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More and more of Kirigakure’s ninjas showed terrible signs.

Their whole body was hot, and the speed of refining chakra dropped sharply, and their bodies were slow.

Their fighting strength collapsed.

“What the hell is going on.”

“My whole body is hot, and my heart is beating very fast.

Something seems to be jumping out of my chest…”

“It’s an illness.

You’re sick.”

“That damned Nuclear Release brat, beast! He’s hiding somewhere and throwing poison!”

“This, this, this, poisoning in the fog How despicable is this…”

The minds of many Kirigakure roared as they gritted their teeth and looked around.

However, the fog also blocked their line of sight.

Instinctively, they still drilled into the fog, trying to prevent themselves from being targeted by Yuuji.

But gradually, they found that the more proficient they were in the Silent Assassination Technique, the faster they died in the fog…

On the contrary, the symptoms of those who were fighting Konoha’s ninjas in the open space were not so obvious.

“Get out of the fog! The enemy has poisoned the fog!”

“I understand now.

That little brat has also learned Kirigakure’s technique.

He then specifically poisoned the fog!”

“Damn, damn it. Then wouldn’t we, the elites who have mastered Silent Assassination Technique, be crippled by him alone”

Many of Kirigakure felt extreme hatred in their hearts.

However, feeling the increasingly terrible condition of their bodies, they could only brace themselves and fight Konoha’s ninjas in a place where there was no fog.

In just a moment, they were at a disadvantage.

Their bodies that were already in radiation continued to collapse, their combat strength declined, and they were all killed by Konoha’s ninjas!

“This, the enemy took the initiative to walk out of the fog, and his strength became weaker”

“It’s Lord Yuuji! It’s his secret technique! He possesses a terrifying type of chakra poison!”

“So that’s how it is.

It’s actually Lord Yuuji It’s great that we have such a companion!”

On Konoha’s side, their morale was greatly shaken, and they roared as they launched a wild attack.

For a time, on Kirigakure’s side, there were teams that were successively defeated.

“Bastard! How are we going to fight this battle There is no need for Konoha to kill me.

As long as I stand here and breathe, I will die!”

“Find that little brat and kill him! If he doesn’t die, we will not be able to fight this battle!”

The more radiation he devoured, the weaker the strength of Kirigakure’s Ninja became.

It was magnified to the entire battlefield.

Even the slightest change, under the constant accumulation, was affecting the momentum of the entire battlefield.


Jiraiya, who was focused on commanding the battle, discovered these changes for the first time.

He saw that the moving fog had become a domain that Kirigakure Ninjas were afraid of.

As long as the fog moved, Kirigakure Ninjas would hesitate and flee in a panic.

But in fact, even if they avoided it, there were still radiation particles —It was controlled to attack their bodies.

“Well done, Yuuji.

Is this your technique Even Hanzo, that guy, in terms of poisoning, is definitely not better than you!” Jiraiya laughed and slapped Yuuji on the shoulder.

No one knew better than him what this meant.

Combining the art of Kirigakure and the secret technique of Kekkei Genkai… This genius idea directly destroyed the most elite and most troublesome group of silent assassination troops.

Unless the enemy did not hesitate to use a large amount of chakra to protect himself and then hide in the thick fog, but this level of consumption was courting death in this large battlefield.

The situation was more and more advantageous for Konoha.

“Get ready, Lord Jiraiya.

The enemy is about to make a new move.”

Yuuji formed a seal with one hand, and as he continued to observe, he spoke calmly.

The ones who truly decided the direction of the war would still be those few Kage=level’s combat strength.

As for Kage level on Konoha’s side… Jiraiya was the only one on the surface, and he needed to stop Sandaime Mizukage.


Soon, the higher-ups of Kirigakure began to move.

“This poison fog was not made by our people.”

“Combining poison and fog, that hateful little brat Nuclear Release is really annoying…”

“Lord Sandaime Mizukage, if we continue, our superior Ninja can still hold on, and the middle Ninja will die in large numbers.

That little brat is too terrifying.

His special secret technique is a threat to us, and it even surpasses Jiraiya to a certain extent.

We must kill him in this battle.”

Genji said with an iron-faced.

“That little brat Shiranui’s ability is simply born to be on the battlefield.

He has to die!!”

Sandaime Mizukage paused for a moment.

His tightly closed eyes slowly opened a crack.

At that moment, when no one could detect it, three things in the shape of jade hooks flashed.

“Is that so Sure enough, it’s better to kill that self-righteous little brat…”

Sandaime Mizukage murmured.

At the same time, he began to transform into half Bijuu and directly killed his way into the battlefield, about to create a Bijuudama on the spot.


At this time.

Fire Release – Flame Bullet!

Multiform spell!

Jiraiya spat out a huge flame.

The guard of the 2nd Hokage, the elite Jonin who died in the chaos of the Kyuubi in the original work, Akamichi, took the wind.

At this time, he immediately took action, turned into a giant, and attacked with a heavy fist, smashing Sandaime Mizukage, who was charging.

“I’ll deal with you.

I can’t disturb Lord Sandaime.”

Yagura stood in front of Akamichi with a cold expression and immediately attacked.

Wind Release – Art of weathered!

This technique immediately broke all the thick fog.

“Is it to solve Kirigakure’s technique How ironic.

You actually gave up your biggest advantage on your own initiative.”

Akamichi sneered.

His huge palm slammed down and fought with Yagura.

At this time, Yagura was not the three-tailed Jinchuriki, but he was evenly matched with Jinchuriki.

On the entire battlefield, the intense battle continued….

When Jiraiya personally came down and killed Sandaime Mizukage, this battle reached the most intense and cruel time.

“Jiraiya, what a funny guy.”

Sandaime Mizukage stood up as if nothing had happened, and the three tails behind him were constantly swinging, and that almost solid chakra was brewing an astonishing pressure.

“Three-tailed Jinchuriki, it’s really tricky, and I absolutely can’t lose this battle… Summoning Technique!“

“Fukasaku and Zhima, the two immortals, I’ll have to trouble you this time.”

The two old toads, one on the left and one on the right, stood on Jiraiya’s shoulders.

“I’m cooking! Hey!”

“You’re so noisy, my wife… Now, think of a way to help Jiraiya… If the enemy is Jinchuriki, he is a good opponent.”

Fukasaku and Zhima, the two toads, glanced at Sandaime Mizukage in front of them.

The Three-tailed Jinchuriki is still in the range they can deal with and defeat.

They only need to spend some time.

In fact, they came here this time for other things…

“The old man said that there is a strange creature that has mixed into the trajectory of fate.

It seems that it will cause a disastrous result.

So, we must find an opportunity to find out… What exactly is it”

FukasakuStudy and Zhima looked at each other, deep in thought.

‘Strange creature… what was it’

‘What creature could attract the attention of the Great Toad Sage, who had lived for more than a thousand years’

“In that case, let’s defeat this guy first without using the Sage Mode.”

Jiraiya felt the intermittent natural energy and had a confident face.

With the two sage here, he had a trump card and could find an opportunity to activate Sage Mode.


At this time, Yuuji suddenly raised his head and stared in the direction of Jiraiya.

“Those two toad immortals can attract natural energy… If Senjutsu chakra…”

Yuuji narrowed his eyes.


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