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Godzilla liked chakra, and Yuuji knew this.

As long as there was a large amount of chakra, it could attract Godzilla’s interest.

“I don’t know what the consequences are of cutting off a part of Three-tailed Beast’s chakra and feeding it to Godzilla…”

Yuuji thought for a moment.

Earth Godzilla is essentially a plant, and the ten tails are plants, and the chakra comes from the ten tails…

‘Plants against plants, and they are all planet-level lifeforms… If my guess is correct, then I must also participate in the fight for Bijuu.’

Yuuji narrowed his eyes and looked up.


In front, Kirigakure’s ninjas had already begun to gather.

Sandaime Mizukage, Genji, Yagura… Kirigakure’s higher-ups had gathered together.

“We have the advantage in terms of military strength.

Konoha has about 5,000 people, and we have 6,000 people.”

“They are multi-line in battle.

No matter how many troops they have, they are not enough.”

“Moreover, Lord Sandaime Mizukage has Bijuu…”

Many of Kirigakure’s ninjas looked at the black-haired man with fear and fear.

Sandaime Mizukage, the Blood Conqueror who controlled Kirigakure.

“Lord Mizukage, that fellow Jiraiya needs you to deal with him.” Genji, an existence whose status was second only to Mizukage, said in a low voice.


After a few seconds, Sandaime Mizukage responded with a dull “En”, which made Elder Genji a little confused, but he could only suppress his doubts at the bottom of his heart.

“Then let’s start the war.

Genji and Yagura will lead the team to defeat the enemy.

The seven ninjas will be responsible for the assassination.”

Sandaime Mizukage slowly raised his head, and on his slightly stiff face, blood — –

In an instant, he completed half of Bijuu’s transformation.

“This is Three-tailed Beast’s strength…”

The baby-faced Yagura revealed a trace of longing in his eyes.

He immediately lowered his head respectfully and agreed.

Although he had a baby-faced face and looked very young, he actually had a son.

Kirigakure charged forward….

Endless fog appeared and rolled over, enveloping everything.

Countless Kirigakure mixed in the fog, killing intent pervading the air.

Although the vast majority of Kirigakure Ninjas were not proficient in the ‘Silent Killing Technique’, as long as they were in the fog, they would have the advantage, not to mention the few that knew the Silent Killing Technique.

In this kind of environment, they were simply killing gods.


Facing this kind of attack, Konoha was restless.

“Damn it, it’s this troublesome fog again… Wind Escape Ninjas, immediately blow away this fog!”

Jiraiya shouted.

Many Wind Escape Ninjas began to move, barely blowing away the fog.

Konoha Ninjas took the opportunity to launch an attack.

The decisive battle of the eastern battlefield erupted in an instant.

Over ten thousand ninjas began a fierce battle in the southeast region of the Fire Country.

Every moment, a terrible roar could be heard.

All kinds of ninjutsu flew in succession.

Every collision could take away many lives.

“Lord Jiraiya, it’s about time for me to make my move…”

Yuuji stood next to Jiraiya and looked at the intense battlefield in the distance.

Jiraiya nodded and said solemnly, “Use your Kekkei Genkai as much as you can and try to kill more enemies without affecting my ninjas… If…”

“Lord Jiraiya, you don’t have to say anymore.

I understand what you mean.

I will do my best.” Yuuji nodded.

He understood what Jiraiya meant.

The position that Jiraiya gave Yuuji was that of an emotionless poison machine.

Yuuji didn’t need to rush to the front line.

He just needed to hide in the rear and crazily poison them.

The more people who died, the greater the credit.

“Yuuji, you are very smart… You know the significance of this battle to Konohagakure.” Jiraiya patted Yuuji on the shoulder with a solemn expression.

Yuuji nodded calmly.

He looked at the chaotic and fierce battle that had begun to erupt.

He looked at the battlefield that erupted with explosions everywhere within a radius of hundreds of kilometers.

“I obtained an enemy technique from Fugaku not long ago.

I can give it a try.”

He began to form seals.

Ox – Snake – Ram

—The original ninjutsu has only three seals, it is a D-level ninjutsu

“Kirigakure’s ninja, this technique is called Kirigakure’s technique.

Then, this technique of mine is called…”

Nuclear Release’s secret technique – Radiation Realm!

In the next moment, Water Release’s chakra within his body began to surge out, turning into dense fog.

The amount of chakra determined the density of the fog.

And now, Yuuji was desperately stuffing goods into this fog.

Countless radiation clouds quietly mixed in this dense fog, unable to be detected by anyone.

No matter how one looked at it, it was as if it’s Kirigakure’s ninja technique and there’s no problem.

However, in reality, this thick fog had already turned into a forbidden area that slaughtered everything and crazily reaped lives.

Thick fog spread out and covered the battlefield… Under Yuuji’s secret control, he began to desperately greet those Kirigakure Ninjas who were shouting.

Every moment, a large amount of radiation particles would crash into the enemy’s body, destroying their cells.

“Weak Konoha Ninja, surrender!”

“The name of the blood fog is not something you guys who grew up in a greenhouse can understand…”

“The fog that covers everything is the home ground of us, Kirigakure Ninjas!”

Kirigakure Ninjas had crazy looks on their faces.

They were in the fog and had a look of enjoyment on their faces.

Even if there was a bunch of Konoha Ninjas, they would not be able to blow it away in one breath.

Kirigakure would soon create a new fog.

“Wherever the fog is dense, we will go there… Eh, the fog over there is very large, and it is also close to Konoha.

It is convenient for me to assassinate the enemy.”

“The fog over here has dispersed.

Let’s go over there.

The concentration of the fog over there is simply outrageous.”

Kirigakure’s ninjas sneered and shuttled through the fog with great tacit understanding.

From time to time, they killed Konoha’s ninjas and rushed in to the thickest place.

“damn, damn it! This damn Kirigakure, he only knows how to hide in the fog.

Is there a more shameless tactic than this!”

One of Konoha’s ninjas could not help but curse loudly.

The next moment, an enemy with a sinister smile appeared.

He silently raised Kunai and ruthlessly stabbed him.

Fortunately, he was blocked by his companions who had rushed over in time.

This time, he had survived.

“Heh, you can’t be so lucky every time…” Kirigakure ninja sneered and quietly hid.

‘Hahaha, stupid Konoha Ninja, this is the horror of our blood fog.

As long as we are in the fog, you are all lambs waiting to be slaughtered…’

Kirigakure laughed cruelly.

When necessary, he even gave up attacking and drilled into the fog.

Drill the thickest fog and kill the strongest!

Looking at the terrifying fog, the air was so fresh and delicious that it felt as if he was floating.

‘Is this taste of victory’

A Kirigakure Ninja licked his own Kunai cruelly.

Then, his expression changed and he spat out a mouthful of blood.



“My body… What’s going on”

More and more people crouched in the fog and started to sense that something was wrong with their bodies.

But when they noticed that something was wrong, it proved that they had discovered it too late.


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