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Chapter 9 - Legendary Stupid Brothers

It came so quickly.

“You just took Aburame Torune into your roots not long ago.

Isn’t it enough” Sandaime Hokage looked at his old partner with some dissatisfaction.

Root’s hand stretched longer and longer, and it seemed to be a little out of line.

“It’s not enough.

The root buried deep in the ground needs more nutrients to strengthen Konoha.

The bigger the root, the better! Hiruzen, you understand.”

Danzo slammed the ground and glanced at Shibi.

Aburame Shibi buried his head deep, as if he was indifferent to everything in front of him.

“Shibi, it’s been hard on you this time.

Rest for a few days.

I have a new task for you.”

Sandaime Hokage took a puff on his pipe.

After Shibi disappeared, he was silent for a moment…

“Which one do you want”

“Uchiha Kazue, Hyuga Iroha, Shiranui Yuuji, I want these three people.” “I originally wanted to recruit Kakashi into the roots.

He lost his father, and his emotions were very unstable, but you rejected him!”

“I can assign Might Guy to you.

If you want, Might Duy can also give it to you.”

“Hiruzen, I don’t need a fool! And there are two of them! They don’t have the qualities and talent to become an excellent ninja!”

“I think Gekkou Hayate is also good.

His Kekkei Genkai, has a lot of potential…”

“The little thing from Gekkou’s family” If he doesn’t move, he will become invisible.

If he moves, he will appear.

What’s the use of Kekkei Genkai Sending a few shadow clones is better than this blood limit! ”

Danzo was a little angry, but at the same time, he was also very disappointed.

‘You have changed, and you don’t even care about me anymore.’

‘It was fine if he recommended Guy, but he even pushed Hayate’

“Kazue definitely can’t.

Uchiha’s clan will not allow it.

As for Iroha and Yuuji… you can choose one.”

“Then give me Iroha.”

Danzo’s face was gloomy.

“Hyuga family Although it is a branch family, recruiting Iroha is also very difficult.

I think Yuuji is a good child.

He got full marks in political lessons and awakened the new Kekkei Genkai…”

“It’s Hyuga Iroha.

Konoha has no lack of geniuses.

Torune is better.”

Danzo got what he wanted and turned to leave.

‘Yuuji A new bloodline Well, at least it was much more practical than that **.’

The Aburame clansman he recruited had a strong ambition and miraculously controlled nano-level poisonous insects.

As long as he touched it, he could use countless nanometer poisonous insects to kill the enemy.

This was more useful than blood poison.

“Hmph, it’s a pity that I still can’t get the living Sharingan user.”

Danzo walked away.


In the office, only Sandaime Hokage was left.

He smoked his pipe and sighed deeply.

“The new generation should grow up as soon as possible.”

In the arena.

The shock that Yuuji brought shocked many people, so much so that many people were looking at him with strange eyes.

It was indeed strange.

He was wrapped in bandages all year round but suddenly tearing it apart, giving people an indescribable feeling.

“I want to challenge Yuuji!”

Obito suddenly rushed out and shouted, “Yuuji, come and fight with me!”


The loyal and devoted Guy suddenly appeared and blocked Obito at the first moment.

He said lightly, “This is not a challenge.

Please return to your position.

The competition is not over yet.”

“Move aside.

The one I want to challenge is Yuuji!”

Obito subconsciously grabbed it, but in an instant, he was flung away by Guy.

“Then I will challenge you.

Take this, Fire Release – Great Fireball Technique!” Obito quickly formed a seal and puffed up his cheeks.


His throat was choked, and he was kicked out by Guy.

It was a farce.

“Damn it, why is it like this I clearly worked very hard.” Obito swallowed a mouthful of dirt and collapsed.

This gave him even more ridicule.

No one cared about Obito.

Even Yuuji only shook his head and returned to the team.

He did not respond.

It was really sad.

Although it was absolutely excellent to use the Grand Fireball Technique at the age of ten, he hadn’t actually ever used it.


“The guy who dropped the ball at the critical moment is more hateful than the limited mediocrity.

Yuuji, what do you think” Kazue said with a smile as she gently pulled her long hair.

“Hey, hey, hey.

Is it really okay to say that you are from the same clan”

“Hehe, the treatment between geniuses and mediocre people is destined to be different.

I risked my life to become a genius that the clan values…”

Kazue focused on the side of Yuuji’s face, which attracted another wave of attention.


Finally, after the battle between Shiranui Genma and Ebisu ended, this all-year large-scale Actual Combat Lesson came to an end.

In this Actual Combat Lesson, the quality displayed by the students this year was enough to make the higher-ups of the village make up their minds.

Some of the ninjas who were responsible for maintaining the arena outside the school also relaxed their vigilance.

“Hey, I saw a lot of interesting scenes.”

“The overall quality of this session is very good.

In my impression, although it can’t compare to Namikaze Minato, Uzumaki Kushina, and Aburame Shibi, it is also outstanding in the past.”

“They… will become excellent ninjas in the future.”

Some of the ninjas talked.

In fact, their mission was to maintain and protect the entire school.

The school itself was an important place and often had members of Anbu guarding it.

Their comprehensive quality was limited, and most of them were Genin fellows, so there was no need to worry too much about foreign enemies sneaking in.

Might Duy followed behind the others, and no one was willing to walk with him.

They were finding it embarrassing.

Everyone relaxed their vigilance, but only Duy was still looking left and right.

“Ha, Duy, what are you doing Will the enemy launch an attack at the end of the match”

Someone pointed at Duy and laughed.

More people laughed.

“Oh! I just think that the right posture to be youthful is to carry out the task to the last second…”

“Hahahaha, did you hear that A ten-thousand-year-old Genin is talking about youth.

What a joke!”


“What Are you not convinced Do you want to hit us”

“No… someone is coming! Two!”

Might Duy quickly turned his head.

His strong body instinct made his muscles tighten subconsciously.

He suddenly turned his head and looked in a direction.


Two mountains of meat rushed over.

“I’m so hungry, brother.”

“Yes, the reward for doing the task is not enough for us to eat, brother.”

“We have been working very hard, but during the war, we can’t even eat enough.

The village abused us, so we can only find food ourselves.

I am about to starve to death.”

“Oh, ahead is the Ninja School.

There are so many students, so there must be a lot of food.”

“Then go and eat if someone is blocking the way…”

“Then let’s just kill them.”

Two large men rushed over in enormous strides.

Their speed wasn’t fast, but every step they took caused the ground to shatter.

The amount of Chakra they released was extremely shocking.

The Ninja in charge of guarding the Ninja School changed his expression when he saw the two of them.

“These, these two guys are… the brothers from the legends.”

“Not good.

They are going crazy from hunger again.

Hurry up and report to the higher-ups!”

Some were still laughing a moment ago, but now, their faces were ashen.

Might Duy’s expression was also tense, his heart heavy.

“It’s actually the two of them, Legendary Stupid Brothers… Fuujin and Raijin!”


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