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Yuuji did not respond immediately.

Danzo fiercely knocked on the ground and sneered, “What, do you not want to follow this old man If you are unwilling to join Root’s department, then this old man will choose to accept you as a disciple.

This is very suitable.

If you follow this old man, you will be able to fulfill your will and contribute to Konoha.”

This person endured the darkness and looked at him indifferently.

The many Root Ninjas that were surrounding Danzo also stood there silently.

“No, how could that be It is my honor to be able to become Lord Danzo’s disciple.” Yuuji smiled and bowed on the spot.

“Very good.”

Danzo waved his hand, and a few of Root’s Ninjas quietly disappeared.

“You are very smart.

If you take me as your teacher, you can get more things.

Come with me.

Hiruzen is waiting for you.”

Danzo turned around and walked to the Hokage building.

Yuuji followed behind him.

“Danzo-sensei, you haven’t accepted a disciple for many years, right Why did you suddenly…” Yuuji said.

Danzo said lightly, “Isn’t this exactly what you want Torune tells me that you are not interested in Root, but you are full of respect for me.

Your talent is also very good.

I don’t mind taking you as a disciple at this time.”

“Is that so As expected of Danzo-sensei… Is Senior Torune all right now” Yuuji smiled.

“Thanks to you, life is worse than death.

When you enter Root, you will be able to see him.”

Danzo’s remaining eye looked deeply at Yuuji.

“Your determination and decisiveness are very satisfying to me.”

Yuuji chuckled.

Danzo no longer spoke, and the two of them silently walked all the way into the Hokage’s office.


“From the looks of it, it seems like I don’t need to say anything more.

Yuuji, Danzo is a very great ninja.

You should learn more from him.”

Sandaime Hokage bit his pipe, and smoke rose in the air, blurring his face.

“Of course, Hokage sama, I won’t let you down.” Yuuji respectfully said.

Only then did Sandaime nod his head in satisfaction.

Then, as expected, he began to talk about the forbidden technique Yuuji used to kill Gari.

“That technique is my forbidden technique, White Hot Light.

The principle is to create a super high temperature and melt everything.”

“What is the price What price do you have to pay to use this forbidden technique” Sandaime Hokage asked.

This was the question he was most concerned about.

“The price should be… lifespan, right The short burst of super high temperature will cause my cell lifespan to rapidly decline and shorten my own lifespan.

As for how much it will shorten, it’s hard to say.”

Yuuji knelt on one knee with a sincere look on his face.

Although he was lying through his teeth, when he said this, Sandaime Hokage immediately nodded in understanding, revealing a look of “as expected”.

Self-attack was the most fatal.

“Then, can others use this technique” Sandaime Hokage asked.

Yuuji pondered for a moment.

“I did it through my Kekkei Genkai.

If others want to learn this technique… it’s not impossible, but it’s extremely difficult.”

Of course, he could do it, but the premise was that he would first submit to Yuuji and then be transformed into his own subspecies.

—Those who were not afraid of death and wanted to lose themselves to become Yuuji’s followers, feel free to come.

This kind of guy who was not afraid of distortion and deformity, Yuuji would accept as many as he could.

Sandaime Hokage nodded.

This kind of destructive forbidden technique, if it were for achieved through burning one’s lifespan, this kind of price was not unacceptable.

“Hiruzen, if you want to include this technique in the Book of Seal, just say it.

This technique is also qualified to be included in the Book of Seal.” Danzo said indifferently.

Sandaime Hokage just smoked and stared at Yuuji.

“If it is possible, I am willing to offer the cultivation method of this technique.

If someone wants to cultivate this technique in the future,” Yuuji said respectfully.

“I can also teach you.”

Sandaime Hokage revealed a gratified smile and nodded in satisfaction.

Then, he stood up and formed a seal.

With a bang, he summoned a huge scroll.

With a whoosh, he opened it and directly pulled it to the last empty space.

“Yuuji, the village will not take your forbidden technique for free.

Considering the battle achievements you obtained on the Western Front battlefield, you can choose a forbidden technique from the Book of Seal to study.”

Here it comes!

Yuuji’s eyes lit up as he focused on reading the Book of Seal.

If he learned a forbidden technique… the technique that he had already predicted in his mind would be extremely important for him to control Godzilla directly.

“Thank you, Hokage Sama.”

Yuuji got up and took the lead to start recording White Hot Light’s forbidden technique on the Book of Seal.

‘The three seals of fire, thunder, and water stimulate all the cells in the body and rapidly increase the temperature….’

Sandaime and Danzo only looked at it for a while before frowning.

‘This technique actually involves control on a microscopic level that is even more microscopic than cell control….’

‘So that’s how it is….’

‘Is it using chakra to push molecules in a large area’

Sandaime Hokage glanced at it and revealed a bitter smile.

The higher the temperature of physics, the faster the movement speed of the molecules.

This was too difficult.

However, this also indirectly proved that Yuuji’s Kekkei Genaki was extremely terrifying.

Just like some of their speculations, it could directly affect the microscopic level.

“This technique, to a certain extent, is very similar to the Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique.

It involves the level of microscopic particles.” Danzo said indifferently.

The principle of the Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique* can unleash an atomic level attack, disintegrating all matter into countless atoms.

[*TL Note: Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique is a Kekkei Tōta utilized by the Second and Third Tsuchikage.]

And White Hot Light, through stimulating molecules, examines the movement speed of molecules on a large scale, using cells as a carrier, using chakra as a medium to unleash a terrifyingly high temperature.

Seeing this, Sandaime Hokage immediately put out some thoughts.

This technique was too dangerous.

Just the step of stimulating the molecules in the body on a large scale, entering the threshold of Hell level, and then controlling the high temperature that instantly erupts…

“Are you sure you won’t vaporize yourself alive If there is a slight deviation, you will die on the spot.

Can one out of a hundred rookies who want to learn this technique survive”

Yuuji smiled faintly and said, “If someone wants to learn this technique in the future, please tell me.

At least I can provide him with some help.”

“Don’t worry.

No matter who wants to learn it, they must get your permission.”

Sandaime rolled up the Book of Seal and cast a few more sealing techniques before opening the Book of Seal again.

A large number of forbidden techniques appeared.

Some techniques, with just a glance, were enough to make one’s eyes burn.

For example, spiritualization techniques, Edo Tensei, etc.…

However, after browsing through many techniques, Yuuji finally made a decision.

“Sandaime-sama, Danzo-sensei, I want to choose this technique.

I personally feel that this technique is more suitable for me.” Yuuji said with a faint smile.

“It’s actually this technique… Are you sure” Sandaime Hokage was confused.

It was because it was a little too strange for Yuuji to choose this technique.

“If you lack a spirit contract and want to have a high-quality spirit beast, I can help you.”

Danzo frowned.

“No, Sandaime-sama, Danzo-Sensei, I will choose this… I have a feeling that this technique is the most suitable technique for me.” Yuuji said.

His finger also pointed at the technique on the catalog of the Book of Seal.

Kumenju Svaha!*

[*TL Note: Kumenju Sowaka is a jutsu used while summoning the Nine Masked Beasts by Uzumaki Menma (Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie) refers to svāhā (read: sowaka), a Buddhist term roughly meaning “calling” which is used in mantras.

He also chants the kuji-in, which are featured as kanji on the portals.

The kanji also corresponds to the nine rings worn by the Akatsuki members.

The Nine Masked Beasts (Kumenjū) are entities created by Menma using the Black Nine-Tails’ chakra.

Five of these beasts are described as divine beasts (Shinjū), while the other four are referred to as divine priests (Shinkan).]


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