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 Chapter 88 - Eternal Tenseigan

The Hyuga Family was in an intense argument about getting that Byakugan back.

Hyuga Main family naturally did not intend to let the matter rest.

There was only one person in each generation, which led to Byakugan’s preciousness.

Some of Hyuga’s main family’s people intended to seek justice from Sandaime Hokage directly.

“If it were for Lord Sandaime Hokage, he would definitely not let that Yuuji fool around!”

“This is not Yuuji’s problem.

It is not even Root’s problem.

It is Danzo’s problem.

The person who endured was not someone who could easily compromise.”

In the Hyuga Clan Meeting, many of Hyuga’s higher-ups were in an argument.

The clan leader, Hyuga Hiashi, looked at these people expressionlessly.

“Hizashi is still stationed at the front line.

I plan to listen to his opinion first.” Hiashispoke.

“Clan Leader! We can’t delay the return of Byakugan.


“Otherwise, what Are you worried that the secret of our Kekkei Genkai will be exposed Ever since that eye was dug out by Kirigakure, our blood supply has no secrets.

Now that Byakugan has fallen into the hands of Root, it is at least much better than falling into the hands of the enemy.”

“But Lord Hiashi, this matter…”

“There is no need to say anymore.

Let’s continue to wait.

If I go to see Danzo at this time, it will attract Sandaime Hokage’s attention.

If I go directly to Sandaime Hokage, it will be difficult to explain to Danzo… Wait… Let’s wait for Hizashi’s suggestion.” Hiashi said in a firm tone.

Everyone fell silent.

No one wanted to offend.

They were all cautious and extremely conservative.

In fact, many of the Hyuga clansmen had already vaguely realized that if Danzo and Yuuji really forced them into a corner, they might as well… abandon that eye.

At this time, someone reported that Yuuji and Iroha had come to visit.

“Iroha is here too” Hiashi frowned.

“Lord Clan Chief,”

This is good news.

He wants to reconcile!

“No matter what Yuuji wants, ninjutsu, secret arts, wealth As long as we can return the eyes of our clan, everything will be fine!”

“He is Danzo’s disciple.

Other than the Bird Cage Curse and Gentle Fist technique, we also have—”

Soon, Yuuji brought Iroha in.

Many gazes looked at Iroha in shock.

Some people even stood up on the spot and shouted angrily, “Iroha, what exactly is going on Your eyes… you transplanted Byakugan!!”

“How can a branch family transplant the main family’s eyes!”

“It can’t be wrong.

The Bird Cage curse has been activated, and his original eyes are all blind…”

The branch family members were shocked, but their expressions changed slightly, and they remained silent.

A few of the main family’s clansmen felt that they had been offended and were so angry that they were about to activate the Caged Bird curse on the spot to destroy Iroha’s brain.

“Everyone, I came this time to tell everyone that I have found a good way to deal with Byakugan.”

Yuuji stared at the few guys who were staring at clansmen with an indifferent gaze.

Ka ba ka!

Large amounts of ancient tree bark-like protrusions appeared on Yuuji’s body.

A thick layer of Chuck draped over his body, and behind his back, a Chakra tail whipped out.

The immense pressure caused cracks to appear on the ground.

“If you are so rude in front of me and want to use the Bird Cage Curse on my subordinates, I will not hold back either….” Yuuji slowly raised his head, “This is an extremely offensive move.

Do you know what you are doing”

The hearts of everyone in the hall sank.

They all activated Byakugan and examined Yuuji’s current state.

However, no matter how they looked at it, they realized…

At this moment, Yuuji was essentially no different from Jinchuriki!

‘What the hell is going on with this guy’

‘The outline constructed by the outer coat of Chakra is not the Bijuu that is known to all….’

“This is what Hizashi mentioned in the letter…” Hiashi endured a lot of pressure as he looked at Yuuji.

After a long time, Yuuji said in a low voice, “Spread out your seals.

The Bird Cage Curse shouldn’t be used on people of the same race!”

He looked at Yuuji again and said, “From the looks of it, you must have made a decision to destroy Iroha’s eyes and transplant them into branch family’s clansmen’s eyes… This is also an offense to our clan.”

“Byakugan has always been in the hands of your clan.

Iroha’s surname is Hyuga… This is the explanation I have given you.”

Yuuji slowly withdrew Godzilla Coat and calmly said, “This is an opportunity that Hizashi fought for by relying on his own performance… Hyuga’s clan’s Byakugan will belong to Hyuga.

This is the answer I gave.

Moreover, this eye is my spoils of war, and I have the right to deal with it.

If you really have the ability, you should go kill me and take back the eye.”

“Iroha, let’s go.

Danzo-sensei’s mission must be completed as soon as possible…”


Yuuji took the silent Iroha and turned to leave.

Just like that, he walked out of the Hyuga clan’s residence.

This made all of the clansmen’s expressions extremely ugly.

However, the branch families were unexpectedly calm.

They buried their heads as if they were asleep.

Hiashi sighed, “What a terrifying brat.

In this case, we can’t act rashly.

Otherwise, the Hyuga family will be cut off first…”

Main family and the branch family…

There had never been such a situation in the past thousand years since the existence of Iroha, who had transplanted clansmen’s eyes.

“Moreover, this was probably incited by Danzo.

This kind of thing…”

Although he was a little unwilling, when he thought about how his eyes had fallen on his family, he could barely accept it.


Yuuji walked out of Hyuga’s door and looked back.

“Iroha, this is the family you came from… What did you see with your new eyes” Yuuji said indifferently.

“Decay, numbness, lifeless, indecisive,” Iroha said.

“Remember, your surname is Hyuga, but your Hyuga is different from their Hyuga.

Don’t walk the same path as these guys.

You’ve already broken away half of the caged bird.

I will find a way to let you break free completely,” Yuuji said.

If he used the Tenseigan, it would be easy for him to break through the Bird Cage Curse.

If Byakugan wanted to advance to the Eternal Tenseigan, it would definitely be impossible for him to learn the emotional stimulation of the Uchiha family.

He could only take the gathering route, just like the descendants of Hamura on the moon.

He gathered countless Byakugan together to combine them into Tenseigan.

Of course, Otsutsuki’s family transplanting Byakugan was another method.

They could also upgrade Byakugan to Tenseigan, but if Tenseigan were to be deducted again, it would automatically retreat into Byakugan.

Only the Eternal Reincarnation Eyes were valuable.

“Let’s take a look first.

If it’s really necessary…”

Yuuji stared at Iroha’s right eye and then turned to look at the door of Hyuga’s family.

He pondered for a moment.

“Get ready, Iroha.

Come with me to the Amegakure next month to carry out a mission.”

“Yes, Lord Yuuji.”


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