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 Chapter 87 - Left Eye; Right Eye

Root’s secret base.

Yuuji used the Shadow Clone Technique to directly separate a large number of clones.

He picked up all kinds of medical books to study and experiment.

Every Shadow Clone had its own mission.

After completing the mission, they would immediately disband.

Then, Yuuji would create a new Shadow Clone and repeat the process.

The knowledge that Yuuji had grasped was superimposed at an astonishing speed.

“With such a reserve of knowledge, it is enough…”

Yuuji began to make his move, officially starting to study the precious Byakugan.

Yuuji was not interested in controlling the bloodline of Hamura, but he had to at least understand it.

Sooner or later, he would go against the Otsutsuki clan.

According to Yuuji’s estimation, if he wanted to achieve the goal of flattening the world, he would even think of a way to pull out the extraordinary road of ninja — –

Otsutsuki Kaguya was just one of the stumbling blocks.

The descendants of Hamura on the moon, the people who were wandering in the universe and destroying life planets one after another, and the Otsutsuki clansmen who were hiding somewhere in Ninja World were all targets he wanted to eliminate.

Every single Otsutsuki has the combat strength of Rikudou Sennin level, easily exploding the moon with his bare hands, easily exploding the golden wheel to split the moon…

This was a group of people who were extremely difficult to deal with.

Naruto and Sasuke were both defeated by Otsutsuki.

If Yuuji really wanted to achieve his goal, he really needed a lot of fighters.

“God of Chakra, Otsutsuki, this universe-level race…”

Yuuji couldn’t help but shake his head.

What chakra What blood chain net Sure enough, it was better to devour all of them.

Let you f*cking cross the universe to come and check Ninja World’s chakra.

Yuuji began to carefully remove some surface cells from Byakugan.

This process had to be extremely careful.

Then, Yuuji began to monitor Byakugan’s DNA sequence.

“Byakugan is the preparation stage for the reincarnation eye.

If we gather enough Byakugan, we can produce the reincarnation eye…”

The key was gene fusion.

As time passed, Yuuji silently began to remember Byakugan’s gene sequence.

Then, he used a bit of radiation to stimulate Byakugan’s cells.

A large number of DNA sequences began to show signs of instability, but at the same time, a portion of genes was as stubborn as a rock.

Even the radiation stimulation would cause these genes to transform from deep sleep to an active state.

“… It’s very similar to Kazue’s condition.

The life genes of Otsutsuki’s clan are indeed powerful.”

Yuuji revealed a look of understanding.

Otsutsuki’s race could cross the universe, and they were Rikudou Sennin – level lifeforms.

It could be said that they were all sacred.

Their core genetic code had the ability to resist the radiation of the universe.

However, even though they had high resistance, without the protection of Chakra, cells that activated the genetic sequence appeared.

After struggling for a while, they eventually died.

Kazue awakened Indra Gene before she died.

She has successfully gained the ability to convert my negative radiation energy into an ability to stimulate her body.

At least for a few minutes, she can withstand a large amount of radiation with his body.

“As for the Hyuga clan, Hamura’s bloodline…”

Yuuji pondered for a moment and called Iroha over.

He lowered his head to look at the expressionless Iroha.

—–Even when Iroha saw clansmen’s Byakugan, his cold and numb face did not reveal any emotions.

He had already been transformed into a good tool by Danzo.

Yuuji said, “Iroha, as my peer, you can be said to have seen my growth with your own eyes.

Not to mention me, even Kazue has left you far behind.

The current you can not last more than three rounds against Kazue.”

Iroha said, “Yes, Lord Yuuji and Kazue are both geniuses…”

“This is a bit one-sided.

I need to confirm one thing now.

Do you want to become a genius like Kazue Do you want to follow in my footsteps”

“Iroha, I want to conduct an experiment on you.

Maybe you can become a genius like Kazue, but the price of failure is death.”

Yuuji stared at Iroha.

Iroha was silent for a moment and said coldly, “If I can become a better tool in Lord Yuuji’s hands, I am very willing to accept experiments.”

“… Very good, I can clearly feel this realization.”

Yuuji patted Iroha on the shoulder with one hand.

Then, with a loud bang, countless radiation particles rushed into Iroha’s body and began to wreak havoc.

Iroha fell to the ground in pain, and his body began to undergo an obvious change.

“… Is it still not enough Indeed, not everyone has the talent to stimulate genes like Kazue.”

Yuuji shook his head and directly reached out his hand to pull up the extremely painful Iroha.

Then, he directly threw her onto the experimental platform.

Several clones immediately gathered over…

“Iroha, as a member of the branch family, you have been planted with the art of birds in a cage.

This pair of eyes naturally have a visual flaw…”

“Now, I will give you a chance.

Dig out an eye of your old and transplant this precious Byakugan to you.

Don’t disappoint me…”

Yuuji had yet to make a move.

Iroha had already endured the pain and reached out with a trembling hand to dig at his right eye.

However, in the next moment, just as his right eye was about to be dug out, the Bird in the Cage activated and this eye was destroyed.

Even his other eye was destroyed.

Iroha covered his bleeding eyes and let out a roar.

However, the brain was not destroyed and survived.

The birdcage technique is really a harsh sealing technique.

Not only is the life and death of the victim controlled by clansmen, but even Byakugan’s potential has also been locked, and he will never be able to surpass main family.

‘Logically speaking, this sealing technique will automatically activate when Byakugan is stolen and destroy the eyes and brain of the victim.

However, there is a loophole that is not a loophole…’

Yuuji chuckled.

‘What if, for various reasons, the people from the branch family only lost one eye in an instant For example, on the battlefield, if they did not dodge in time and one eye was stabbed by Kunai, there was still another healthy eye that could continue to maintain combat strength’

‘The bird technique in the cage would activate automatically.

Not only would it destroy the healthy eyes of this family member, but would it also destroy the brain’

Yuuji was also gambling, but now it seemed that this seal technique was not so harsh, and there was a possibility of taking advantage of the loophole.

Iroha was blind, but he survived, and the brain was temporarily not damaged.

The transplant operation officially began….

At this moment, Byakugan, who only belonged to clansmen, was transplanted to Iroha’s right eye.

Then, Yuuji stretched out his hand and pressed it on Iroha’s face.

medical ninjutsu activated it and accelerated the healing of the wound.

When Iroha knelt in front of Yuuji again.

His empty left eye was extremely dense, but his incomparably bright right eye was emitting light in the darkness.

The taut muscles were telling him the value of this pair of eyes.

“This pair of eyes, I can see them very clearly…” Iroha murmured.

At this moment, a rare fluctuation appeared in his emotions that should have been erased.

The haze of separation was leaving him.

From then on, Yuuji had two kinds of eyes in his hands.

Left eye, Uchiha Kazue.

Right eye, Hyuga Iroha.

“Next, we need to solve the problem of main family…”


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