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Yuuji’s eyes constantly scanned the three wagging tails.

He planned to take the opportunity to cut off one tail and feed it to Godzilla to confirm a certain idea.

“Yuuji, is it really okay for you to use forbidden techniques one after another Moreover, your current state is also very strange.

Even your chakra aura has changed.

I feel like you are like Jinchuriki now…” Jiraiya asked solemnly.

If he wasn’t certain that Yuuji had nothing to do with Root, he would really suspect that there was a Bijuu sealed in Yuuji’s stomach.

“After Lord Jiraiya entered this strange mode, he even had the ability to sense” Yuuji smiled and said, “My current change is also my Kekkei Genkai.

I can still hold on for the time being.

Let’s focus on dealing with this guy.”

Jiraiya nodded seriously.

He looked at Yuuji with a hint of approval in his eyes.

Yuuji had actually used such a terrifying thing frequently… He really didn’t know how much lifespan he should burn!

‘Such a young junior would definitely become the backbone of Konoha in the future.

He couldn’t fall here too early….’

Jiraiya led the two toad sages and took the lead to launch an attack at the Three-Tailed.

There was a hint of urgency in his gaze.

The earlier they beat down the Three-Tailed Jinchuriki, the more it would cause Yuuji to lose a bit of his lifespan!


A terrifying battle broke out.

Jiraiya, who was under Sage Mode, unleashed all of his firepowers.

All kinds of super terrifying ninjutsu, all received several times or dozens of times the power amplification, facing Bijuu head-on.

Yuuji also began to move, focusing on attacking from the side.

“Against such a big guy, radiation is originally useless.

Either seal or attack, it is really troublesome…”

Yuuji frowned slightly.

No matter who it was, dealing with such a huge monster would give them a headache.


He suddenly stretched out his hand.

This hand instantly turned into a giant claw.

The moment the Sanbi stood up, it pressed down on the head of this guy.

After a loud bang, it was forcefully pressed down for a short time.


An unprecedentedly large Bijuudama gathered.

This was the real complete Bijuudama.

The complete Bijuudama that could destroy a mountain in one shot.

“Earth Release – Swamp of The Underworld!”

Jiraiya slapped the ground, and the three tails immediately sank.

Sage Art – Toad Singing – Confrontation Chant!

Fukasaku and Shima also immediately used the strongest illusion technique they had mastered.

After the sound of toads singing reached the three tails, the Three-tailed Beast’s movements instantly became stiff.

The terrifyingly large Bijuudama also struck out at this moment, missing the direction and hitting a distance.

In the next moment, there was a terrifying explosion.

A strong storm spread and overturned countless people on the spot.

“Tsk, if I were to be directly hit by this thing, it would be troublesome.”

Yuuji forgot to look into the distance and praised.

The power of the Bijuudama formed by half Bijuu was limited, but once he stepped into the complete form, then Bijuudama was simply unreasonable.

“Little brat, your luck is pretty good, allowing you to avoid a calamity.”

The Three-Tailed was attacked by Swamp of The Underworld and Toad Illusion, not moving at all, but his eyes were staring straight at Yuuji.

It was as if only Yuuji could truly attract his interest.

Jiraiya and the Toad Sage, along with this battle, were not in his eyes.

That deep indifference and disregard were clear and distinct.

“Even if Bijuudama really hit me, he might not be able to kill me… You should be able to think of this.”

Yuuji sneered and confronted the big guy in front of him.

“Is that so…”

The Three-Tailed slowly closed his eyes.

‘A companion beast There is such an interesting thing in this world.

If it really has the strength to rival Bijuu, it is barely qualified.’

At this time, Yuuji attacked again.

Godzilla’s outer coat, Nuclear Release: Core Clone Technique!

Three lumps of meat immediately drilled out of Yuuji’s body.

They wriggled and quickly turned into Yuuji.

The moment they landed on the ground, the three clones immediately began to produce chakra madly.

The nuclear clone 2.0 version had a very clear advantage.

Not only did it have a terrifying self-healing ability, but it only needed to consume chakra when it first knew about the clone.

As for the rest, the clone could create a huge amount of chakra.

More importantly…

After these three clones were separated, in a very short time, they also quickly put on Godzilla’s coat!

Fresh Red semi-transparent coat of chakra was constantly surging.

As the amount of chakra was refined, the outline of this coat was also clearer and clearer at this time.

This is the outline of an unknown creature with a tail…


“A tail, but not a tail, nor any of the nine Bijuu…”

“The smell of chakra is also different.

It is not Bijuu chakra.”

“Old man, do you know what kind of creature this is Could it really be the one that the old master mentioned…”

Jiraiya and the two toads, Sage, looked at the four Yuuji with a serious expression.

Various thoughts flashed through their minds, and there was even a deep doubt.

‘Just what is this thing’

Nuclear Release… a special Kekkei Genkai is able to do this’

‘Simulate the form of Bijuu and Jinchuriki’

‘But now was obviously not the time to think about this….’

“Sage, we have to make a move as soon as possible! Yuuji’s forbidden arts consume life.

If this drags on, I’m worried that he…”

Jiraiya shouted in a low voice.

Although he did not understand the reason, he was still happy and pleased with the strength and characteristics that Yuuji had displayed.

He even felt a deep worry.

“After this war ends, we have to find a way to restore his lifespan… Orochimaru seems to have some research on this.”

Jiraiya took a deep breath.

“Lord Jiraiya, think of a way to end this big guy.

We don’t have powerful sealing techniques, so we can only rely on strong attacks to defeat him.”

The four Yuuji immediately shifted their positions and stood in four positions, surrounding the big turtle.

Jiraiya also nodded, and the two toads Sage also looked at each other, then joined hands to take action.

Powerful Senjutsu’s chakra burst out, transforming into a powerful cyclone visible to the naked eye.

“Sage Art – Goemon!”

Fukasaku, Sage, Shima, Sage, Fire Release, and Jiraiya spat out heavy oil.

The combination of the three techniques instantly triggered a terrible fire field, swallowing the entire Three-Tailed.

Yuuji also attacked at the same time.

Godzilla Coat · Nuclear Escape · Quadruple Incandescent Light

Under the enhancement of Godzilla’s transformation, four 100,000 degrees of high temperature instantly burst forth, bombarding the body of the Three-Tailed Beast from four different angles.

The huge flames combined with the terrifyingly high temperature and possessed the ability to destroy all matter.

At this moment, they completely enveloped the Three-Tailed Beast.

A crazy roar rang out, brewing endless pain.

When the Three-Tailed Beast was submerged, its entire body began to show signs of loosening.

This was a sign that even the complete Bijuu could not maintain.

Just at this time, when the terrifying attack covered everything, the powerful White Hot Light blocked his line of sight, triggering the power of a natural disaster.

Under the feet of Yuuji, flesh and blood suddenly squirmed and quietly separated and replaced Yuuji’s body at the moment of intense light.

When Yuuji’s real body appeared again, he had already appeared behind the Three-Tailed.

“This time, I cut off one of your tails.

It isn’t much…”


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