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Chapter 65 - Planet Godzilla“Become my puppet, little brat.”

Madara coldly said.

He used the little remaining chakra in his body, intending to use illusion to control Yuuji.

For him, this was very simple, he could use his eyes to control a tailed-beast, let alone a mere little brat.

The huge eye power transformed into an illusion and rushed into the body of Yuuji.

“Now, I have to figure out how much this little ghost has detected… Hmm”

Suddenly, Madara paused, and his face revealed deep astonishment.

A trace of his chakra, carrying a part of his spirit, directly entered one…


In the huge dark world.

An incomparably terrifying but indistinct big guy, which made people completely unable to see clearly, was half-asleep and half-awake, overlooking him who was as small as an ant.

“It’s a bit like the time and space where tailed beasts are sealed, but how can this thing exist in the body of this little ghost… Is it a special psychic beast Some kind of demon Or a manifestation of the mind”

Madara had already recovered his original appearance of incomparably old.

At this time, he raised his head and looked at it with amazement

In the Ninja Realm, there were indeed many strange things, such as Shinigami and the evil god.

In his first impression, Madara believed that this living thing in front of him should be one of these ghost things.

But soon, Madara’s face darkened.

“No, that’s not right.

Some of the characteristics of this thing are no less than my Gedo Statue…”

Gedo Statue was the shell of the ten tails!

At this time, Madara’s eye power was still surging, successfully attracting the attention of this behemoth.


Godzilla unconsciously opened his mouth.

The terrifying suction force triggered a terrifying hurricane and then…

Madara was swallowed in one mouthful.



In the outside world, Madara’s figure twisted and showed signs of instability.

His mind was injured.

‘Originally, this body could still maintain two months of life if it cherished it.

Now, there are only dozens of minutes left.’

‘Is it a monster that can devour spirit and chakra’

‘It seems that it is no less than a tailed-beast…’

Madara sat on the bed, feeling the rapid collapse of his body.

He slowly moved his eyes and looked at Yuuji coldly.

From beginning to end, Yuuji maintained a calm attitude and waited quietly.

“Little brat, what was that just now” Madara asked directly.

“Godzilla, senior, that is my companion beast, Godzilla.” Yuuji smiled.

“Companion beast, Godzilla… One on two sides.

So that’s how it is.

It seems that you have become a fellow similar to Jinchuriki.”

Madara tried to figure out this word, but he had never heard of it.

If he removed that special characteristic that was very similar to the Gedo Statue, then he wouldn’t even bother to look at an unknown giant beast.

Although he didn’t know how strong such a giant beast was, he was confident that if he was at his peak, he would be able to beat it with one hand.

Have you seen Susanoo before Beating a tailed beast is the same as beating a son, understand

“It is very similar to the characteristics of Gedo Statue, but it is not a fusion of Chakra, but a living thing that really exists…” Madara narrowed his eyes and thought.

“As expected of senior… Senior, I am more and more interested in you.

I wonder what you want with Obito, and maybe I can help you.”

Yuuji was always standing neither servile nor overbearing.

It is very similar to the Gedo Statue Of course, it is.

Gedo Statue is the shell of God Tree.

It is essentially a plant.

And Godzilla in his body has been showing signs of awakening.

Yuuji has established a preliminary and intermittent unstable spiritual connection with this Godzilla.

After speculation, he basically determined which one Godzilla in his body is.

Earth Godzilla, or called planet Godzilla.

It was the unique one who drove out all three civilizations of the universe, including humans, and single-handedly changed the ecological environment of the entire earth, causing everything on the earth to live because of it, allowing billions of lives to exist because of it… the strongest Godzilla!

It was the 300-meter-tall horror individual who once came to the cross-dimensional dimension reduction and had engaged in a brief confrontation with the strongest Golden King in history, Ghidorah.

Compared to the other Godzilla, Earth Godzilla was not only terrifying in terms of strength, it was unimaginably powerful.

Earth Godzilla’s uniqueness was reflected in his background.

The other versions of Godzilla, the prehistoric titan giant beast, the crazy evolution of sea creatures, can all be categorized as “animals”.

Earth Godzilla is more powerful, it is a **ing plant.

Moreover, it is a plant that can walk, jump, think, can split the sub-body, can have nuclear fusion, can emit endless radiation clouds outside the body, can open its mouth to play a big trick.

Have you seen this plant that is more animal than an animal Oh, there is a similar one in the ninja world, the Ten-Tailed God Tree.

“What an interesting little brat.

Facing me, you should feel awe and fear, and not take the initiative to come up to me.

There is no place for you on the stage that I planned.” Madara said coldly.

Yuuji walked forward and pressed Madara down with a smile.

He carefully covered the quilt and said, “The cells of that white thing are very similar to the cells of the body of the legendary first Hokage, Mokuton.

Considering the powerful eye power of you, Sharingan… Although it is very absurd, you are probably the legendary Uchiha Madara, right”

“If I don’t have my position now, I will definitely have it in the future.

How will I know if I don’t try I won’t let go of any possibility that I can pursue eternal peace.

I am walking on this path myself…”

“Eternal peace… Greedy little devil, let’s talk about it after you survive.

Now, I don’t have much time left.

Bring Obito here.”

Madara looked deeply at Yuuji.

The killing intent in his heart did not diminish at all.

This little devil with a strange psychic beast in his body probably won’t easily distort his will.

There are very few idiots like Obito, but maybe it’s also an interesting tool…

Yuuji nodded slightly and walked out of the room.

He divided a few shadow clones to search for the whereabouts of Obito.

Peace, in this world full of chaos and killing, is really a sad word.

Madara’s method is destined to fail, and it is also dug into his heart and became the shell of Kaguya’s resurrection…

Yuuji chuckled.

Since the birth of a ninja, it had developed all the way until now, and in just a few thousand years, it had already made the ninja walk a bloody path that could not be turned back.

If the path that belonged to a ninja or Rikudou Sennin failed, then it would be better to change to a completely new path.

One was completely different from a ninja, and it was even completely different from Otsutsuki’s clan, and it was filled with an unknown path.

“If I werethe one to lead, I might be able to do it.”

Yuuji casually touched his stomach, stood in place, and waited patiently.


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