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 Chapter 74 - No-Tailed Beast

The people of Hyuga’s clan blocked the outside of Yuuji’s tent, and the crowd was furious.

“Lord Hizashi, Lord Yuuji has just made a military contribution.

He urgently needs to rest.

Please go back.”

Kazue stood in front of Hizashi with a calm expression.

It was as if, as a superior Ninja of a rich and powerful family, they could not let her have the slightest bit of emotion and fear.

This kind of courage did not come from the support of the Uchiha clan but from her confidence in her own strength.

“Please forgive my rude clansmen.

I just want to meet Yuuji.”

Hizashi used Byakugan to stare at Kazue firmly, and a trace of horror flashed in his eyes.

“This little brat’s body… What a shocking chakra!”

Hizashi was shocked in his heart.

In his field of vision, there was a huge amount of chakra flowing within Kazue’s body, and it even surpassed him, this old superior Ninja.

One after another, Root members appeared, and they faced off against Hyuga Clan without any expression.

“Hizashi, as the main family, you should fight to the death to serve clansmen.

Now that clansmen’s Byakugan has been taken away by an outsider, you must stand up!”

The elder of clansmen coldly said.

Hizashi was silent and looked at someone.

“Iroha, you are a member of Hyuga’s branch family.

Do you still recognize me as the head of the branch family”

“I’m sorry, Lord Hizashi.

I am now a member of Root.

Since the clan agreed to hand me over to Lord Danzo, I have already been a member of Root.” Iroha said coldly.

The way he looked at Hizashi was extremely unfamiliar.

“Damn it… The people from the branch family actually dared to betray the main family.

Looks like I’ll have to make you suffer a bit!”

Elder clansmen gritted their teeth, intending to activate the birdcage secret technique.

At this time, Yuuji slowly walked out of the tent and directly arrived in front of Hizashi.

Seeing Yuuji, Hizashi’s heart jumped again.

‘Another one, this terrifying amount of chakra, moreover several times that of Kazue, simply… like a sleeping Bijuu!!’

At the place where the chakra gathered at the abdomen, there seemed to be something deeper hidden by the majestic chakra, which Hizashi and Root could not see through.

‘Kazue and Yuuji… these two guys, it could not be a coincidence, what exactly was going on’.

“You finally know to come out!”

“After getting Byakugan, you ignored us for such a long time.

You clearly want to steal the eyes of our clan!”

“We repeatedly came to visit you, but you avoided us.

Is this your attitude”

The people of Hyuga clan were extremely angry.

Byakugan was their biggest secret, and they did not want it to be taken away by the enemy. 

Hizashi said calmly, “Yuuji, right I’ve heard of your name.

I’m sure you know how important Byakugan is to our clan…”

“No, I don’t know.

I only know that clansmen’s people intend to attack my subordinates… Lord Hizashi, I understand that Hyuga’s clan wants to declare war on Root’s clan while facing a great enemy, is that right”

Yuuji slowly raised his head, and a smile blossomed on his face.

This time, the entire Hyuga clan fell silent.

No matter how angry and annoyed everyone was, when they heard Root’s group and thought of how terrifying the darkness of tolerance was, they were immediately doused with cold water.

Shimura Danzo was an existence that lingered in the shadows like a ghost.

“But this is the eyes of our clan.

Even if Lord Danzo is here…”

“When my sensei is here, he will make the decision.

According to Root’s rules, I should hand over all the spoils of war to Danzo-sensei.”

Yuuji interrupted Hizashi and said with a smile, “So, Lord Hizashi, please go back.

I do not have the decision-making power in this matter.

I want Lord Danzo to make the decision.”


Hizashi lost his voice for a moment.

Elder clansmen was so angry that his entire body was trembling. ‘When will our Hyuga clan be able to stand up….’

A few of the radical Hyuga clan members opened their eyes in anger.

The Hyuga clan had been desperately protecting Byakugan’s Kekkei Genkai for a thousand years.

They absolutely could not tolerate it being taken away by outsiders.

Especially when it fell into the hands of a disciple who endured the darkness…

At this time, astonishing chakra began to spread out from Yuuji’s body.

This increasingly heavy and massive scale made Hizashi completely calm down.

In his vision, Yuuji was like a terrifying monster, his body brewing a sea of chakra.

At this moment, the ocean was releasing waves.

“The few of you, enough!! Go back to your respective tents and prepare for battle!!”

At this time, Jiraiya, who was sitting on a big toad, came in time and shouted to stop the conflict.

Hyuga and Root…  just thought about it, and it already gave him a headache.

Moreover, this disciple of Danzo seemed to be very strong and inherited Danzo’s character.

“Lord Jiraiya… Our Hyuga clan will not let this matter go.”

Elder clansmen gritted his teeth and said.

Hizashi sighed and apologized in a low voice, leaving with his clansmen.

As they left, the cold gazes of the Hyuga clansmen all landed on Yuuji and the others.

Yuuji bowed slightly towards Jiraiya and said with a smile, “Thank you very much, Lord Jiraiya.”

“As expected of the disciple of that fellow Danzo…”

Jiraiya glanced at the slightly bent Yuuji and shook his head.


After everyone left, Yuuji calmly stood in place and slowly extended his hand.

Kazue placed the glass container in Yuuji’s hand.

The white eyes were shaking in the liquid.

“Byakugan, you can’t return it now.”

Yuuji calmly looked down.

This was an important prop for him to spy on Hamura’s bloodline.

He couldn’t let it go.

As for taking Danzo out and carrying the pot, Yuuji felt that Danzo-sensei should not care about this kind of detail.

With his gloomy and unwilling personality, he might even say, “As expected of my disciple.”

Yuuji took out a scroll and sealed Byakugan in it.

Everything would wait until the war was over.

“Get ready.

An even more tragic war is about to break out.

I don’t want our team to be wiped out after the war ends.”

Yuuji looked at his subordinates and ordered.

“Don’t worry, Yuuji-san.

As long as I am alive, I will never let the enemy hurt you!” Duy clenched his fists tightly, his eyes burning with flames.

Not long ago, he almost opened the Gate of Death to fight against Bijuudama.

He had already made up his mind to sacrifice himself.


Next, the dark clouds of the final battle shrouded every corner of the battlefield.

The ninja teams of both sides spread out, using every means possible to obtain information, and began a fierce battle in the southeast region of the Fire Country.


Kisame used his katana to easily cut off the head of one of Konoha’s ninjas.

He quickly made a series of hand seals and used a water release ninjutsu to devour two fleeing Konoha ninjas.

“I have already locked onto the target.

Uchiha Fugaku, and Shiranui Yuuji, they made my head hurt… Fugaku is not easy to kill, so I will kill Yuuji first.”

Kisame slowly raised his head, and a sinister smile appeared on his shark face.

“A mere freshman, no matter how strong he is, he can’t escape from my hunt.

After all, I have… the potential of Bijuu without a tail!”


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