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 Chapter 86 - Water Dragon Bullet

Yuuji walked out of Root’s base and faced the blue sky.

He took a deep breath.

Behind him, a few of Root’s ninjas spread out and hid in all directions, spontaneously protecting Yuuji’s safety.

He was actually going to attack Akatsuki

‘Some of this can be done.

The idealist must die.

This guy is the leader of the current Akatsuki.

That kind of idealism is really too infectious.’

Yuuji thought.

He did not object to idealism, but such an ideal guy had a huge obstruction for him to flatten this world.

—-Not to mention that he was now on the road to compete for Bijuu, wanting to take over Bijuu’s authority in this world bit by bit.

“As for Konan and Nagato… Konan is easy to deal with.

Living is no different from dying, but Nagato, his Rinnegan…”

Yuuji touched his chin.

He was very interested in Rinnegan, but Madara obviously would not let him succeed so easily.

Black-Zetsu, who was hiding in the dark, would not allow him to succeed.

“It’s getting more and more interesting…”

Yuuji chuckled and strolled along the streets of Konoha.


As the eastern war came to an end, there was now a little more popularity on the streets, and the pedestrians also felt a little more relaxed.

The dawn of victory was waving, and they should celebrate.

Yuuji could also take the opportunity to relax and develop new skills.

“The first time I used Godzilla Coat, it didn’t cause any damage to my body, and I even discovered something very interesting.”

Yuuji came to a training ground and directly jumped onto a wooden stake, carefully scrutinizing it.

Godzilla Coat was only using Godzilla’s strength for the first time.

Moreover, that feeling was bizarre, as if he was transforming from a flesh and blood body into a walking plant.

“As for plants…”

Yuuji thought about it.

He thought of White Zetsu, of Shoudai Hokage’s Mokuton.

Both of these came from the power of the Juubi God Tree.

Godzilla was also a plant, and he had once transformed all the animals and plants on the earth into its sub-organisms.

Even the most ordinary plant had a radioactive ability, and it was even harder and sharper than steel.

‘Mokuton, this kind of thing… If I can further grasp Godzilla’s strength, it is not impossible, but it is not the same as the first Hokage, but the special Mokuton that belongs to me.’

Yuuji touched his chin.


Time flew.

In the evening, Yuuji got up.

First, he went to the food street to buy big and small bags of food.

Then, he returned home.

Duy and Guy had already started to clean up Yuuji’s house crazily.

They had been doing this for many years.

They had been used to it for a long time.

“Take a rest.

I bought a lot of delicious food.

Eat it while it’s hot.” Yuuji smiled.

“Oh! Yuuji-san, then we won’t be polite!”

“I’m going to eat!”

The father and son immediately sat on the fat table and wolfed down the food.

“Speaking of which, Yuuji-san, it’s really delicious.

You haven’t come back for a day.

Do you have a new mission”

Guy stuffed a grilled fish into his mouth and asked vaguely.

“Yes, there is indeed a new mission… Don’t look at me like that.

I don’t intend to take you on this mission.

This is Root’s mission, and it has nothing to do with you.”

Yuuji smiled faintly.

“No! If it’s Yuuji-san’s matter, it’s our matter.

Guy will stay behind to cultivate.

Please let me go with you!” Duy immediately said solemnly.

The position they gave themselves was more and more inclined towards… family officials.


Yuuji put down his chopsticks and shook his head.

‘Bring Duy and Guy’

‘Don’t joke around.

When we carry out the mission, these two idiots will rush up and use Konoha’s Whirlwind….’

‘As long as Nagato isn’t an idiot, they would definitely be able to track them down.’

Bringing Duy and Guy along was the worst idea.

Even if he brought Kazue along, it would still be better than bringing the father and son along.

“I have decided that you will stay in Konoha to cultivate.

Although the war in the east is over, Kirigakure’s people will definitely not be so willing to admit defeat.

There will only be endless spies and assassinations.

The two of you must stay behind to guard Konohagakure.”

“In addition, Mr.

Duy, without my permission, you are not allowed to open the door of death.

This is an order.” Yuuji ordered.

According to the deceptive tricks of Sandaime Hokage people, Duy would definitely be used as a feeder.

“I will also tell Danzo-sensei about this matter.

The next layer of insurance.”

Yuuji glanced at the ignorant father and son and shook his head.

“Let’s continue eating.”


After eating, Yuuji got up and prepared to wash the dishes.

“Wait! Yuuji-san, during the day, I exchanged for a very powerful Water Release ninjutsu from the village and learned it! I can use Water Release ninjutsu to wash the dishes!” Guy immediately raised his arm and shouted.


“Oh! Guy, my son, you actually learned ninjutsu This is the power of Youth!”

“That’s right, father, Yuuji-san, I found that cultivating ninjutsu is actually not difficult.

As long as I extract chakra and then circulate it in the meridians, I can use it! Let me show you the results of my cultivation!”

Guy began to form seals with both hands, circulating chakra.

Yuuji looked at this scene with interest.

Guy, the future Green Beast of Konoha under his command, actually turned to learn ninjutsu

And able to learn it

Guy formed forty-four seals in a row.

This complicated process made Yuuji’s brows jump.

‘Such a long seal, could it be that technique’

Yuuji’s gaze focused.

“Guy, could it be that you…”

“Water Release·Water Dragon Bullet!!!”

Guy shouted loudly.

His power was astonishing, and his entire body seemed to be on fire.

He puffed up his cheeks and spat out a stream of water that was ten centimeters long.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Water Release, it really is Water Release! Guy, you have grown up!”

“Father, I’ve succeeded.

I didn’t disappoint you!”

Duy and Guy knelt on the ground and cried.


Yuuji looked at the two guys with a blank face, then turned his head and looked at the dishwasher.

‘Is this Water Dragon Spell used by the second Hokage to cheat people’

‘Good fellow, it was not easy to cultivate the Water Dragon Bullet.’

After a long time, Yuuji slowly opened his mouth, “Guy, go throw away all these bowls and buy a new one.

The cost will be deducted from your payment and will not be reimbursed… Mr.

Duy, I think it would be better for Guy to continue working hard on his physical skills.

The Eight Inner Hidden Gates is enough for him to eat for a lifetime.”

Guy was shocked.

“What What Yuuji-san, these bowls are fine.

Why throw them away It’s too wasteful.

Although we are rich now, you can’t forget how poor we were back then…”

“… Go quickly, or I will kill you.”


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