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Chapter 8 - The Burning Man Is Still HereIf he didn’t make a move, Anko would most likely die.

The disciple that Orochimaru had just accepted was killed before he could even enter the battlefield.

That was a disgrace to the entire Konohagakure.

Once something happened to Anko, not to mention anything else, Orochimaru wouldn’t let him go.

“You really know how to make trouble for me…”

Yuuji was forced to make a move.

“Nuclear Release – The Art of Suction!”

In an instant, the large amount of nuclear radiation in Anko’s body was swallowed up by Yuuji in a way that was invisible to the naked eye.

—This technique was the Ninjutsu that Yuuji had mastered to control nuclear radiation during the years of unifying nuclear radiation.

After the last trace of radiation was swallowed by Yuuji, although Anko’s vitality was greatly damaged, especially the large number of necrotic cells in her mouth, and she needed to rest for a long time, she could at least maintain a general normal state.

Apart from her pale face and her body full of sweat, there was nothing else.

“What did you do”

Anko turned her head with difficulty and felt the rapid recovery of her body.

She was stunned.

She was saved.

“This is just my technique.

Don’t worry about it…” Yuuji got up, but still dragged Anko to the edge of the field step by step.

How could she just ignore it This whole process was too strange!

Anko cursed in her heart, and at the same time, she was very depressed.

As the disciple of Orochimaru sama, she was actually knocked down by a mouthful of blood!

“I’m really a fool.

Really, I lost without even using the Many Hidden Shadow Snake Hands that Sensei taught me…” Anko cried, her confidence was damaged.

“Anko, you have to think of benefits.

For example, you have no way to successfully use the Many Hidden Shadow Snake Hands…”

Yuuji kindly reminded her.

Anko was furious.

“Yuuji, you bastard!”

The next moment, she was kicked out of the arena by Yuuji and fell to the ground with a bang.

Her movements were so decisive that she looked like a scumbag.


Sannin’s disciple had lost to the last place student.

However, it didn’t matter now.

After controlling the nuclear radiation and developing Nuclear Release, Yuuji no longer needed to hide and be cautious like he used to.


Countless cries of shock rang out.

Everyone stared at Yuuji, their faces filled with disbelief.

“Impossible, Yuuji actually defeated Sannin’s disciple”

A loud cry covered everyone.

The guy with the goggles on his head had a face full of unwillingness.

—Oh, he was ranked last in the school, Uchiha Obito.

“He was clearly on the same level as me.

How could he beat Anko… How could this be!”

Obito was completely stunned.

He clenched his teeth.

The huge contrast was unacceptable to him.

He did not understand the entire process at all!

After the ebbing, only he, Obito, was left as a clown

Obito clenched his fists tightly.

Because he was too excited, his entire body was trembling.


“As expected of Yuuji, this is the power of youth!”

In the distance, Guy, who was maintaining order in the arena, had a face full of excitement.

Not only did Obito not understand, but the others also did not.

‘There is no antidote, no medical ninjutsu, but the poison is cured.

This kind of poison… what is going on And it actually exists in his blood.’

‘Could it be that Yuuji really planned this beforehand and deliberately did something to his face’

The official Ninjas watching the battle were deep in thought.


At this time,

Shibi pushed his sunglasses, and the black lens reflected a light.

“Not only that, besides the poison itself, this child’s physical skills are also amazing.”

‘To be able to take Anko’s leg whip without moving… This kind of physical strength was far beyond the average level of his peers.

Moreover, the angle and speed of his attack were also unusual.’

‘The strange blood poison….

He was wrapped in bandages all year round.

He is lazy and does not like to move, but he has a strong body.’

‘Combining all this information…’

‘so that was how it was….’

“It is some kind of secret technique or a Kekkei Genkai,” Aburame Shibi said.

Many people looked enlightened and nodded.

That made sense.

“Secret arts related to poison blood can barely be stained with the poison of mountain pepper fish that Hanzo of Amegakure has mastered.

However, there is a fundamental difference between the two, which is more like some unknown Kekkei Genkai,” said an Anbu.

Shibi nodded slightly, and his face under the hood and sunglasses showed no emotional fluctuations.

He said, “Originally, I was planning to observe Anko, but I did not expect a pleasant surprise… I will personally report to the Hokage sama.”

After saying that, Shibi directly left the arena.

There was no need to continue watching the following matches.

He had already obtained valuable information.

In addition to the genius Kakashi, there were also many reliable people who had the ability to bear some responsibility.

Especially Shiranui Yuuji, it was simply the biggest surprise.


At the Hokage building.

“You don’t have to say anymore.

I have already seen it.

Shiranui Yuuji, unknown Kekkei Genkai, what an interesting child.”

Sandaime Hokage stopped Shibi from speaking.

He smoked his pipe and continuously flipped through the documents in his hand.

This was all the information about Yuuji.

From birth until now, it included the information of Yuuji’s parents and grandparents.

However, after searching for half a day, Sandaime Hokage still couldn’t find any clues.

“It’s very strange.

Shiranui’s family has never awakened something like Kekkei Genkai.” Sandaime Hokage rubbed his chin, very interested.

Right now, he just did not know where the upper limit of this blood limit was.

If it were like Gekkou Hayate, that child, who had awakened the ability, it would be over.

Transcendence has the ability to be invisible and ablates its own pheromone.

It is known as the most powerful invisibility technique, but it turns out that the blood is invisible when it is immobile, and it becomes visible when it moves…

—most awesome stealth skill.

However, the result was that when the blood was not moving, it was invisible.

When it moved, it appeared….

Besides, Gekkou Hayate’s body was also dragged down by this blood side effect.

He was sick and almost gave up the possibility of further development.

At this time, a gloomy voice came…

“Hiruzen, I am going to the battlefield soon.

I need a few capable new generations.”

A guy with a gloomy face walked into the room.

The legendary man is here.

Although he will be late, he will definitely not be absent.

After all, he asked for thousands of protagonists, and Sandaime rejected his existence thousands of times.

Shimura Danzo!


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