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 Chapter 61 - Good Guys

Yuuji began to answer the questions.

“The most obvious feature of the Will of Fire is that it is closely connected to everyone, and it is the convergence of the villagers’ desire for peace.

Konoha Ninja should firmly carry out Sandaime Hokage’s will.

With the Will of Fire as a personal guide, he will participate in the glorious cause of protecting the village.

He will suffer in the front, taking the lead in the war, protecting the village, and carrying out tasks.

We are confident and determined to carry it out to the end….”

This made the examiners who looked over inadvertently feel as if they were struck by lightning.

‘My G.o.d, I’m a f*cking good guy!’

‘Is this strength of the first person in theory’

He didn’t think much of it and just raised his hand to write.

This kind of vocabulary, this kind of language, was simply impeccable!

The examiners looked at each other with a complicated expression, then silently left.

They all doubted life.

“Kuso, Yuuji actually answered the last question, but I…”

Obito looked like he was about to collapse.

He looked at the blank test paper in a daze and almost cried.

The next moment, a ball of paper was thrown over.

It was Rin who was helping him.

‘Rin, my god!’

Obito was extremely excited.

He quietly opened it and started writing frantically.

The chief examiner’s face darkened, and he was about to walk over, but Yuuji suddenly raised his head and looked straight at him.

The chief examiner paused and nodded knowingly, pretending that nothing had happened.

At this time, many people were no longer patient and decided to use Ninjutsu to cheat.

The target was… the number one theoretical person, Yuuji!

‘Copy this guy’s exam paper was reliable!’


The parasite of the Aburame clan sneakily climbed onto Yuuji’s table and was casually pinched to death by Yuuji.

The dog of the Inuzuka clan lay on his head and was about to howl, but in the next moment, he felt something and suddenly peed, shivering.

After receiving Asuma’s gaze, Yamanaka Santa immediately used the Mind Technique to seize Yuuji’s body and peek at the answer.

However, the moment his spirit entered Yuuji’s spiritual world, endless darkness attacked.

‘What’s going on’

Santa was dumbfounded.

He looked at the endless darkness in a daze.

A pair of terrifying eyes opened slightly and glanced at him.

Just this gaze was enough to injure his mind heavily.


Yamanaka Santa spat out a mouthful of blood.

His face was full of fear.

“What’s wrong” The examiners immediately stood up.

“No, it’s nothing.

My body is a bit uncomfortable…” he suddenly lowered his head, his face full of fear.

This mind Technique was a secret technique of the clan, but it actually lost its effect… And just now, when he saw it…

‘Could it be that Yuuji’s mental strength was also terrifying to such an unparalleled degree…’

Yamanaka Santa’s terrible ending made Kurenai, who was already hesitating, even more afraid to move, her entire body cold.

“Damn it, what exactly is going on…”

Asuma gritted his teeth, but he still refused to admit defeat.

He quickly answered the fifth question.

This was about Kekkei Genkai.

As for this question, Asuma did not know it either.

“As long as I answer the sixth question, it will be fine.

Isn’t it just a discussion I have already memorized all the things that that guy wrote in the past and studied them bitterly for two days and two nights!”

“I, Sarutobi Asuma, have already seen through Shiranui Yuuji’s routine!”

[… War leads to disaster and death.

This is contrary to the will of fire.

Looking back at the village’s history, I have a deeper understanding of the value of the Hokage as ‘jade’.

It has strengthened the inevitable result of Konohagakure becoming stronger… ]

Asuma quickly finished writing and sneered again and again.

This was the routine he had come up with after studying a lot of things that Yuuji had written in the past.

First, he cut straight to the point.

Then he explained it in a special language system and finally concluded the sublimation.

After writing this, the old man was afraid that he would have nothing to say.

“Hmph, that’s all!”

Asuma handed in his paper and confidently walked out of the classroom.

But when the results of the theory examination came out, Asuma felt like he was struck by lightning.

Yuuji got full marks and was ranked first.

Sarutobi Asuma was second to last.

“Wh-what How could this be!”

Sarutobi Asuma was furious.

“I’ve worked so hard, so why did I still fail”

“Ha, my efforts are indeed effective.

I took the last place!”

A loud shout came.

Obito was overjoyed.

To be precise, he was not even number one because his name had the words “substitute pass” on it.

The existence of the only one had attracted the ridicule of Kakashi.

Sarutobi Asuma left in anger.

This rebellious fellow was full of unwillingness and directly rushed to the Hokage building.


“I want to see Yuuji’s test paper!”

Sandaime Hokage sighed and threw the test paper in his hand to him.

“Asuma, blindly imitating answer has no practical significance.

Only the framework has no soul.”

“This, this…”

Asuma looked at the last question with all his courage.

‘Is this something a person can write’

“This kind of thing makes you feel very happy, right” Asuma sneered.

“Asuma, you are not allowed to speak to your father like this!” Asuma’s mother, Biwako, berated.

Sandaime Hokage sighed, “Asuma, for the village, the most important thing has never been the Hokage, but the will that can make everyone acknowledge and obey.

You have been wrong from the beginning.”

“Haha, is it another boring political trick Hokage-sama, even to your son, you are still so hypocritical.” Asuma fiercely threw the test roll on the table and rushed out the door.

Biwako said worriedly, “What should we do Asuma is becoming more and more rebellious…”

“Yes, he has already gone to the extreme of paranoia, but one day he will understand, the will of fire… Asuma and Root have never understood it.

On this point, he has completely lost to Yuuji.” Sandaime Hokage smoked his pipe.

Father and son were always contradictory.

The most troublesome thing was undoubtedly the contradiction in thought.

After a moment of silence, Sandaime Hokage picked up Yuuji’s test paper and tasted it carefully.

“Good, good, so it can be like this…”


The second exam was an Actual Combat Lesson, and there were no waves.

Yuuji passed it easily and swept it all the way.

Everyone who met Yuuji gave up.

“In short, in this way, I can be considered Gennin.”

Yuuji looked at the announcement indifferently.


Basically, those who passed the theory classes became Gennin…

“Let’s go, Kazue.

It’s time to think of a way to solve your problem.” Yuuji said indifferently, a glimmer of light flashing through his eyes.

“I think you have already made your preparations.”

“Yes, please do as you please, Yuuji-san.

Even if I fail in the end, I will not have any complaints!”

Kazue followed behind Yuuji.

That pair of special three tomoe Sharingan had already appeared.


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