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When Jiraiya launched Sage Mode, Yuuji was keenly aware of it.

Facing Jinchuriki who was about to enter the complete form, he really needed to use Senjutsu’s power.

One must know that in the original work when Jiraiya faced the Naruto with four tails, he was seriously injured.

But suddenly, the three-tails Jinchuriki suddenly changed direction, gathering all the chakra quickly, condensing it into a Bijuudama, directly smashing towards Yuuji.

This sudden change made many people change their complexion.


“This, the enemy’s Kage is actually so far away, attacking Lord Yuuji”

“Damn it, what should we do…”

Many people showed fear and helplessness on their faces.

This was Bijuudama, how could they resist this attack

Not to mention, this attack was too sudden, even Jiraiya was unable to interrupt it.

“Oh no, that little ghost is going to be killed!” Shima Sage cried out in alarm.

“Focus your attention.

Old woman, we can’t care so much.

We can only help little Jiraiya gather natural chakra first!” Fukasaku scolded.

Jiraiya turned his head with a tense expression and took a deep breath.

‘If it were for Yuji, he should be able to withstand it with the forbidden technique in his hand.’


The terrifying Bijuudama charged over with a loud bang, directly tearing open a terrifying ravine, destroying all the objects that blocked it.

That shocking sense of suppression made many ninjas who were fighting instinctively feel fear.

“It’s Bijuudama again…” Fugaku blocked the heavy chop of Biwa Juzou and stabilized his body.

His eyes moved slightly.

“Don’t think about it, Uchiha’s guy.

Although we don’t know how you blocked Bijuudama back then, we definitely won’t let you rush over.

That little devil is dead for sure!”

Juzou sneered and let out a hoarse voice.

Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Kirigakure sneered and rushed towards Fugaku, using all kinds of knives to stall him.

For a time, the rhythm of the battle suddenly accelerated, but Fugaku’s expression was still calm.

These guys of Kirigakure didn’t know that they had neglected such a shocking monster.

Fugaku turned around and said, “Watch carefully, Shisui.

Didn’t you always ask us how we managed to block two of Bijuudama’s attacks”

Shisui, who was being protected and carried by several of Uchiha’s superior Ninja, was shocked at this moment.

His eyes widened, and he quickly thought of something.

He looked at that figure with an incredulous expression.

‘Could it be… Senior Yuuji’



At this time, Bijuudama had already smashed towards Yuuji.

It seemed that Yuuji and his team, along with the nearby area, would be turned into nothingness by the exploding Bijuudama.

“Bijuudama, what a convenient power…”

Yuuji did not panic at all.

For the first time, he admired this huge chakra ball at close range.

Bijuudama was getting closer and closer, and the consciousness of the big guy in his stomach was getting clearer and clearer.

Obviously, Godzilla was very interested in Bijuu’s chakra.

“A planet-level plant versus a planet-level plant Something like Bijuu…”

Yuuji suddenly smiled and felt that the connection in his body suddenly became much clearer.

This smile, at this suffocating moment, made people inexplicably feel strange and terrifying.

“Yuuji-san, are you…” Kazue gritted her teeth and prepared to use the last eye to activate Izanagi.

If Yuuji died, then there was no meaning for her to live.

It was better to try to use Izanagi to modify the regional fate and try to revive the dead Yuuji.

Although this was almost impossible, Kazue still wanted to take a gamble.

“If you die, I will also lose die…” The speed of Kazue’s three tomoe suddenly accelerated.

Under the terrifying pressure, that sky was covered,

Under the despair of having no way to escape, it was almost suffocating.


In the next moment…

Yuuji’s consciousness instantly sank.

In that dim space and time, he once again met with that incomparably huge big fellow.

This time, he stood about fifty meters away.

This time, he was able to clearly see this big fellow.

It had an ancient and ancient body that was undulating, and many ravines that looked like thousand-year-old trees appeared on its body.

This was planet Godzilla, an existence that bound the entire ecosystem.

In the darkness, when Yuuji looked up, his consciousness intertwined and formed a closer connection with this big guy.

“It’s time.

If you really like Bijuu’s Chakra, I can find a way to help you take it.”

Yuuji looked up and said with a smile, “But the premise is that you hand over your body to me.”


A powerful air current that seemed to be breathing suddenly surged….

In this dim space and time, it triggered a terrible hurricane.

It was as if it wanted to tear everything apart.

Then, the huge shadow suddenly leaned forward like a giant mountain pressing down.

Vaguely, there was a terrifying claw that grabbed at Yuuji.

Yuuji only slowly raised his hand and gently touched the giant claw that seemed to be able to crush everything.


Something that was destined to shake the entire Ninja Realm had happened in this indescribable time and space.


In the outside world.

“What is he doing Why is there no movement!”

“Is he brewing that forbidden technique Why is it taking so long to accumulate power”

Many people revealed looks of disappointment and helplessness in their eyes.

Was the strongest genius of Konoha going to draw a truce

“Ha, that troublesome evil little devil is finally going to die!” Kirigakure ninjas were overjoyed.

Just as Bijuudama was about to devour everything and turn into a terrifying roar to erase everything.

Time seemed to have come to a standstill.

In that split second, the three tomoe in Kazue’s eyes accelerated at a crazy pace.

The Indra Gene she had awakened was now activated at an unprecedented rate.

Just as Bijuudama was about to erase everything….

Coozi, bazi…

A strange sound rang out.

A terrifying oppressive aura immediately emerged from Yuuji’s body.

It was as if an inexplicable existence that was incompatible with this world had suddenly appeared.

Within time, dark and vigorous substances immediately emerged from the surface of Yuuji’s body, densely covering his entire body….

Immediately after, a large amount of chakra was frantically refined, and once again covered Yuuji’s body.

Bijuudama’s might was suppressed on the spot as if he had encountered an even more formidable pressure.

Yuuji suddenly raised his hand, and his palm had already turned into a dark, unknown giant claw.

He grabbed forward.


The huge roar shattered the eardrums of countless people, and blood flowed out.

The Bijuudama that carried endless power actually… stopped on the spot in front of countless disbelieving eyes!

The earth shook, smoke and dust seethed, the sound of everything being crushed, and even more so, a terrifying hurricane erupted, tearing everything apart.

Everyone saw that the terrifying Bijuudama was being tightly grabbed by a giant claw!

This was…

Godzilla’s coat.


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