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Chapter 53 - AwakeYuuji quietly looked at Hiruko, who had fallen into despair and despair.

He looked at Hiruko, who was drowned by the terrifying ball of flesh.

In his heart, he was also quickly evaluating the strength of this new generation of cancer cells.

‘A very dangerous cell.’

‘Although I made this thing, it is almost impossible to control it perfectly… After going back this time, I will create a perfect cancer clone.’

Yuuji thought.

[Cancer Doppelganger] was the 2.0 version of Nuclear Release’s doppelganger.

As long as the spiritual power was not exhausted, the massive amount of chakra reserves were the basic characteristics of this doppelganger.

It could be said that the cancer doppelganger was something that Yuuji could think of, and it was most likely comparable to Mokuton’s doppelganger.

‘I changed my cancer cells.

To a certain extent, they are similar to Hashirama’s cells.

They both have a strong corrosive and devouring nature, eating away at the body of the original host….’

Yuuji continuously evaluated Hiruko’s condition.

Hiruko’s body expanded further, and his shrill screams became more and more ear-piercing.

“Step back, Obito, don’t get swept in.

Otherwise, your end will be very troublesome.

Even if I want to save you, it will take some effort.” Yuuji reminded.

Obito was trembling all over as he leaned against the wall, staring blankly at the tragic end of Hiruko, the constantly squirming monster…

“Yuuji, is this also your technique”

“En I guess so.

This is a type of forbidden technique.

Don’t tell anyone else, or we will all be in trouble.” Yuuji reminded.

At this time, Hiruko almost went crazy.

In his brain, there was a lump of meat.

“Save me! Yuuji, this is all a misunderstanding.

Save me quickly! Otherwise, I will activate Chimera Technique at all costs and perish together with you!”

Hiruko shouted vaguely.

Yuuji sneered, “Stop joking, Senior Hiruko.

Do I look like a fool”

Hiruko, who had completely lost all hope, suddenly went crazy.

He roared and rushed over, making a loud rumbling sound.

He used all the remaining chakra left, using all the flesh buds.

A black flesh bud suddenly rushed over and desperately grabbed towards Yuuji.

At this moment, Hiruko had clearly gone crazy.

“I was just looking for an opportunity to try the possibility of using cancer clone to create infinite chakra… Hiruko-sama, I really have to trouble you.”

Yuuji was already prepared and directly made a seal.

Immediately, the squirming ball of meat shook and burst out a huge airflow.

This was the fluctuation of chakra.

Yuuji raised his hand and grabbed Hiruko.

His own will began to surge into the ball of meat, trying to connect all the cancer cells.

The biggest problem of cancer cells was uncontrollable, but it was ultimately a cell belonging to Yuuji.

In this world without cancer, cancer cells were unique to Yuuji from the beginning.

“Come on, let’s die together!”

Hiruko roared, and a large amount of flesh buds wrapped around Yuuji, trying to pull him in.

At this time, Yuuji used his greatest strength and began to use chakra, this energy that could connect spirit and matter, to try to control these crazy cells.

It was very strenuous.

Endless obscure feelings surged, only endless violence and mechanical coldness.

These cancer cells gave him a terrible feeling.

At the beginning of the birth of chakra, it is a medium for people to understand each other.

It naturally has a different individual will and spirit fragments.

Rikudou Sennin hopes that people can tolerate and forgive each other through chakra to achieve peace.

But these cancer cells, violence, and disorder are the absolute main theme…

‘I can give it a try.’

After Yuuji used chakra as a medium to connect a large number of cancer cells to his spirit, he immediately began to try to control the cancer cells to refine new chakra.

This is a troublesome process.

The cancer cells themselves are swallowing chakra to grow,

Now Yuuji wants to use chakra to control the cancer cells to create new chakra…

This is a very tricky two-way process.

If he’s careless, Yuuji’s attempt will fail.

Instead, it will let the cancer cells grow further.

Normal cells turn food and water into energy and then supply the consumption of the human body.

This is a process of transforming energy.

But what Yuuji is doing now is to obtain energy by eating and drinking water and then create the same food and water…

The sheep’s fur came out of the sheep’s body.

Not to mention, with a strong sheep like Hiruko, he could use his life to offset a part of his loss.

Soon, these cancer cells were controlled in a violent and disorderly manner, combining with Yuuji’s spiritual energy to create chakra.


Hiruko roared, but he could only watch helplessly as the control of his ‘body’ fell into the hands of Yuuji, and then brand new chakra was continuously extracted.

“Very good, that’s it…”

Yuuji’s eyes lit up, and he ignored the numerous flesh buds.

From Hiruko’s body, he tried to retrieve this new chakra into his body!

As more and more chakra surged over, it was devoured by Yuuji.

At the same time, those flesh sprouts also pierced through Yuuji’s skin, trying to extract Yuuji’s flesh and blood….

“Come, let’s see who will devour first of us!” Hiruko screamed.

However, Yuuji did not respond to Hiruko.

In his body, something even more worthy of his attention had happened.

The biting cold chakra transformed into a tornado, which Yuuji continuously swallowed.

This boundless chakra seemed to have stimulated a big guy.


In the dim space.

The surging chakra attracted this huge monster.


A heavy breathing sound was heard.

At the top of that terrifying figure, there was a faint crack in his tightly closed eyes.

This couldn’t even be considered awakening, but just like this, there was a shocking sense of oppression.

“Hahahaha, I won’t die.

I will devour your bloodline… What is this place”

In the darkness, Hiruko raised his head in confusion and looked at the blurry figure in astonishment.

His flesh buds drilled around, and his mind instinctively followed the surging chakra flow and was unexpectedly sucked here by Godzilla.

It seemed to have sensed that an unfamiliar little ant had barged in.

Godzilla’s eyes opened a little again, and a terrifying gaze descended, almost crushing Hiruko into pieces!

‘This, this, this is a sealed space….’

‘This little brat actually has this kind of thing in his body.’

‘Could it be that he is a Jinchuriki’

Hiruko screamed.

Vaguely, all of his wills were filled with a silent gaze.

No matter how tough his soul was, at this moment, terrifying cracks appeared.

It was as if it would collapse at any moment and be infected and assimilated by some kind of great power.

This impact spread out to the outside world.

“Get out of my way! You monster, stay away from me!”

Hiruko let out a miserable shriek as his expanding figure turned around and attempted to flee.


“What happened to him” Obito was confused.

Yuuji raised his hand and controlled countless cancer cells to control this guy.

He smiled faintly and said, “Something interesting happened, Obito…”

Hiruko was finished.

As long as he was alive, he would never be able to get rid of Yuuji’s control.


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