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Chapter 67 - Fugaku's Decision

In the eastern war, Konoha and Kirigakure were in an anxious state.

The Uchiha clan and the Hyuga clan, these two great dojutsu clans, had been squatting in the eastern front for the past four years, fighting with Kirigakure who had crossed the sea.

“Iroha, long time no see.

There has been no news of you since graduation.”

Yuuji sized up the Root ninja who was kneeling on one knee in front of him.

“After graduation, I was chosen by Lord Danzo and joined Root’s department.

I have been carrying out missions as Root.”

Iroha slowly took off his mask, revealing an expressionless face.

The calm and proud youth of the past had been completely smoothed out, becoming an emotionless worker.

“So it’s like this, no wonder… I still remember the wonderful showdown you had with Kazue during the graduation competition.” Yuuji could not help but shake his head.

“Then from now on, please advise me.

I can use your eyes.”

Hyuga Iroha agreed expressionlessly.

The mission he had received was to protect Shiranui Yuuji at all costs.

The former members of the rich and powerful families now had to fight to the end for the Actual Combat Lesson.

Yuuji walked out of Root’s base.

There were already eleven ninjas from Root’s forces following behind him.

These could be said to be zombie soldiers.

As long as Yuuji wanted to, he could give any order, even if he wanted these people to die.

“Including me, there are 12 people in this team and a few more…”


The next morning, all the members of the team gathered and added three other people.

Uchiha Kazue, Might Guy, these two reliable guys, needless to say, and…

“Today is a mission.

Does Mr.

Duy also want to exercise” Yuuji led many ninjas to stand at the village entrance and smile.

“Oh! It’s not training.

I just did a thousand push-ups to warm up! Thank you for your trust, Yuuji-san, and you are willing to take me, a ten-thousand-year-old Genin, with you!” Duy shook his arms, then suddenly bowed with tears in his eyes.

Yes, Might Duy did not pass the exam.

It was not that he was beaten down by someone in the actual combat exam.

It was mainly because he suppressed himself and did not enter the second round of the actual combat exam.

The first round of written exams beat him to death.

“… Ah, it is just a trivial matter.”

Yuuji waved his hand.

Although he was much stronger than he was two years ago, it was still safer to face Kirigakure and the others this time.

In the past few years, Might Duy has been acting as his guard, and now he is only continuing this mission and positioning.

“A total of 15 people, all of them are here… Then, let’s go.

Our mission is to clean up Kirigakure’s team who sneaked into the Fire Country, and then go to the southeast of the Fire Country to step on the front line against Kirigakure.”

Shua, shua, shua!

One figure after another moved quickly, following Yuuji through the dense forest.

A team of 15 people directly supporting the front line of the war was already a force worth paying attention to.

In the war of four years, Konoha used all the strength of the country of fire, along with the ninja power of the famous and noble families.

He barely mobilized seventeen thousand ninjas.

Until now, the number has been reduced by 50…

In Yuuji’s mind, he quickly recalled the secret information he had obtained from Root.

It was very miserable, very miserable.

Even though Konoha had the most fertile land in the whole world and had the most people, it was already unable to bear heavy losses.

It had to be known that ten years ago, Konoha had just finished the second war and had already lost a lot.

Not to mention, among the less than twenty thousand ninjas, many of them were famous, and the nobles controlled the Ninja Guards.

Their strength was uneven.

In addition, in the huge Fire Country, the third-rate ninjas stationed in various prosperous cities and towns were not even qualified.

Even the so-called “ninjas” that did not even have the qualities of a lower Ninja were all used.

Since the third battle broke out until now, Konoha had always been in a terrible situation of one against three.

It had almost gambled everything.

This time, the village had already made up its mind to completely deal with Kirigakure’s threat and intimidate the restless Kumogakure, ending the eastern line war.

As Yuuji’s team moved, in the forest of the Fire Country, the many Kirigakure teams that had sneaked in to cause trouble suffered a powerful attack.

Waves of screams rang out in the forest of Konoha.

“This is already the second Kirigakure team we found, and they actually allowed them to sneak in here…”

Yuuji made his move and unleashed a super vibration wave, destroying everything within a hundred meters in front of him, blasting several of the concealed Kirigakure into pieces.

In the surroundings, his team members had already spread out in all directions, chasing after Kirigakure and the others who had quietly surrounded them.

In a short period of time, two teams had already been killed by them.

“Tell me your battle plan.”

Yuuji sat on the ground and looked at Kirigakure, who was caught by Duy and Guy.

“Hey, hey, hey, stop joking.

We are not afraid of death.

Do you think we will be as weak and ridiculous as Konoha Ha, I killed a rookie kid on the front line not long ago.

That kid just graduated, right He cried and begged me to spare his life…”

Kirigakure ninja spat out a mouthful of blood and grinned.

“What a stupid guy… Kazue.”

The three magatamas in Kazue’s eyes rapidly rotated, and a huge amount of chakra gushed out, instantly controlling this enemy.

“… Sneak into the Fire Country, investigate the garrison forces of Konoha, and do as much damage and slaughter as possible…”


Yuuji made a move, breaking the neck of this Kirigakure.

“Let’s go to the front line.

To be able to let Kirigakure’s team infiltrate this place, it seems like the situation at the front line is not good.”

Yuuji gave the order.

The group abandoned the corpses on the ground and quickly rushed to the front-line camp.


At this time, Guy caught up, “Yuuji-san, what the enemy said just now…”

“Well, they are probably new students who have just graduated.

They were sent to the forefront…”

Yuuji shook his head.

This was also something that could not be helped.

In the ancient times of his previous life, it was common for 12-year-old cannon fodder refugees to be pushed onto the battlefield.

Even sending a few arrows to consume the enemy was useful.

Not to mention this Naruto world which had chakra energy.

“War ah… such a terrible thing.”

Yuuji muttered in a low voice.

In the midst of whistling, he increased his speed, and the whole team instantly accelerated in silence, directly rushing to the front line.


In the southeast of the Fire Country.

The battlefield between Konohagakure and Kirigakure had always been filled with endless blood.

The main forces of the two great eye clans had gathered here.

For a full four years, this southeast corner had exhausted the blood of the two great clans.

The entire clan was male, female, young, and old.

Anyone who could breathe would have to go to the battlefield.

“Lord Fugaku, Kirigakure, and the others have launched an attack again! Hizashi-sama’s side has also been attacked.

He is temporarily unable to support us!”

A communications Ninja knelt in front of Fugaku and said anxiously.

“… I understand.

Then let’s start to meet the enemy.

Use our more than two hundred Uchiha clansmen to kill all the enemies.”

Fugaku slowly raised his head.

The three tomoe Sharingan rotated, but there was a terrifying eye power that was far more than ordinary three tomoe.


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