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Yuuji strolled along the streets.

After such a long time, he finally had a chance to take a good rest.

At the same time, he was also waiting for Gennin’s exam.

“After passing Gennin’s exam, I can almost apply to be a special superior Ninja.” Yuuji thought as he stepped into Konoha’s food street.

“Hey, isn’t this Hayate’s team We haven’t seen each other for a long time.”

Walking into a barbecue restaurant, Yuuji greeted them.

Genma, Gekkou Hayate, and Ebisu were having a meal in this restaurant.

“Ah, it’s Yuuji.

Cough cough, the entire Konoha is talking about your name.

You’re really amazing, cough cough…”

Gekkou Hayate coughed as he spoke, making people suspect that he would cough his lungs out in the next second.

It had been more than a year, but there was still no sign of improvement in this guy’s illness.

Genma looked at Yuuji with a complicated expression and took a deep breath.

“Why are you here…”

The gap was getting bigger and bigger… Yuuji, the last student had already left him far behind.

“Our team is going to have a meal here today.

It’s my treat, so I came here early to wait for them.” Yuuji found a seat next door and sat down.

He picked up the menu and ordered.

“This, this, and this… also five dishes.”

This caused Genma and the others to be shocked.

Ebisu pushed his sunglasses.

“Ah, this.

The Akamichi roasted meat is very expensive.

Can Yuuji’s financial ability support it”

“I have done more than twenty A-level missions this year.

Killing Gari should be an S-level mission.

I still have a few million taels of silver in savings.” Yuuji waved his hand.

Listen, is this human speech

Is this the terrifying strength of a super genius

Not long after, Kazue and Guy also arrived.

“Cough, cough, Kazue, why is your complexion so bad Cough, cough.” Gekkou Hayate took a glance and was extremely surprised.

Kazue’s brows flinched, “… You have the nerve to talk about me”

The two pale sick ghosts looked at each other, and they could see the shock in each other’s eyes.

This person’s body was really poor.

“Yuuji-san, I heard many people talking about you along the way.

You have become a genius who is famous all over Konoha!”

Guy picked up the chopsticks and quickly wiped out the barbecue.

At the same time, he mumbled something like “barbecue is fragrant”, “hot, hot” and other things.

“It’s nothing.

It’s great that everyone is safe and sound.” Yuuji said with a smile.

At this time, Genma and the other two swallowed their saliva.

They were not so extravagant.

They dared not to order so much roasted meat.

Then, they shamelessly squeezed over, stretched out their chopsticks, and began to eat meat.

Yuuji directly added double the amount of roasted meat.

“Not everyone is safe.

In Morino Ibiki’s team, Tokara is dead.

It is said that when he went to the east line to transport war supplies, he was targeted by Kirigakure’s group of seven and was killed.” Ebisu said in a low voice.

Yuuji paused, “Is that so It’s the people of our generation…”

Following that, Ebisu spoke out many familiar names.

Most of them were people from Yuuji’s same batch.

These people were all dead.

Yuuji and Kakashi’s team had elite superior Ninja and Kage-level’s team superior Ninja.

In addition, they were a genius team, and their growth speed was astonishing.

There were no casualties.

However, the other teams were not so lucky.

Most of the teams, they were not led by a team of superior Ninja.

They had not even done a few trashy teams like weeding, finding cats, and so on.

Their cooperation, tacit understanding, and secret arts were almost zero.

Relying on the three techniques and their enthusiasm, they rushed to the battlefield.

The casualty rate was frighteningly high.

“Many people died.

Only those who survived would have a chance to become elites.” Genma had a bitter face.

The only good news was, there were no geniuses in their team, but they won in the middle and steady way.

It was said that they would soon be assigned to a superior Ninja to lead the team.

This was already very rare.

In the past four years of bloody battles, no matter how many superior Ninja Konoha had, he could not withstand such a long period of exhaustion.

It was very rare to have a superior Ninja who could go back to the village to take Genma’s team.


When the dinner ended, it was already late at night.

The bright moon hung in the sky like a huge eye, overlooking the chaotic Ninja World.

Yuuji brought Kazue and Guy out of the barbecue shop.

This meal cost three hundred thousand taels.

The price of this item was so ridiculous.

It was no wonder that the Akamichi family could produce a big fatty.

Just by relying on this secret recipe of Konoha to open the barbecue shop, they had already made a fortune.

“Thank you for your hospitality.

This is the first time I have had the chance to eat so much barbecue!”

Guy covered his stomach, very satisfied.

“Don’t mention it, it’s a small matter.”

Yuuji waved his hand indifferently.

He really didn’t care about money, and Yuuji even specially packed a large portion of barbecue for Might Duy to send over.

It had been a while since he last saw Mr.

Duy, and he still missed him a lot.

At this time.


An Anbu suddenly appeared.

“Genin Shiranui Yuuji, Hokage-sama ordered you to hurry to the Hokage building as soon as possible,” Anbu said.

“Got it, thank you for your hard work.”

Yuuji agreed.

Anbu nodded and left using the Body FlickerTechnique.

“It’s already so late, why is the Hokage looking for you I was planning to take Yuuji-san to my house…” Kazue frowned.


Guy looked at this and then at that.

He felt that it was a little unnecessary to stand here.

“As expected of Yuuji, he actually has the chance to meet the Hokage…” Ebisu and the others who followed him were rather excited as if they were the ones who had gone to see the Hokage.

“In short, you can go back first.

If there is anything else, we can talk about it tomorrow.

Kazue, you understand.” Yuuji said meaningfully.

“I understand, I understand, I understand everything.”

Ebisu and the others nodded with admiration on their faces.


After parting, Yuuji went all the way to the Hokage building.

In the dead of night, he thought about what he should say and what he should not say.

It was necessary to prepare a plan in advance.


Yuuji suddenly stopped in his tracks.

A stream of chakra unknowingly seeped into his body.

‘This was… an illusion technique.’

“Interesting… is it the enemy’s spy, or is it something…”

Yuuji remained calm and collected.

Soon, a brand new chakra attacked again, and he surprisingly activated an obscure illusion technique.

“A combination illusion technique” Yuuji chuckled.

This time, the amount of chakra that seeped into Yuuji’s body seemed to have reached a certain amount.

In the next moment, a majestic will came from within Yuuji’s body, and with a loud bang, this foreign chakra was crushed and then swallowed together.

“Get out here, your technique is useless to me, otherwise don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Yuuji slowly made a series of hand seals, and at this time, a series of footsteps sounded.

The figure that was surrounded and protected by several Root Ninjas slowly walked out….

“Shiranui Yuuji, facing this old man, are you going to be impolite”

Danzo calmly said.

His one eye examined Yuuji: “Just now, the method you used to break the illusion is also a bit wrong.

All the chakra that entered your body was swallowed.”

“Could it be that you are the legendary Lord Danzo This is really rude.

However, I was just about to go to the Hokage building when Lord Danzo stopped me.

Isn’t it a little bad Moreover, didn’t Senior Torune tell you that I don’t intend to join Root”

Yuuji nodded slightly and said with a smile.

Danzo sneered, “This old man is not here to recruit you to join Root.

This old man is here to take you in as a disciple!”


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