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The Uchiha clan.

On the training ground, two figures were engaged in a fierce confrontation.

In the face of Kazue’s attack, Shisui was suppressed from beginning to end.

Only his instant movement technique and illusion technique could cause some interference to Kazue.

At the end, when Kazue placed Kunai on Shisui’s neck, this battle finally came to an end.

“So powerful, Senior Kazue left me far behind… Body techniques, eye techniques, ninjutsu, even her resistance to illusions is so strong…” Shisui was shocked.

Facing Kazue, this so-called genius, he fell into a disadvantageous position in all aspects.

“You are already very outstanding.

At your age, I am probably not as strong as you.”

Kazue praised.

She knew her own weight.

Back then, she had relied on Yuuji’s strength to be crowned as a genius.

Shisui was the true genius of Uchiha.

“No, you are too modest.

I still have a lot of things to learn from you.” Shisui said and then immediately changed the topic.

“Senior Kazue, your other eye, exactly…”

“Yes, there was a small situation.

It was used to save my life.”

Shisui nodded silently.

‘A senior with one eye was already so strong.

If she could gather two eyes..’

“Senior Kazue, may I know what Lord Yuuji is doing” Shisui stiffly changed the topic.

“Him Guy said that he is going to carry out Root’s secret mission.”

“Is that so…” Shisui felt a bit regretful.

He still wanted to find a chance to visit Senior Yuuji, hoping to get some inspiration from him.

Kazue ignored Shisui and looked up into the distance.

News of Yuuji entering Hyuga’s clan had already quietly spread.

Naturally, Uchiha had also received the news.

“Hyuga… heh!” Kazue sneered.

Thinking about it, Yuuji-san would not easily compromise with the Hyuga clan.

Moreover, compared to this, Kazue focused more of her attention on her left eye.

Back then, when he faced Bijuudama, this eye seemed to undergo some changes, but in the end, it didn’t realize…


Time passed.

More and more people from the east lines started to return to Konoha.

This made this prosperous village, which had withered a lot, finally a little more alive.

Everyone was looking forward to the dawn of victory.

At this time, a piece of exciting news came back from the Western Front battlefield.

Kannabi Bridge was blown up, and the Western Front won a major victory.

Everyone was celebrating, but some things mixed in with this great news were ignored by the happy people.

Uchiha Obito had died in battle with Kannabi Bridge.

It was said that his entire body had been buried underground.

“Is Uchiha Obito… dead”

After hearing this news, Kazue paused.

After all, they had once carried out a mission together.

Kazue immediately found Yuuji.

However, he discovered that Yuuji was very calmly practicing ninjutsu.

He did not show any unnecessary emotions.

It was this calmness that made Kazue, who was familiar with Yuuji, feel that something was wrong.

“Yuuji-san, have you developed a new tactic”

“Mm, I guess so.

I just barely have a clue.”

Yuuji glanced at Kazue and walked directly into his range of radiation.

Only Kazue dared to do this.

“You don’t look surprised at all…” Kazue seemed to be deep in thought.

As smart as she was, she thought of many things.

From the White Zetsu that they killed to the time when he conducted human experiments, Yuuji mentioned the function of White Zetsu’s cells…

Kazue vaguely felt that she knew something, but after thinking about it carefully and finding no clue, she decided not to think about it.

She just needed to follow in the footsteps of the person in front of her.

“Let’s continue to wait, Kazue.

There will be new news coming back from the eastern front… For example, the death of Sandaime Mizukage.”

Yuuji said something that Kazue could not understand.


That night, in the dead of night, Yuuji waited quietly.

After a while, White Zetsu came out and looked at Yuuji with a strange smile.

“Ya, you are ready.

Madara-sama has already started to take action.

I want to inform you in advance…”

“So, let’s go.

I want to see Madara before he dies.

Take this and bring it to him.

Just open it directly.”

Yuuji got up and handed a scroll to White Zetsu.

“How cautious…”

White Zetsu looked at the scroll suspiciously, then his body sank and began to move rapidly underground.

Near Kannabi Bridge.

In the huge underground hole, Obito was trying to adapt to his new body.

The original flesh and blood, combined with sewing, were like patches of white body tissues.

“Aiya, you’re cultivating again.

With this time, why don’t you tell me more about what it feels like to be casual…”

“Shut up, Tobi.

You don’t understand! I need to recover as soon as possible and then find Rin and Kakashi.

They need me…”

Obito gritted his teeth and struggled to do push-ups.

From the corner of his eyes, he sized up the old man in the distance.

These days of getting along had made him familiar with this old man.

However, he didn’t know if it were an illusion or not, but Obito subconsciously felt that this old man gave him a familiar feeling…

Perhaps it was because he was of the same clan.

The thick-headed Obito couldn’t think of anything else.

In his heart, he was full of gratitude towards this old man who called himself Uchiha Madara.

At this time, White Zetsu returned.

Madara, who was sleeping with his head lowered, finally raised his head at this moment.

“Is he here”

“What, who is here” Obito looked at him in confusion.

Then, he saw White Zetsu open a scroll.

Then, the tactic set on the scroll began to activate, and Yuuji’s figure slowly emerged.

A voice that he was extremely familiar with sounded.

“Long time no see, Obito.

You seem to be a stitched monster now.

Speaking of which, everyone thought that you were killed by the enemy.

They were very sad…”

This outsider casually greeted Obito.

“Ah, damn Yuuji, I won’t be killed by those Iwa ninjas! I, Obito, must be… wait, Yuuji! Why are you here Are you here to pick me up”

Obito’s eyes immediately fell on Yuuji.

In his excitement, his eyes were filled with tears.

He was trapped here and had been in despair for a time.

Unexpectedly, when he was most helpless, Yuuji actually found him!

“Wu, it’s great to be able to see you… Let me tell you, there is a strange old grandpa over there.

It’s so scary.

There are several tubes on his back and a sickle in his hand… “

Obito rushed over excitedly and hugged Yuuji, talking non-stop.


After talking for a long time, Obito scratched his head in a daze and felt something was wrong, “How did you come here, or were you brought in by Zetsu… Do you know each other”

“Obito, you…”

Yuuji could not help but laugh.

At this time, Madara coldly said, “Cut the crap, little brat, let’s talk.

You know what to say and what you should not say.”

“Of course, Madara-sama…”

Yuuji hugged the sutured Obito and said with a smile.


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