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Kirigakure’s Ninja was completely routed.

Genji and Yagura managed to pull up a force and charge at the heavily injured Sandaime Mizukage.

They picked him up and looked warily at Jiraiya before quickly retreating.

“This time, it was still Konoha who won,” Yagura said coldly.

“I only hope that you can learn your lesson and not start a new war,” Jiraiya said in a deep voice.

Genji sneered, “This is not up to you to decide.

If the war of the Ninja World does not end, then we will definitely not stop attacking.”

The entire camp of Kirigakure was defeated.

Jiraiya looked at the enemy that was far away and fell silent.

“After this battle, the pressure on Konoha will be a little lighter.

Little Jiraiya, if there is nothing else, we will go back.”

“That’s right, the food is probably cold.” Shima Sage complained.

“I’ll have to trouble the two of you, Sage.

However, you just said that the old master mentioned an unknown creature…”

“This, when you go to Mount Myouboku next time, ask the old master personally.”

The two toads looked at each other and disappeared with a bang.

Jiraiya frowned.

Looking at Yuuji who was surrounded by countless people cheering in the distance, he relaxed his brows and shook his head with a smile.

No matter what happened, this Yuuji was Konoha’s person.

This was enough.

Compared to worrying about this kind of illusory thing, what made Jiraiya more worried was, how much did Yuuji pay for using those forbidden arts just now


The battle on the east side ended.

On the vast battlefield, the environment suddenly changed and changed beyond recognition.

There were traces of various Ninjutsu attacks everywhere.

Countless exhausted people were bathing in the setting sun, enjoying this hard-won peace.

Out of the five thousand people, only three thousand remained.

One could imagine how tragic this battle was.

Fortunately, the final outcome was good.

Every name that resounded under the sky,

They were all destined to stand on the pile of bones.

Using this battle, Shiranui’s name began to spread wildly in the entire Ninja World.


Every country knew the name of Yuuji.

The leaders of every village picked up the information about Yuuji with solemn expressions.

“Shiranui… From the Warring States period* until now, this small family clan has never produced any powerful ninjas.”

[*TL Note: The Warring States Period (Sengoku Jidai) was the long, violent era preceding the formation of the hidden villages.

During the Warring States Period, the countries of the world were uniformly small, constantly battling each other for land, power, and opportunity.]

“Nuclear Release, what an enviable talent.

Why would he appear in a place like Konoha…”

“This little brat blocked Three-tailed Beast and Bijuudama Heh, it’s just a forbidden technique.

Such a short-sighted fool is essentially a weapon.

It will be crippled after a few uses.

There’s no need to worry.”

The leaders of the various villages all received information about Yuuji.

All the information that Yuuji could gather had fallen into their hands.

What really caught their attention was the thorny poison attack.

It was said that many Iwa ninjas and Suna ninjas had terrible side effects.

Ordinary medical ninjas were helpless in the face of such side effects.

At most, they could only alleviate it.

“I hope that Konoha can use such a dangerous weapon as soon as possible.”

Many people thought of this for many years.

They hoped that Yuuji could perform a few more high-light performances, and then because the frequency of using the forbidden technique was too high, he eventually disabled himself.

“A young man who was less than 13 years old could barely hurt a Kage with a forbidden technique… Hehehe, the more he used, the faster he died.”


Soon, the news of the victory of the Eastern Front was finally sent back to Konoha.

The entire Konoha fell into a great cheer and celebration, turning into a sea of joy.

Everyone understood the meaning of this battle.

This meant that at least half of the cruel three battles had ended.

As long as they could defeat Iwa ninja and Suna ninja in the Western Front, this war that had lasted for four years could be declared over.


At the Hokage building.

“Is that so Has the war on the eastern front ended” A deep sense of gratification appeared on Sandaime Hokage’s face.

In his heart, he heaved a heavy sigh of relief.

Although they had lost close to forty percent of their forces, as long as they could win, there would be no problem.

Who knew how much pressure Konoha was currently under

“Hiruzen, we have defeated Kirigakure.

Our main target is Iwa ninja, and Kumogakure will also be intimidated.

The overall situation of the eastern front has stabilized.”

Koharu turned around and said with a face full of joy.

Homura sighed in admiration, “Danzo, in the letter that Jiraiya sent back, he praised your disciple greatly.

If not for him, this battle wouldn’t have been so successful!”

Danzo’s face was still gloomy.

He knocked heavily on the ground and said, “Hmph, he is not something to be celebrated of.”


For a moment, the entire office fell into a brief silence.

Even Sandaime Hokage looked at Danzo with a strange gaze.

Danzo continued, “The biggest problem now is, how much is the price for the power that Yuuji used White Hot Light and that Kinjutsu….

the means that used to imitate Bijuu’s coat, I’m afraid that it is also the Kekei Genkai forbidden technique.

Hiruzen, you understand.”

Sandaime Hokage took a puff of his pipe and nodded solemnly.

“Konoha will never treat his heroes and geniuses unfairly.

No matter how much his lifespan is shortened, the village will do its best to remedy it.”

Danzo nodded.

The few of them were slightly worried.

How much lifespan did Yuuji have left What exactly was the unknown forbidden technique that imitated Bijuu’s coat

“Danzo, when Yuuji returns, I intend to summon him to ask about that forbidden technique.

Perhaps it is another forbidden technique that can be included in the Book of Seal.” Sandaime Hokage said.

“Hmph, I will personally handle this matter.

I will take responsibility for my disciple.”

Danzo had a cold expression on his face.

However, everyone could understand that after this battle, Danzo and Root truly had a successor.

Moreover, he also possessed a talent that surpassed everyone’s imagination, and he even grasped a forbidden technique that possessed shocking strength.

‘In this way, I have more confidence in my plan to become the Hokage.

Humph, if Hiruzen’s disciple can do it, my disciple can do it too! In this way, I don’t have to rely on Orochimaru.’

Danzo thought silently.

“There is one more thing, it is about Might Duy.” Sandaime Hokage took out another document and showed it to the other three.

“Might Duy, Ten-Thousand-Years Genin, using the Eight Gates Escape Armor on the battlefield, can actually fight against Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Kirigakure in a short period of time.”

“Eight Gates Escape Armor…”

Konoha’s advisors were very surprised and began to read the contents carefully.

They were not familiar with this technique.

Ten-thousand-years of Genin could fight against Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Kirigakure for a short period of time

Moreover, Might Duy was Yuuji’s subordinate… This was very interesting.

“As for Might Duy, I think…” Homura was tempted and was about to speak.

Danzo suddenly knocked on the ground.

“I don’t want you to think that Might Duy has been my disciple’s subordinate for many years.

He is also Root’s man!”

Homura immediately shut his mouth.

This organization, Root, was very troublesome.

It had too much power and too much authority.

Sometimes, even the Hokage did not know what Root’s people were secretly doing.

“Since that’s the case, let’s wait until Yuuji comes back.”

Sandaime Hokage put aside the dispute.


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