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Chapter 7 - What A Delicious Bite of Nuclear Radiation!The Hokage building.

The man standing at the peak of Konoha, Sandaime Hokage, had just finished the latest documents, looking exhausted.

Sandaime Hokage took a puff of smoke and fell into deep thought, “Is there any result from Shibi”

After a while, he called Anbu and asked.

“The competition is coming to an end.

Shibi-sama plans to observe Mitarashi Anko’s performance from a close distance so that he can make the most appropriate report.”

Anbu knelt on one knee and lowered his head.

“Is that so As expected of Aburame Shibi.

He is really an outstanding ninja.”

Sandaime revealed a smile.

Aburame Shibi was Namikaze Minato’s classmate.

Although he could not stand on the level of shadow in terms of strength, he was the most perfect elite superior Ninja.

His ability was too comprehensive.

He had no shortcomings in terms of commanding, attacking, and perception!

—As a result, on the battlefield of the Third Ninja World War, Aburame Shibi became one of the rare powerful ninjas who could move alone.

“Mitarashi Anko, to be able to catch the eye of Orochimaru, that picky guy, it seems that she has a special characteristic that attracts Orochimaru.” Sandaime smiled and nodded.

The last disciple of Orochimaru was still Nawaki.

Since the death of Senju Nawaki*, Orochimaru became a lot colder and gloomier.

There were also some changes that even he, the teacher, could not understand.

[*TL Note: Senju Nawaki was the younger brother of Tsunade and the grandson of Hashirama and Mito.

In the anime, where Nawaki’s background is expanded on a bit more, he and two other ninjas are seen in Orochimaru’s company, implying that they might have been his subordinates.]

This made Sandaime worried.

‘To be able to recruit new disciples meant that Orochimaru had walked out of the shadows to some extent.’

“Then let me personally observe it…”

Sandaime Hokage took out the crystal ball.


On the crystal ball, the competition scene of the Ninja School appeared.

“Mitarashi Anko’s duel… Doesn’t this person look a little familiar It seems that he is particularly good at flattering.

Oh, no, he is good at writing theories.”

“He got full marks in the political lesson and walked the path at a young age.”

When the Sandaime Hokage saw Yuuji, he smiled like a chrysanthemum.

‘Well, this kind of child is the inheritor of the will of fire.

Look, he knows how to play back and forth when he learns the theory!’

‘If everyone in the village has the consciousness of this child, then it will be too easy..’

However, Sandaime Hokage remembered that this child’s actual combat ability was very poor.

“Facing Mitarashi Anko, this child who likes to imitate Orochimaru everywhere, Yuuji will suffer.” he smoked his pipe.

However, in the next moment, Hokage gasped and was surprised to see that after Anko swallowed Yuuji’s blood, she actually spat it out again.

“This is really interesting… But what is going on” Sandaime squinted his eyes and thought.


Ninja School.

“Despicable, you actually poisoned your own blood!”

Anko took a mouthful of high-concentration nuclear radiation, and the taste was sour.

She deliberately learned from Orochimaru and even felt that she should be more high-end than Orochimaru-sama in some ways to attract his attention and gain his favor.

Then, after deliberately cutting Yuuji with a knife, she swallowed a mouthful of blood.

As a result, the terrifying amount of nuclear radiation in the blood instantly formed a terrible burning sensation in her mouth, and it was extremely hot!

What made Anko even more frightened was that she clearly found that… this mouthful of blood actually contained a strange “poison” that was terrifying and corrosive but could not be accurately described!

The entire mouth suffered a terrible damage, and a large number of cells instantly necrotized!!

Anko was dumbfounded.

She had thought of many plans to show off, but she had never thought that she would swallow a mouthful of poisonous blood!

“You, you, you…”

She pointed at Yuuji, her eyes wide open as if she was looking at a monster.

She had never seen such a crazy person!

“Are you crazy I heard that people add poison to their clothes and skin, but who would poison their own blood Did you predict that I would drink your blood”

The most important thing was that this poison was actually so poisonous!

Anko’s mentality was a bit explosive.

—The current her had just been accepted as a disciple by Orochimaru a few days ago, and she was currently in a period where she urgently needed to find someone to show off.

As a result, she flipped the car over on the little Yuuji.


“This… he poisoned his blood So ruthless”

Even the referee was stunned.

He stood rooted to the ground, not knowing whether he should stop the competition.

The entire arena was silent.

Everyone looked over at the same time.

Even the people who represented the higher-ups of the village in the distance were shocked.

‘Should he be so ruthless’

‘Or was Anko mistaken’

But they saw Anko’s pale face with endless horror… and suddenly fell silent, with a strange look on her face – it was actually true.


“Anko, you don’t have to be so anxious.

In fact, as long as you tell me, I will immediately surrender and admit defeat.

This is a small matter…”

Yuuji sighed, feeling the silver fiber bandage on his face.

He had no choice but to tear off all the bandages on his face.

—He now could block the leakage of nuclear radiation and no longer needed this thing.

Then, the bandages on his head were torn off, revealing his peerlessly handsome face.

Immediately, the sound of a gasp rose the temperature of the school by a few degrees.

After so many years, many people saw the full face of Yuuji for the first time.

This handsome face, however, had a trace of helplessness.

At that time, it made many maiden’s hearts pound!

“Kubo, it turns out that Yuuji is so handsome.

If I had known earlier, I would have done it ahead of time…”

“Then why did you deliberately wrap your whole body with bandages”

“Probably to cover up this compelling handsomeness!”

The chatter sounded, and then there were shouts.

‘Beauty is justice, ha.

They are all a group of superficial people who only know how to covet his body.’


Yuuji directly walked towards Anko.

“Damn it, what are you trying to do I haven’t lost yet.

Don’t underestimate me!”

Anko gritted her teeth and threw out the Kunai.

At the same time, she suddenly leaned over and endured the terrifying melting sensation in her mouth.

She rushed forward and attacked decisively.

At this age, she could be considered outstanding.

It was not without reason that she could catch Orochimaru’s eye.



Yuuji casually took a step back and suddenly grabbed out with one hand.

With an extremely violent posture, he used his body to resist Anko’s leg whip.

Then, he grabbed Anko’s neck and pressed her to the ground with a bang!


There was a loud noise.

The floor cracked slightly.

“Be quiet.

The competition is no longer important.

The most important thing is you… If you delay any longer, you will die.”

Yuuji’s voice was calm.

He grabbed Anko by the neck with one hand and pressed her down.

Under Anko’s incredulous gaze, his other hand formed a seal with his index and middle fingers.

“It hasn’t even been twenty seconds….

You should still be alive.

Anko, you owe me your life.

Don’t be so reckless in the future.” Yuuji whispered, and then…

“Nuclear Release – The Art of Suction!”


The eyes of Kazue, who was watching the battle below, suddenly lit up, filled with passion.

‘That’s right.

This is the ability! Yuuji, you actually….’


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