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Yuuji carefully observed.

Obito’s two eyes were intact.

He gave Madara a meaningful look.

‘The two eyes of Obito were intact… If he opened Mangekyou Sharingan, how terrifying would it be’

“I have been waiting for you.

If it were for decades ago, you wouldn’t even have the qualifications to stand in front of me.”

The Sharingan in Madara’s eyes emitted terrifying eye power, which was extremely oppressive.

Yuuji calmly said, “Madara-sama, the times have changed.

In order to achieve eternal peace, you need a new generation like me.”

Madara snorted coldly.

Obito was completely confused.

He looked at the two of them in confusion.

‘The two of them… actually knew each other When did this happen’

“Obito, there are some things that you still don’t understand.

Don’t ask too much.

I won’t harm you.

Everything I did was to end this chaotic Ninja World dispute and obtain peace.”

Yuuji had a solemn expression on his face.

At least, when he said this, he was sincere.

To end this terrible world.

Madara looked at Yuuji coldly.

“Tell me what you think.”

“Uchiha’s clan has a forbidden technique called Izanagi.

If we can find a way to use this forbidden technique without harm and correct this chaotic real world, it might be a good idea.” Yuuji said.

Madara’s expression changed.

“Infinite Izanagi… Although it is unrealistic, it is also a method.

It does not change people’s hearts, only correcting reality, unable to achieve eternal peace… Little brat, I can barely believe that you really came for peace.”

Infinite Izanagi was indeed a plan that Madara had never thought of, but the execution difficulty was also countless times higher than that of Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Was it to correct reality countless times, change the tragedy that happened, change the thoughts that had just fallen, and make all the changes in this world forever set within the scope of true goodness and beauty

Just a slight deviation from this scope and it was immediately corrected

It was indeed very interesting.

This made Madara intrigued, he slightly raised his evaluation of Yuuji.

‘At the very least, he is a guy who had done some research on how to achieve eternal peace.’

“I understand.

You can go back now.

Obito will tell you what happens next.” Madara said.

Yuuji smiled and nodded.

In the next moment, his clone was about to leave.

“Wait! What do I have to tell him Whatever, Yuuji, take me away.

I want to help Rin!” Obito said excitedly.

“No, Obito, your current body is too weak.

Even if you return to their side, you will only be a burden…”

Yuuji shook his head and left the underground cave.

Before leaving, he took a serious look at the huge Gedo Statue.

“Interesting clone.

To a certain extent, it is similar to the White Zetsu I created.”

Madara nodded.

Such a little brat was indeed qualified to join his plan.

Of course, he would join as an assistant.

Only Obito was the successor that Madara had chosen.

When necessary, he could also abandon him without hesitation…

A distance away from Konohagakure.

A sneaky figure had been squatting here for a week.

As Ninja World’s top bounty hunter, Kakuzu’s patience was beyond imagination.

“Someone is passing by again… Unfortunately, it is still not that guy.”

Jiao Dou was a little disappointed.

‘When will the little ghost leave the village’

Logically speaking, this was one of the main roads that Konohagakure led to the west.

The probability of meeting the little ghost was higher.

When he thought about the bounty offered by the various big Ninja Villages, Kakuzu was excited.

Sixty million taels!

He couldn’t imagine that this wasn’t a veteran ninja, but a new generation kid.

The big Ninja Village actually offered a bounty of sixty million taels!

As soon as Jiao Dou thought of this huge number, he felt a burst of excitement.

Therefore, he ate soil in this damned place for a week and specially waited there.

He waited for a long time.

Finally, his body moved.

He felt something invading and attacking the cells in his five hearts.

“This It really is him!”

Kakuzu was extremely excited.

Without a second word, he began to take off his clothes.

After all, this set of clothes also needed to be spent, and no one would reimburse it if it were torn.



Yuuji’s clone, who was returning to the vicinity of Konoha and planning to find a secret place to self-destruct, suddenly stopped and sensed a certain person.

“Who could it be… There are five cores on him that are absorbing radiation.

Horn Capital”

Yuuji had a strange expression on his face.

He really did not expect that this guy would be so bold to run to such a place and squat.

In order to earn money, Horn had also given it his all and had a goal.

Yuuji pondered for a moment and quietly approached.

“Hmph, don’t hide anymore.

I have already discovered you.

My body is very sensitive to all kinds of invading forces.”

Kakuzu sneered.

The four hearts behind him immediately flew out, and black silk also spat out from his mouth.

He wanted to end the battle quickly, take the head of this little ghost, and immediately retreat.

“Wait! Are you an assassin It’s just for money.

I have money!” Yuuji immediately shouted.

“Oh My fee is very expensive.” Kakuzu stopped.

“I also have a lot of money.

If I give you money, what can you do for me” Yuuji said.

“Everything, as long as the money is in place, I can even kill the Hokage! Back then, when I fought with the man called the God of Ninja, I did not hesitate at all.

The battle between me and him shocked Ninja World…”

Jiao Dou sneered.

“… Is that so You actually fought against the first generation, and even survived until now… That’s really amazing.

I’ve decided to give up all my wealth to hire you!”

“Hmph, a wise choice.

Let me say it first, I’m very trustworthy.

As long as you give me enough money, I can do anything! How much can you pay”

“I can pay ten million to hire you.”

‘Ten million That’s not bad.’

‘After that, I’ll kill this little brat and exchange it for the sixty million bounty… Hehehe.’

Jiao Dou was very satisfied.

“Tell me, little brat.

What do you want me to do by hiring me Kill Sandaime Hokage If it involves a Shadow Mission, ten million is too little.

I have to add money.”

Yuuji pondered for a moment.

“Can you really do anything”

“Of course, I am the man who fought with Hashirama.

I will definitely keep my promise.”

“Then, I will give you 10 million and you will give me 20 million!”


Kakuzu looked confused as if he had opened the door to a new world.

“Brat, you dare to fool me and buy time Even if Sandaime Hokage comes to save you, you will die!”

Kakuzu was furious and attacked.

In just a few rounds, he cut off Yuuji’s head.

“Hmph, in the end, it’s only the new generation.

Even if it has a strong Kekkei Genkai, it is still so fragile in the face of my attack… This money is really easy to earn.”

Kakuzu held Yuuji’s head and examined it carefully.

He confirmed that it was the real head, and the texture of the flesh was very bright.

He immediately carried the head happily and ran to the nearest bounty place in the Fire Country.


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