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This shocking scene caused the entire battlefield to become silent.

The terrifying claw of an unknown creature was grabbing Bijuudama.

“Old man, is this what the old master is talking about” Shima was shocked.

Fukasaku was shocked.

“I can’t come to a conclusion yet.

There are some techniques in the ninja world that can change parts of the body.

Little Jiraiya, how much do you know about him”

Jiraiya was also shocked and looked at him in surprise.

“I only know that Yuuji has mastered the forbidden technique, but I didn’t expect it to be this kind of forbidden technique… Speaking of which, what did the big toad Sage say”


This horrifying scene shook the entire battlefield, and they felt their scalps go numb.

That was Bijuudama!

They had never seen a scene where he could block this terrifying attack head-on and catch it!

“Kazue, put away your Izanagi.

There’s no need to use your last eye in this kind of place… But it’s really dangerous.

I almost missed this chakra ball…”

At this time, Yuuji slowly raised his head and spoke indifferently.

His skin had become much deeper, and faint ravines had also appeared on his face.

A part of his body, especially one arm, had changed into the appearance of Godzilla, especially the continuous production of chakra, which had turned into a layer of thick coat attached to Yuuji’s body.

This was the first time that Yuuji tried to master Godzilla transformation.

Although it was only the thickest coat, it still greatly increased his strength.

The only flaw that can’t be considered a flaw is that Yuuji wants to use this body to refine his own chakra…

‘Godzilla himself doesn’t have something like chakra….’

‘Even if I have its body, I still have to think of a way to make it myself.

However, the manufacturing speed is very exaggerated, so it doesn’t matter.’

Yuuji laughed lightly, feeling the doubled increase in his spiritual force and vitality.

The chakra coat attached to the surface of his body became thicker and thicker, not inferior to Bijuu’s coat at all.

From a distance, it was another Jinchuriki!

“This Bijuudama… I’ll return it to you.”

Yuuji slowly raised his head.

The terrifying strength that came from his arm instantly threw Bijuudama back under countless shocked gazes!



This Bijuudama howled as it returned to its original path, tearing the air in half as it smashed towards Sandaime Mizukage with a loud bang.


He had already turned into a small Three-tailed Beast.

It only raised its head to take a look, and in the next moment, it was struck on the spot.


A huge explosion occurred and swallowed some of the nearby Kirigakure Ninjas.

This attack severely impacted the morale of Kirigakure’s camp.

Many people revealed deep fear on their faces.

‘Even Bijuudama was so easily blocked….’

‘What was going on with that Nuclear Release guy’

‘Could it be that he was also a Jinchuriki!’


“Wow, so scary, but what kind of forbidden technique is this It seems different from what the old man told me.”

Jiraiya hurriedly jumped into the distance, still seizing the time to activate Sage Mode.

At this time, he looked at this scene with a look of amazement.

In the letter that Sandaime Hokage gave him, he clearly described a kind of super high-temperature technique called “White Hot Light”.

In other words, what Yuuji was using now was another forbidden technique.

—-Just based on this alone, it could take Bijuudama head-on, and to a certain extent, it was no less than White Hot Light.

‘And looking at it, it looks so similar to Bijuu’s coat, including that transformed arm, it seems to be a kind of Bijuu….’


“Imitating Bijuu’s tricks is indeed beyond my expectations…”

A cold voice came from the core of the explosion.

When everyone looked again, at the place where the smoke and dust dissipated, an incomparably huge silhouette appeared.

Three tails that were comparable to small mountains were constantly swinging.

This was the complete form of Bijuu.


“Everyone, be careful.

The enemy has completely transformed into Bijuu.

No one is allowed to approach without orders!”

Konoha ninjas instinctively changed their expression, but when they thought about what happened to Yuuji and the unknown ninjutsu, they miraculously felt much more at ease.


The huge three tails crashed across the battlefield.

It was a strange-looking turtle with three tails.

Even if it were just lying there, it was nearly sixty meters tall.

It was shocking.

Sandaime Mizukage’s will, or more precisely, Uchiha Madara’s will, was currently looking down on everything indifferently.

The main point was to observe Yuuji.

“Is this unknown giant beast I saw before It is called the companion beast… It seems that I have underestimated you before.”

In the depths of his pupils, three magatamas flashed, giving off an ominous feeling.

“The companion beast… actually has the possibility of defeating Bijuu”

At this point, Uchiha Madara finally became truly interested.

Originally, he had planned to completely wipe out this restless little brat, Yuuji, through this battle.

What he needed was a spokesperson who could carry out his will, even if he had his own thoughts.

As long as he was generous and there was no problem, he was confident that he would not overturn the car.

The person that Madara had his eyes on was Obito.

He was definitely not a cunning and intelligent person like Yuuji, who did not even have Uchiha’s bloodline.

And now… for the first time, Madara began to look at Yuuji seriously.

‘Something that could rival a Bijuu….’

‘A companion beast… was quite interesting.’


At this time, an incomparably huge flame suddenly attacked.

Fire Release – Great Flame Bomb!!

A tail twitched, causing countless splashes of water, crushing the fireball that was dozens of meters in this realm.

Sage Art – Ultra Big Ball Rasengan


The three tails were hit head-on, and a violent explosion erupted.

The ground instantly caved in again.

“This guy’s turtle shell is too hard…”

Jiraiya’s face showed signs of a toad transformation.

This was the sign of Sage Mode successfully activating it.

However, even with Senjutsu’s chakra, he couldn’t use the Ultra Big Ball Rasengan continuously.

Not everyone had the physique of Naruto.

—He was Uzumaki Clan, the reincarnation of Asura Chakra and Nine-tailed Jinchuriki.

With the three buffs added together, no one could compare to them.


At this time, just as the Three-Tailed was about to stand up…

An incomparably terrifying White Hot Light came crashing down with a loud bang.

The high temperature of 100,000 degrees almost lit up the entire battlefield in an instant and directly smashed into the Three-Tailed.

Wherever White Hot Light passed, everything began to burn, almost crushing all forms of Fire Release’s technique and many Kirigakure Ninjas who failed to dodge in time vaporized on the spot.

This was the strongest White Hot Light in the history of Yuuji, and the temperature was also close to White Hot Light’s upper limit – 100,000 degrees.

“Lord Jiraiya, I’ll help you.

I’m very interested in Three-tailed Beast’s words.”

Yuuji landed in front of Jiraiya with a loud crash and slowly spoke.


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