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Torune continued his training as if no one else was around.

Even though his body had been crippled, he was still trying his best to show off his value, hoping to regain the recognition of Lord Danzo.

Unfortunately, Danzo had never had any interest in trash.

Ever since that incident, when he had forcefully attacked Yuuji and was completely defeated, Danzo and Root had never said a word to him.


This time, it was the same.

Danzo left with his walking stick, expressionless.

“Lord Danzo…”

Torune had a look of despair.

Even though he had become like this, he was still working so hard.

Was it still impossible for him to get Lord Danzo’s attention

“Lord Danzo! I am willing to accept the cruelest human experiments.

I hope to continue to work for you!”

Torune could not help but kneel on the ground with a thud.


Danzo stopped and said indifferently without turning his head, “Root doesn’t need a waste.

Using human experiments on you is essentially a waste.

Torune, go back.

Go back to Aburame’s clan.

This is the last gift I can give you.”

With that, his figure disappeared into the shadows.

Torune sat on the ground with a face of despair.

All the members of Root’s clan stood in the distance, not paying any attention to this companion.

It was just a failed and broken tool.

If there were materials for repairing tools, why wouldn’t he use these materials to polish a new tool, instead of wasting time on the broken tool

This was the rule of Root’s survival.

“How sad, Senior Torune… I didn’t expect that you would actually end up like this…”

A hand that was filled with warmth grabbed over and pulled Torune up from the ground.

Then, very seriously, he patted the dust off Torune.

Yuuji did all of this very seriously.

“Yuuji-sama, please stay away from this person.” Several of Root’s troops quickly appeared next to Yuuji, staring at Torune with vigilance.

Root’s ninjas used their lives to protect the future leader of the guards.

At this time, they were on guard against Torune, their former “own people”.

“Don’t worry, he won’t do anything to me, right, Senior Torune”

Yuuji looked at this guy who was in a sorry state and his body was incomplete.

He could vaguely see the fanatical Danzo follower from back then.

Was he actually reduced to this state and was abandoned

“Lord… Yuuji.” Torune silently lowered his head.

What a tragedy.

The target that he used to lay his hands on in the past caused him to become like this.

He actually became his leader…

What a tragedy.

“Those who work hard might not succeed, but at least they will gain something.

Senior Torune, don’t give up on yourself.” Yuuji sighed and patted Torune heavily on the shoulder.

Then, he turned around and left.

He was busy with other things.

At this time, Torune suddenly moved.

“What are you doing”

Root’s ninjas immediately took out Kunai, wanting to kill Torune on the spot.

If something happened to Yuuji, they would all be hung alive by Danzo.


Torune suddenly knelt down and buried his head deeply.

“Lord Yuuji, please conduct a human experiment on me.”

“… I see, but you are not ready yet.”

Yuuji shook his head and smiled as he walked out of Root’s base.

He did not look at Torune anymore.

Aburame Torune, the controller of nano grade poisonous insects… might have other uses.


The news of Danzo taking in a new disciple exploded like a nuclear bomb in Konohagakure.

The commoners might not think much of it, and they might not even know much about Danzo.

But those families were immediately alarmed.

That Ninja Darkness actually recruited the strongest new generation as a disciple

What is this

Lord Sandaime actually didn’t stop him

This is the strongest new generation, and he also has a terrifying forbidden technique… Lord Sandaime didn’t accept him, but he actually gave him away

“It’s very strange, but it’s not that I can’t understand.

In these four years, the speed of Root’s expansion is a bit faster.”

“As everyone knows, Yuuji is the inheritor of the Will of Fire.

Other than Lord Sandaime, no one else understands the will of fire better than him.”

“So that’s how it is…”

Many people already smelled something strange.

Using Yuuji to indirectly control Root In addition, Danzo also needs such an outstanding and powerful heir…

He understood everything that he knew.

Maybe after the war ends, he will pave the way for the next generation of Hokage and reduce the threat of Root as much as possible.


“In the village, the people have a lot of resentment.

Because of the shocking loss, the major Ninja clans have some complaints.

It is already very difficult for Sandaime Hokage to do it…”

Uchiha elder, Setsuna, was talking to Kazue.

Setsuna narrowed his eyes.

“Kazue, your teammate is quite amazing.

He actually got Danzo’s favor… But you have to be careful.

Danzo inherited the will of the second Hokage and is the most hostile to Uchiha.”

Kazue respectfully agreed.

After a while, Setsuna suddenly asked, “How far has your illness gone Recently, your progress has been getting slower and slower, and there are even signs of regression in your physical skills…”

Kazue was silent for a moment.

“It has already reached its limit.

If I can’t pass this level, I can only reach here.”

Setsuna nodded slightly, and a trace of regret flashed in his eyes.

There were people in the clan who had already started healing Kazue, but it was useless.

What was even more terrifying was that there were many strange lumps growing in Kazue’s body.

Using ordinary medical ninjutsu to treat them would instead speed up the reproduction rate of these lumps…

This involved the knowledge blind area of the Uchiha clan.

As everyone knows, most of the Uchiha clan are idiots who are good at fighting… Meanwhile, for things like research…

Moreover, these many lumps and special cells would die on the spot for unknown reasons after they left their bodies, so they had no chance to study them at all.

“Koharu knows how to extract the details and can forcibly remove these lumps…”

“No, Lord Setsuna, I absolutely can’t lose these,” Kazue revealed a faint smile.

There was no trace of human color on her pale face.

She knew the name of these lumps.

They were special cells called cancer cells.

She didn’t know more about them.

But she only needed to trust Yuuji.

As for Danzo… Kazue, who had read a little of Yuuji’s will, was sure that Yuuji would not be affected by Danzo’s thoughts so easily.

If the human experiment failed, she would die because of it, and no one could blame her.

For her to be able to become Konoha’s genius from a mediocre person was already enough for her.

Setsuna was silent for a moment before standing up.

‘It seems like the reason you were able to advance from a mediocre talent to this extent is because of his strength.

I have already guessed this.

Since it’s like this, there might be another way to preserve your life.’

Setsuna brought Kazue directly to the clan grounds.

The most secretive place was filled with various sealing techniques.

“Lord Setsuna, this is the place where ninjutsu is stored in the clan.

Why did you bring me here”

“Because there is a forbidden dojutsu that has been passed down since ancient times sealed here,” Setsuna said indifferently, and his hands quickly formed a seal.

Five Elements Release!

“I don’t know what you are planning with him, but thinking about it, the probability of failure is very high.

Moreover, it is also unknown how much Danzo will inherit.

It is better to prepare in advance.”

The most secretive scroll was taken out by Setsuna.

“Kazue, you claim to be the person who broke the mediocre fate.

Then, this forbidden technique that blocked everything to rewrite the established fate is very suitable for you.

Remember, once things reach an irreparable point, use this technique”



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