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Chapter 68 - Yuuji's Team Joins In!

“Heh, it’s you guys again.

Did all of Konoha’s people die Did you only send Uchiha to fight with us, Kirigakure”

“How laughable.

Using a fire escape ninja to deal with us, Kirigakure is truly terrible.”

“Thank you for your bloodline.

If not for Sharingan, you would have been killed by us long ago.”

One after another, cold voices rang out.

Many bloody figures appeared in the sea.

Kirigakure sneered and looked at these damned Uchiha with fear.

Sharingan was really difficult to deal with.

It was observed with dynamic vision, Chakra vision, and illusion attacks.

The power of these eyes was simply unreasonable.

“Are they here… the kirigakure ninjas”

Fugaku stood at the very front, looking at these fellows with a cold expression.

Too many of his clansmen had died at the hands of Kirigakure’s ninjas.

The entire clan was greatly injured.

Because of the village’s orders, all the men and women in the clan, young and old, were sent to the battlefield.

Right now, the entire Uchiha clan only had about two hundred people left on this battlefield.

At this time, a youth around ten years of age next to Fugaku whispered, “Clan Leader, the number of enemies seems to be a little abnormal…”

“En, Shisui, remember to protect yourself in a while… Naoya, stay by my side and prepare to support me with rolling eyes.” Fugaku gave the order.

Hyuga also nodded solemnly.

He put down his backpack and stood solemnly behind Fugaku, ready to fight to the death.

Although the two dojutsu families did not like each other and claimed that they were Konoha’s number one family, they all claimed that they had the strongest eyes, but in the war period, some misunderstandings were temporarily put aside, and joining hands to kill the enemy was the most important thing.

The two sides gradually approached and saw each other’s faces, filled with endless killing intent.


A fierce battle erupted.

Uchiha’s clan had once again engaged in a battle with these fellows who had come from across the sea.

“Fire Release – Great Fireball Technique!”

“Fire Escape – No Fire Destruction!”

A large number of fire escape techniques were shot out, but in an instant, they were covered by the surging water escape, causing a huge cloud of steam to appear.

“Everyone, remember to stay away from the sea and be careful of their Silent Killing Technique!”

“Right, report the location of the enemy in time.

This time, the enemy is a bit aggressive.”

Fugaku roared and rushed forward.

As the chief and commander of the army, Fugaku would always be at the front.

This was very Uchiha.



A fierce battle erupted.

Soon, some people screamed and fell.

All kinds of escape techniques flew around the battlefield.

Every moment, life was fading away.

However, it was obvious that the Uchiha clan was at an absolute disadvantage in the face of ninjutsu.

In the beginning, they only used fire style to cover and buffer.

After that, almost no Uchiha clan member used fire-style ninjutsu again.

Using the Fire Escape Technique to fight the Water Escape Technique, that was useless…

But the bad thing is, apart from a small portion of Gennin and all the superior Ninja, they don’t know any other attribute of Ninjutsu…

They only know the fire style technique inherited from their family, so it is easy to imagine how difficult it is to be on this kind of battlefield.

“Kirigakure’s technique!”

Some of the Kirigakure Ninjas let out cruel smiles and joined hands to launch Kirigakure’s technique.

In the midst of a moment, the huge mist mixed with chakra suddenly spread out, crazily spreading.

“It’s coming again, Silent Killing Technique…”

Fugaku gritted his teeth.

It was this technique that became the reason why the village drove many Uchiha clansmen who could only use Fire Release to fight against Kirigakure.

Sharingan did not have the ability to see through and could not see through the fog, but its powerful dynamic vision allowed them to be assassinated in close range.

He quickly reacted and launched a counterattack.

However, this was still very depressing.

Many of the clansmen who had not opened their eyes had been assassinated.


“In a radius of a hundred meters ahead, there are about eighty people.

On the southeast coast, there is still a steady stream of enemies.

The number of people coming ashore has already exceeded three hundred, and they are still growing rapidly! I can’t see clearly from further away.

The fog of Chakra is very much affecting my vision…”

Straightening his eyes, he used his X-ray vision and said reluctantly.

“Just this alone has already surpassed our military strength…”

Fugaku threw out a large number of swords in his hands and used the sword technique to kill two of Kirigakure’s ninjas.

Hearing this, his face was extremely ugly.

It was different from the past.

“Kirigakure’s deployment is different from the past… It seems that he has a new war plan.

Could it be…”

Fugaku’s face sank.

He immediately sent a clansman to the eastern camp and asked for help from Jiraya.

At the same time, he ordered to give up this temporary stronghold and retreat inland as much as possible to buy time.

With the strength of the Uchiha clan and the Hyuga clan not far away, it was very difficult to fight against so many enemies.

As time passed, the casualties were increasing.

It was easy to have Sharingan’s ninjas to protect themselves in the thick fog.

Still, those who did not have eyes could only gather together and passively endure the terrible assassination.



This time, it is different from the past.

We, Kirigakure, want the southeast territory of the Fire Country.”

A Kirigakure Ninja suddenly emerged from the thick fog and instantly assassinated an Uchiha clansman.

He was about to retreat.

“Don’t even think about escaping!”

Fugaku growled.

The Sharingan in his eyes spun rapidly.

He activated an illusion technique in an instant, forcefully controlling the other party and throwing out Kunai to kill him.

However, similar things happened one after another.

Thick fog and water escape were constantly weakening the strength of the clan and killing their clansmen.

In just a short while, more than ten people from Uchiha’s clan had died.

This made Fugaku’s heart bleed.

“Lord Fugaku! The number of enemies has increased again… Moreover, it seems that the other strongholds have also suffered similar attacks!”

Hyuga Naoya also suddenly roared.

In the next moment, his head was cut off, and his two eyes were automatically destroyed the moment they were dugout.

“Sure enough, they are from the branch family again.

It is really difficult to get a second eye.”

Ao kicked away the body of Naoya coldly with the white eye that he had snatched away, feeling a little regretful.

Hyuga Naoya rolled his eyes.

The strategic significance was much greater than that of Sharingan.

“Ao, are you the one leading the team… It seems that if I don’t use some tricks this time, I won’t be able to bring my clansmen out safely.

Sure enough, I still have to use that thing…”

Fugaku listened to the roars and screams coming from all around and was silent for a moment.

The pair of jade eyes in his eyes unconsciously rotated even faster, and a terrifying eye power made Ao’s face slightly change.

“What’s with this deep and ominous feeling” Ao instinctively felt a burst of fear.

“This terrifying eye power…”

Shisui, who was struggling to kill the enemy, was suddenly shocked.

He looked at the clan leader.

The three jade hooks that were spinning around Fugaku seemed to be getting closer and closer, but it also seemed like an illusion.

Just as this pressure was about to reach its peak, Fugaku was forced to reveal that technique.


A shocking roar suddenly came.

A huge shock wave, accompanied by a roar like that of Bijuu, blew away a large amount of fog high up in the sky.

Just the aftermath that slightly leaked out made the fog much thinner.

Dozens of figures suddenly landed around Fugaku.

“Lord Fugaku, It’s Konoha’s Yuuji.

Please join us.”

Yuuji put one hand on the ground and made a hand seal with the other.

He instantly descended.


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