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Chapter 70 - Bijuudama

In this chaotic battlefield, the cruel confrontation continued.

Fugaku commanded the ninjas present to spread out in a small team formation, blocking the enemy’s attack layer by layer.

Most of the people looked like they were struggling to resist.

It was slightly strenuous, and there were people who died at every moment.

“Lord Yuuji is facing that dangerous guy Ao alone… Is it really okay Lord Fugaku is actually so assured…”

Shisui used a powerful instantaneous technique to kill an enemy instantly.

Even if he was only ten years old, as a new generation genius of Uchiha’s clan, second only to Kazue, he had already revealed a trace of the characteristics of a strong person.

He kept shaking his head.

Sharingan captured the traces of the enemy and killed them the moment they were assassinated.

Subconsciously, he stabbed another enemy in the neck with Kunai.

Shisui looked in the direction of Yuuji.

This glance made Shisui’s heart beat wildly, and he revealed a look of horror.

“What… what is going on Is this one of Lord Yuuji’s secret arts”

In his field of vision, the legs of the two clones were completely constructed.

They drilled out from Yuuji’s back and stood firmly.

The four arms had already merged into Ao’s body.

This terrifying scene violently impacted the nerves of Shisui, who had shallow knowledge.

‘Ninjutsu… could be like this’

‘What type of clone technique was this’

Ao’s sudden scream shocked the young Shisui.

“Shisui, what are you doing! Pay attention to your mission!” Fugaku shouted.

“Yes, Clan Leader!” Shisui took a deep breath.

When the other Kirigakure heard Ao’s screams, they were also shocked.

However, they were blocked by Fugaku, Kazue, and others.

Duy and Guy directly opened six doors and five doors.

They roared at Ao and the other unknown things.

With their powerful speed and astonishing mobility, they managed to temporarily stop dozens of Kirigakure.

“Give me your eyes.”

Yuuji grabbed Ao’s palm with one hand and said with a sneer.

A Hyuga clansmen’s Byakugan, this was enough for him to have a preliminary glimpse of the genes of Hamura’s bloodline.

“My body… What’s with this kind of clone technique” Ao was both shocked and furious.

He was gradually losing control of his body.

Those two strange clones that he didn’t know what they were, every time they merged, his body would become stiffer and stiffer and out of control.

The chakra within his body began to show signs of going berserk.

Ao looked at his eyes and once again used Ao’s dragon hand, trying to violently extend his water attribute chakra and pierce through Yuuji’s head.

But in the next moment, his arm fell off.

It was not cut off but seemed to melt, directly falling off.

“To a certain extent, I have become more and more like Orochimaru… But forget it, combined with my ability, further developed into Art of Erase, is very practical.”

Yuuji sneered, the next moment, directly attacked, first cutting off Ao’s two ears.

“There are seals hanging on these two ears.

It is a kind of sealing technique… Oh, to seal byakugan I can’t let you do this…”

Yuuji pulled out Kunai.

Under Ao’s desperate gaze, he raised his hand and slashed.

Pu ci!

The huge head soared into the sky, and blood shot into the sky.

When Yuuji stopped, there was a white eyeball lying quietly in the palm of his hand.

This was Byakugan.

In the previous war, one of the Hyuga clansmen was attacked by Kirigakure, and one of their eyes was dug out and transplanted to Ao.

Byakugan’s Kekkei Genkai was in his hand.


At this time, the many attacking Kirigakure finally broke through the defense line of Fugaku and the others and looked at Yuuji angrily.

Or should I say, look at the three Yuuji

“Do you still want to fight”

“Your leader was killed by me.

You used your Chakra cloak to resist my power.

Now you have used up a lot, right Who do you think will win with just these two hundred people against the remaining three hundred people

Yuuji’s voice was calm.

The numerous Kirigakure was furious, but looking at the rapidly gathering Uchiha ninjas, they finally gritted their teeth and planned to retreat.

“Without my permission, who told you to run Attack! Kill this group of idiots.”

Yuuji waved his hand.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! As expected of Yuuji-san, all the blood in my body is burning!”

The father and son were so excited that they felt that this was too strong, and they were even more desperate.


Some of the Uchiha Ninjas looked at the two with disdain, but in their spirits, they immediately pursued Kirigakure.

The fog was dissipating, and the Silent Killing Technique was gradually disintegrating.

Konoha ninjas launched a crazy counterattack against the enemy.

“Kill these damn things!!”

“Avenge the clansmen…!”

The battle that was originally at an absolute disadvantage was reversed with the addition of Yuuji and the death of Ao.

The many Kirigakure who fled in panic panicked.

Although they were shocked and angry in their hearts, they still had no choice but to escape.

They were extremely aggrieved.

In addition, they only believed in strength and did not have the slightest trust in their companions.

Take the initiative to cover the rear and buy time for our companions to escape Ha, it doesn’t exist.

Would we, Kirigakure Ninjas, be as stupid as Konoha Ninjas

The tide of the battle reversed, and a large number of Kirigakure fled.

They did not even hesitate to attack their companions and slow down their speed.


As time went on, more and more Kirigakure Ninjas were killed, and this was gradually evolving into a terrifying pursuit battle.

At this point, many people were gradually running out of Chakra, and their combat strength was rapidly declining, and their physical exhaustion was severe.

But the more they did this, the more they could not give up on making Chakra coats, and they would only die faster… This was an unsolvable vicious cycle, and they could only run away with their lives on the line.

Many of the fleeing Kirigakure Ninjas had encountered such a terrifying effect after exhausting their Chakra.

Even if Konoha’s ninjas did not kill them, they would still be crushed to death.

“The power of that little brat… Why is the range of his attack so exaggerated!”

One of Kirigakure exhausted all his chakra, and with a howl, he spread out his outer chakra.

The continuously brewing radiation rushed in, destroying all the cells in his body.



After a long time, the fog completely dissipated.

The corpses all over the place, as well as the many dead bodies, he silently described how terrifying this battle was.

“I’ve already tried my best to reduce the impact on you, but there might be some insignificant side effects.”

A faint smile appeared on Yuuji’s face as he began to recover all of the radiation.

“… I understand, Yuuji.

Although this is the first time we’ve met, I can’t express my gratitude.”

Fugaku looked at the dead Kirigakure and took a deep breath, ‘Shiranui Yuuji… is indeed the most terrifying new generation….’

Many of Konoha’s ninjas returned, especially those Uchiha clansmen who respected the most power.

At this time, they looked at Yuuji with awe.

For this battle to be like this, it is simply unimaginable.

‘I originally thought that their clan would suffer a painful loss, but I didn’t expect that Yuuji’s Kekkei Genkai ability be terrifying to this extent….’

“Yuuji-san, you can get another generous reward…” Kazue covered her mouth and smiled.

Her face, which was covered by her hair, slowly raised her head.

Three tomoe appeared in her remaining eye, but in the next moment, her expression changed slightly.

Hyuga Iroha suddenly said, “Lord Yuuji, we are in trouble.

A terrifying amount of chakra is gathering in the sea…”


Yuuji immediately looked up.

Vaguely, a terrifying pressure was coming from within, and an extremely oppressive chakra was condensing into a ball in the distance.

“Kirigakure actually sent out Jinchuriki Tsk...”

This was…



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