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At this moment, the three beams of White Hot Light were the strongest attacks that Yuuji could unleash.

At this moment, Yuuji and his two clones had joined forces to blast out three beams of White Hot Light.

This was an extremely powerful attack that far surpassed everything else.

The moment this terrifying attack was unleashed, it transformed into three long white clouds.

The terrifying temperature directly burned everything close to it.

Vaguely, even the air itself became extremely restless at this moment.

The earth was melting, the water vapor was boiling, and all the plants and trees were burning.



Under the shocked and shocked gaze of Fugaku, the three White Hot Light and Bijuudama collided with each other.

At this moment, the entire world seemed to have lost all sound.

This time, Bijuudama is clearly stronger than before, but Yuuji actually possesses such a terrifying power, directly facing Bijuudama…

Fugaku looked at the three Yuuji in front of him with incomparable shock.

If it were for only Yuuji himself who used this forbidden technique, he would not have been so shocked.

But now, even those two strange clones who did not know what was going on could use this power.

This is simply…



A terrifying confrontation erupted.

Three ultra-high temperature rays swept out in a frenzy, directly hitting Bijuudama.

In the moment of the violent collision, the three White Hot Light and Bijuudama intertwined, and they began to surge wildly in an instant.

White clouds scattered in all directions under the violent impact at this moment.

The combined strength of the three White Hot Light worked on Bijuudama, and the power that erupted was extremely exaggerated.

Just the high temperature that dissipated after the collision caused a disaster.

“Not good!”

The complexion of Fugaku changed.

That rapidly rising temperature already made him feel pain.

In the next moment, Susanoo continued to grow, firmly protecting him.

—-The more it was like this, the more Fugaku understood how shocking this scene was.

“If my Susanoo can enter the next stage, then I should be able to…” Fugaku looked at this scene in disbelief.

Bijuudama was pushed back.

The joint force of three White Hot Light pushed this Bijuudama, and after a violent explosion, little by little reversed this terrifying power.

The terrifying shock wave wreaked havoc on everything.

The nearby earth was almost turned into a lake of liquid by the shock wave and the terrifying heat….

At the end, when Bijuudama burst out a series of chakra fluctuations, he was pushed back by the original road before the explosion.


On the sea.

Sandaime Mizukage still had his eyes closed, standing in place with an indifferent expression.

He slowly returned to his human form from the half-tailed beast.

“Hmph, I didn’t expect this kind of power to appear in this clan again.

But it doesn’t matter.

They are all supporting characters.”

Sandaime Mizukage said indifferently.

Suikazan Fuguki revealed an ugly smile and immediately agreed, “Two consecutive Bijuudama….

No matter how powerful Uchiha’s clan is, they are still extremely weak in front of Lord Sandaime.

They are dead for sure…”


Suddenly, there was a commotion.

Some of the ninjas who were landing on the land started to look up in confusion.

Then, their expressions changed.

“That thing looks a bit familiar…”

“It’s Lord Sandaime’s Bijuudama.

Hurry up and run!”

Many of Kirigakure’s ninjas screamed and fled in all directions.


“He actually… pushed it back It seems that there are capable people among the enemies.”

Suikazan Fuguki was shocked at that time.

He glanced at Sandaime Mizukage secretly and then under the inexplicable gaze of the others.

He could only pull out the sharkskin.

“Forget it; I will deal with this Bijuudama.

No matter who did it, I will personally cut off his head! Kisame, I appoint you as the captain of the frontline assassination unit.

Think of a way to assassinate that guy.”

Suikazan Fuguki had a cold expression.

After giving an order to Kisame, he directly carried the shark skin and pounced towards Bijuudama.

“The shark skin can even devour Bijuu’s chakra…”

Kisame looked at it greedily and buried his head deeply.

Yuuji took a deep breath.

At this moment, the two clones of Nuclear Release had exhausted their Chakra, and there were faint signs of melting.

This Nuclear Release clone was version 2.0.

He only needed to use chakra to stimulate the proliferation of cells, and the clone could create new Chakra in large quantities.

“Looks like it has been resolved…”

Controlling a white skeleton, Fugaku gazed at the shocking scene before him and fell into a long silence.

Yuuji immediately retracted his clone.

Fugaku had a complicated expression.

He really wanted to ask something, ‘Yuuji clearly had this kind of Ninjutsu, so why did Bijuudama….’

“Lord Fugaku, don’t be in a daze, quickly withdraw, there are too many enemies, and there is also a very troublesome guy watching.”

Yuuji looked up.

His face was solemn.

‘Is the current Sandaime Mizukage under Uchiha Madara’s control’

‘Considering that in the original work, it was Madara who turned Nohara Rin into Jinchuriki.

I’m afraid that Madara has controlled all the higher-ups of Kirigakure.’

Fugaku nodded, controlled a skeleton hand, grabbed Yuuji, and then turned to escape.

In order to be wary of Kirigakure’s new attack, Fugaku had been maintaining Mangekyou Sharingan’s form.

“What a pair of powerful eyes…”

Yuuji glanced at this pair of Mangekyou; he was deep in thought.

This pair of eyes only appeared in the anime version.

Fugaku used the power of this pair of eyes to show Itachi the consequences if he revealed that he had Mangekyou Sharingan.

—Naruto was captured by Uchiha’s radical faction.

Fugaku had no choice but to control Naruto.

He released the Nine-tailed Fox and triggered the second Nine-tailed Chaos.

“This pair of eyes… seems to have the ability to predict the future.

It is somewhat similar to the ability of the old toad in Mount Myoboku.” Yuuji shook his head and thought about it carefully.

In the world of ninjas, there were actually quite a few things related to fate.

In the prophecy technique of Mount Myoboku, Izanagi of the Uchiha clan was more capable of rewriting fate.

It was not a big deal to have a pair of prophetic eyes….

However, things like fate and prophecy are very interesting in themselves…

‘A thousand years ago, that old toad intentionally guided Rikudou Sennin.’

‘Later on, he guided Jiraya and Naruto….’

‘If… if…’


Five minutes later.

Fugaku was already exhausted, but he did not dare to close Mangekyou Sharingan.

“It seems that the enemy has not caught up.

We are temporarily safe.

We must report Kirigakure’s movements to Lord Jiraya as soon as possible… Yuuji, we won’t die.” Fugaku whispered, “You used that technique, so your body must have suffered heavy injuries.

I will definitely bring you back safely…”

“En, that’s right, my injuries are very serious, and the amount of chakra I lost just now is not small.

Many people know that this is my forbidden technique.” Yuuji said with a solemn expression.

Fugaku nodded.

Forbidden technique, that was understandable.

Immediately, he looked at Yuuji with admiration.

“Don’t worry, no matter how serious your internal injuries are, I will find a way to cure you… You used that forbidden technique.

I’m afraid you will do everything you can, right”

“En, about the same, I used thirty percent of my chakra! Does Lord Fugaku know how terrifying this is I haven’t used this much in a long time.”


“Ah, Lord Fugaku, put me down.”


“I’m fine.”


“I said, my chakra has barely recovered a bit… I’m about half an achievement away from fully recovering.”



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