big Ninja Villages about that little brat’s bounty mission.

I, Kakuzu, have completed it.

I don’t want to see any random fish accept this mission again.

That is insulting me.” Kakuzu said coldly.

“Of course, Mister Kakuzu, don’t worry.

In a few days at most, the entire Ninja World will know that you killed Shiranui Yuuji.”

“Hmph, that’s more like it.”

‘A few days’

Kakuzu estimated the time.

He carried three large boxes and nodded in satisfaction.

This kind of power intimidated the other bounty hunters, Root, to begin with.

No matter how greedy they were, they did not dare to attack Kakuzu.

After all, this was the man who could fight with Shoudai Hokage!


Similar things kept happening in the four bounty rewards of the Fire Country.

During the Three Battles, information exchange was not as smooth as it will be in the future.

Not to mention that the underground bounty was a secret place that could not be exposed to the light.

It was difficult for Root to keep ordinary communication secret, so they still had to use Ninjutsu or Psychic Beast to transmit information.

This gave Yuuji a chance.

Several clones ran around frantically, pulling wool.

With the three bounty centers, he had earned 270 million ryo.

Other than the No.

3 bounty center, the other three bounty center heads were surprised to find that Lord Kakuzu had come again.

“When I passed by the battlefield, I accidentally cut off Kitsuchi’s head.”

“How much is Konohagakure’s Aburame Shibi worth”

“Hmph, Suna ninja’s Pakura is just so-so.

I didn’t even take off my clothes and she lost.”

The name of Kakuzu shocked the entire underground world of the Fire Country.

Countless bounty hunters secretly passed on the name of Kakuzu, their words full of shock and worship.

As expected of a big man who had fought with Shoudai Hokage!

The person in charge of the No.

4 bounty office respectfully handed over the money and said with a wry smile, “Sir Kakuzu, our gold reserve is limited.

Even if we use Summoning Technique, it is at most a hundred million.

I didn’t expect you to empty it out by yourself.”

“Noisy, then you have to ask for more from the higher-ups Monkey in the future.”

“Yes, yes, yes, Sir Kakuzu, take care…”

Not long after, the person in charge of the bounty found that the corpse in their hands was gone.

It was the literal meaning, and it mysteriously disappeared.

Without the corpse, they couldn’t explain it to their patron, so they didn’t get it, and they had to bear all the losses themselves.

At this time, the warning from bounty hunter No.

3 came late.

The person in charge of No.

3 told them that Kakuzu was a liar and he wanted to make a one-time deal.

Not long after, three of the four major bounty centers announced bankruptcy.

When the real Kakuzu took the corpses of the rebels he killed and stepped into the entrance of the bounty bureau again.

“Hmph, I don’t know why but I heard people talking about my name everywhere.”

Kakuzu dragged a few corpses with one hand and sneered as he pushed open the door to the bounty office.

Really, these people are so annoying.

Praying will only delay my speed of earning money.

The only person in charge of the No.

3 bounty office was managing it with difficulty, his mind full of thoughts on how to fill the deficitand turn the deficitto avoid being killed.

The moment he saw Kakuzu, his eyes immediately fell on Kurenai.

F*ck you!

The alarm sounded directly.

“What’s wrong This alarm… Has the bounty been encircled by the Fire Nation I can help, as long as the money is in place.”

Kakuzu directly threw the corpse over, indicating that he should quickly pay up.

Although it was only a few million ryo, he had always been a thrifty person and did not dislike money.

“Kakuzu, enough!” So you are such a person!! From now on, you have been blacklisted by all the bounty, and you will pay the price!! “

Kurenai, the person in charge of No.

3, roared angrily.

Then, with a bang, he dismissed this shadow clone.

His main body hid in the distance and ran away in a panic.

“… Blacklist”

Although I don’t know what happened, if it really means literally…

Could it be that my horn is going to lose its job


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