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For something like Senjutsu, Yuuji had to grasp it, not for anything else, but for the omnipresent natural energy.

“Chakra is something belonging to the Otsutsuki clan, and natural energy is something that only the mainland of the ninja world has.”

Yuuji stared at Jiraiya, watching the instantaneous clash of Kage-level, and terrifying cracks spread out, tearing apart the earth and shaking the earth.


The power of a Kage was far beyond the limit of a normal superior Ninja, and it was very simple to change the environment of the earth.

Everyone who was fighting felt this heavy pressure and began to fight even more crazily.

Everywhere was filled with corpses.

However, anyone with discerning eyes could see that even though Kirigakure had the numerical advantage, they slowly fell into a disadvantage.

This was because… the radiation world that Yuuji had opened was continuously suppressing the weak.

As far as the eye could see, many ninjas, Kirigakure, who were in pain, fell to the ground and were killed.

“That little brat, we have to kill him as soon as possible.”

Suikazan Fuguki and his team of Seven Swordsmen Ninja of Kirigakure immediately stared at Yuuji.

They slaughtered all the way and rushed toward Yuuji.

But halfway, they were stopped by Fugaku, Hizashi, and others.

“Don’t think about going over so easily….”

The three tomoe in Fugaku’s eyes spun.

Hizashi even used the Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven.

“Hmph, two great dojutsu clans… Speaking of which, Hyuga’s guy, I heard that your lost Byakugan was taken back by that little brat.

Is it really okay”

Suikazan Fuguki kept sneering.

Hizashi said solemnly, “That’s a matter of our Hyuga family.

You don’t need to care about it.

In short, if you want to touch him, you have to cross over my body first.”

“Tsk, what a boring guy.”

Suikazan Fuguki immediately led the seven people to attack, waving the shark muscle and smashing it over.

Even more Uchiha and Hyuga clansmen rushed over, desperately stopping Kirigakure’s seven people.

“Hyuga… widened the road.”


Yuuji glanced at Hizashi, who was charging at the front with an expressionless face and nodded slightly.

“Lord Yuuji, do you need us to make a move” Iroha knelt on one knee and asked.

“No, you are no match for them.

Kirigakure’s group of seven is not an enemy you can match… Mr.

Duy, you go….

You only need to block them.

At most, you are only allowed to open seven gates.”

Yuuji ordered.

Duy solemnly agreed.

“Seventh Gate, Shock Gate, open!!”

Duy roared, his entire body almost burning.

The power brought by the seven gates brought him the power of youth from before.

He turned into a shocking rainbow and rushed towards Kirigakure’s group of seven.


He gave a fierce kick at that time.

“What a fast speed.

Who is this guy!” Munashi Jinpachi waved his explosive blade and slashed horizontally.

The next moment, the Duy in front of him had already disappeared.

By the time he reacted, his entire body had already been kicked away by Duy.

Jinpachi crashed through several rocks in succession before he finally stopped in a sorry state.

“What’s going on with this guy” Jinpachi spat out a large mouthful of blood with a face full of horror.

This kind of speed actually made him unable to react.


“Might Duy, the ten-thousand-years of Genin… actually grasped this kind of power.

No wonder he dared to stand out and block Bijuudama back then.”

Fugaku was shocked in his heart, and his expression changed slightly.

This should not be all of Duy’s strength.

‘The Eight Inner Hidden Gates Technique… was actually so powerful’

While Hizashi was pleasantly surprised, he also felt a trace of fear.

“Might Duy is just an unremarkable subordinate of Yuuji.

I didn’t expect… I hope that after the war ends, clansmen’s people won’t be too impulsive.”

Everyone was shocked by the power that Duy displayed.

As for the mastermind, Shiranui Yuuji… he had always been controlling Duy, keeping him low-key…

‘Shiranui Yuuji, just how much more power does he have..’


Everyone looked at the chaotic battlefield.

At this time, all of them gathered and fell on the calm face of the person.

A steady stream of fog emerged….

Everyone knew that this was a forbidden area of death.

More and more people felt awe and even more surprised and excited about the power that Yuuji had grasped.

“If Lord Yuuji is here, we will definitely win!”

“Stop those damned Kirigakure, don’t let them disturb Lord Yuuji!”

“Heh, the more we fight, the weaker we get.

So you want to attack Lord Yuuji Are you kidding me I definitely won’t let you go!”

More and more people began to gather unconsciously.

No matter if it were forfriend or foe, the closer they got to Yuuji, the more intense the battle became.

Even if they had to use their last breath, they had to grab a few exploding talismans and die together with the enemy.

But at the same time, the closer they got to Yuuji, the more terrifying the radiation that Kirigakure Ninja suffered.

Their body was covered in pus, and he would soon die on the spot.

Gradually, Kirigakure’s people felt fear, and there were signs of scattered fleeing.

“Run, damn fellow, Lord Yuuji is also someone you can touch!”

“Ha, without Kirigakure’s technique, you guys are like a bunch of laughable rats!”

Konoha’s ninjas launched a wild attack.

For the time being, no one could get close to Yuuji.

“This scene is familiar.

I remember the battle on the west line last time.

It was the same as this…”

Guy couldn’t help but look left and right, especially at his father’s heroic appearance.

He was incomparably excited.

This was the power of the seven gates.

This was the power of the Eight Gates Escape Armor, and it was even more so the power of Youth!

“This is also something that can’t be helped.

Protecting our powerful long-range attacks is common knowledge.”

Yuuji revealed a faint smile as he looked down at the battlefield.

From the start of the battle until now, how many people had died at his hands There were definitely more than two hundred people.

If they were considered to have been weakened and killed indirectly…

‘It might have already broken a thousand.’


Boom boom boom!!

“Sandaime Mizukage, end this battle.

You have already seen it.

The situation of the battle is disadvantageous to you.

If you continue to fight, it will only increase the casualties!”

After fighting with Sandaime Mizukage, Jiraiya quickly retreated and said loudly.

“… That little brat’s ability is quite interesting.”

Sandaime Mizukage indifferently said.

He transformed into Half Bijuu, and new chakra crazily gushed out.

“Not good.

This guy is going to become a complete body!”

Jiraiya’s complexion changed, and his mouth became bitter.

Fukasaku and Shima, the Sages, also felt a headache at this time.

Fukasaku Sage sighed, “Jiraiya, to be safe, let’s use that spell.

My wife and I will help you.”

“There’s no other way.

If we don’t use that spell and directly confront a complete Bijuu, the risk is too great…” Jiraiya gritted his teeth, put his hands together, and began to activate…

Sage Mode!

But just as his figure retreated and began to absorb natural energy, he was stunned.

A large amount of new chakra that was constantly surging out from Sandaime Mizukage’s body suddenly stopped covering his entire body.

Instead, it started to gather at an astonishing speed.

“Crap, this guy’s target is not me!”

Jiraiya’s complexion changed greatly.

This guy was not trying to completely transform into Bijuu.

This guy was trying to lure him to take the opportunity to launch Bijuudama!!

And the target that Bijuudama was aiming at was… Shiranui Yuuji!!


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