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Hoshigaki Kisame accepted the mission to kill Fugaku and Yuuji.

He was patiently waiting for an opportunity.

“After this mission is over, I should consider how to seize the sharkskin.

It really hurts my heart to let that damn fatty grasp the sharkskin.” Kisame sneered.

Only after obtaining the sharkskin, his name of “Tailless Bijuu” was completely solidified.


A large number of figures shuttled through the forest.

On the eve of the decisive battle, the teams fought endlessly…

“Lord Kisame, there is news from other teams.

They have found traces of the target.” A ninja said in a low voice.

“Very good, let’s begin.”

Kisame quickly got up, a terrifying smile on his face, and quickly rushed to the destination.

Yuuji’s face was already reflected in his eyes.

“Found it… Go to hell.”

Kisame swung his katana but was sent flying by a Kunai.

A young girl stood in front of him, the three tomoe in her eyes slowly spinning.

“Now, all kinds of strange things are about to appear…”

“Be careful, Kazue.

This guy is a HoshigakiKisame.”

Yuuji casually broke the neck of one of Kirigakure ninja and casually said.

“So that’s how it is.

You are the guy who was mentioned by many people in the clan.

The one with astonishing chakra…” Kazue rolled her eyes.

“That’s right, it’s me.

If you don’t want to die, then get out of here.”

Kisame quickly made a series of hand seals, his movements extremely skilled, and each pause was filled with a mysterious rhythm.

Water Escape·Water Shark Bullet Technique!

A huge water shark suddenly appeared and pounced towards Kazue.

However, Kazue did not even blink.

At that time, she used an exaggerated fireball technique and collided with the water shark, igniting a large amount of hot steam.

“Wasting so much Chakra on the Grand Fireball Technique.

What a brainless idiot…” Kisame sneered and continued to form seals.

Water Escape·Five Feeding Sharks

Fire Escape – Extinguishing Arrows!

Water Escape·Four Rain Sharks

Fire Escape – Great Fire Annihilation!


The water vapor of an astonishing scale seemed to be a large-scale Kirigakure spell.

It brewed a terrifyingly high temperature and spread.

When the two of them used ninjutsu, the amount of chakra consumed by any one of them was already far beyond the normal range.

“What’s going on with this guy How can she have so much chakra”

Kisame used all kinds of ninjutsu in succession, and his face was full of astonishment.

No matter how he attacked, that guy in front of him always used his exaggerated fire escape technique without changing his expression and forcibly offset his water shark.

‘This, this, this….’

“Tailless Bijuu, that’s all.

From now on, I am also Tailless Bijuu.”

A smile finally appeared on Kazue’s face.

While using fire-style ninjutsu, she crazily extracted chakra from the countless cells in his body.

A steady stream of new chakra was created.

This amount shocked everyone.

The amount of chakra consumed by the endless ninjutsu was already far beyond the scope of superior Ninja.

Moreover, it seemed that these two guys could continue to fight until the end of time.

“Interesting, this is the first time I see someone like me.

A person who is not Jinchuriki can have so much chakra… You should be the strongest genius of the Uchiha clan, Kazue.”

Kisame used Wind Release to blow away the steam, and his terrifying eyes slowly widened.

“I, I just used 20% of my chakra.

How much did you use”

Kazue evaluated.

“About 50%…”

To be honest, she herself did not know how much chakra she could have if she went all out because the cancer cells in her body could reproduce at all times.

As long as her spiritual force could withstand it, she would be able to refine new chakra endlessly.

Kisame grinned hideously, “Ah, it’s not bad.

Although it can’t compare to me, it’s still excellent…”

“Now it’s 40%.”

“… Are you fooling me”

Kisame’s face was full of question marks.

What was going on with this woman At the same time they were fighting, could the chakra in her body be restored quickly

The confrontation between the two gradually intensified, and endless ninjutsu attacked each other so that the surrounding terrain was changed in a large area, but no one could do anything to each other.

In the end, Kazue’s expression suddenly changed.

The cancer cells in her body crossed the critical point and broke through the suppression of Indra’s genes.

They began to lose control, forcing her to choose to retreat.

“Hmph, you finally can’t hold on anymore Huhuhuhu, I am Bijuu without a tail.”

Kisame panted heavily, dripping with sweat.

He moved his gaze, only to find that Yuuji had killed all his subordinates.

“Hmph, you’re lucky this time.”

Kisame shot out a wave of water, disrupting his line of sight, and then ran off in a hurry.


A few hours later, Kisame pulled up a new team and once again came back to kill.

“You actually haven’t returned to the camp yet.

You really are courting death.” Kisame looked at Yuuji with a sinister smile.

He immediately made his move.

This time, he directly used [Greater Strength].

“Water Escape – Thousand Meals Shark!”

1,000 shark water bullets roared as they pounced towards Yuuji!

“Since that Uchiha clan isn’t here, I don’t have anything to worry about.

Based on my chakra… Hmm…”

A few white rays shot over, covering everything.

A few minutes later….

Kisame, whose entire body was festering and almost cooked by his water escape technique, had once again become a commander without an army.

This time, he could only use a Water Blast Wave to destroy the terrain within a hundred-meter radius, intending to take the opportunity to escape.

‘Damn it, that Kazue from before, Chakra is already a little abnormal.’

‘But, what’s wrong with this little brat Shiranui It’s fine if his main body has a lot of Chakra, but the amount of Chakra his clone has is also so ridiculous!’

Kisame was seriously injured, and his state of mind exploded.

‘How many Tailless Bijuu appeared in one breath’

Could he still kill them properly

As a ninja, he had failed two missions in a row.

Kisame almost saw his cruel end.

Whether it was Suikazan Fuguki or Sandaime Mizukage, they would not let him off easily.

He had just rushed out of the flood.

At this time…..

“Youth Sonata! ! Feel my youth!”

Guy, who opened five doors, somehow came over, roared, and kicked over, accurately kicking Kisame away.

“Bastard, bastard…”

Kisame spat out blood.

He glared fiercely at Guy and planned to run away.

Then, another guy who looked almost the same but was even older immediately rushed over.

“Guy, this is the Youth!!!”


With another kick, Kisame rolled over a dozen times and fell to the ground.

Half of his ribs were broken, and he looked up at the sky with a collapsed face.

‘What is this’

His mouth is full of funny words, and he actually fell into the hands of these two beast-like guys…

“A failed ninja has no value…”

Kisame formed a seal and was about to summon a shark to bite him to death.

At this time, from where he was, two arms immediately reached out from the ground and grabbed his hands.

A clone of Yuuji emerged from the ground.

In a way that Kisame could not understand, his body melted and entered Kisame’s body.

In an instant, Kisame’s movements became stiff.


Yuuji landed in front of Kisame and said lightly, “Kisame, right I have finally caught you.

Please advise me.”


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