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 Chapter 52 - Welcome To Hell!Hiruko looked warily at Yuuji’s actions.

‘Summoning Technique, what is this little ghost summoning Weapons Spirit beasts Or something else…’

After the smoke dispersed, Yuuji still maintained his original posture, one hand patting the scroll, but nothing appeared…

“Heh… It seems like the spirit has failed.”

Hiruko carefully sensed it and his face immediately revealed a ghastly expression as he let out a strange laugh.

‘Summoning Technique….

I thought that he would be able to summon some trump card, but this was the result’

“Ah! Yuuji, did your technique fail What should we do” Obito looked at the approaching Hiruko, leaning against the wall of the cave, unable to retreat.

He could only continuously throw out Kunai and the Grand Fireball Technique, but he understood the degree of damage.

At this time, Yuuji calmly raised his head and looked at Hiruko.

This strange calm made Hiruko more suspicious and uneasy.

After hesitating for a moment, he said, “Hmph! Trying to scare me like this You are too naive! Come on, become a part of me.

This is your honor!”

Hiruko increased his speed and suddenly pounced over.

The squirming flesh suddenly emerged pieces of strange substances and pounced towards Yuuji.

The greed on his face had been magnified to the extreme, and there was a hint of madness in it.

Nuclear Release Kekkei Genkai, the forbidden technique that killed Gari, the superb aptitude, all of this… would belong to him!

He would truly catch up to Sannin, even if he had to become a rebel!

Chi! Chi!

A large number of meat sprouts rolled up a strange mass and grabbed Yuuji with a loud bang.

Then, they began a crazy devouring process.

This was a secret technique that involved fusing the body.

As long as the ceremony was successful, Yuuji would disappear and merge into Hiruko’s BODY.


Obito roared angrily and was about to charge forward, but in the next moment, he was entangled by a meat bud.

Then, a large number of ball-shaped things wrapped around Obito.

“A piece of trash like you shouldn’t stay here.

If I fuse with your bloodline…”

Hiruko hesitated.

Was he going to absorb such a trashy bloodline

However, in the next moment, Hiruko let out a soft cry of surprise, and his face revealed a deep sense of surprise.

“Your eyes… Hahahaha, Rikudou Sennin is protecting me!”

Hiruko looked at Obito with a face full of infatuation, and that pair of magatama Sharingan that suddenly appeared.

“Is this an extremely desperate situation”

“Very good, Obito.

Only in this way can you be qualified to be a part of me! I will use your eyes to look down on the entire Ninja Realm!”

Hiruko stared at him with a look of infatuation and began to pull Obito to his body crazily.

“Yuuji, let’s work together to deal with this guy!”

In an extremely angry situation, Obito could only continue to be angry and watch himself being pulled to Hiruko.

It looked like Yuuji and Obito were about to be devoured and merged into Hiruko’s body.

But at this time, Yuuji, who had remained silent, said calmly, “Chimera Technique’s fusion ceremony is so rough… Senior Hiruko, your technique is clearly not perfect.

How high is the success rate of such a rough fusion ”

Hiruko was stunned, and then he sneered, “That’s enough, kid.

Don’t tell me you can also understand my human body fusion secret technique”

He increased the speed of the fusion.

One of Yuuji’s arms had already touched his body, and the skin that came into contact with it already showed signs of melting.

“I have indeed done some research.

Senior Hiruko, such a rough fusion ceremony has really opened my eyes… Since that’s the case, I have nothing to hide anymore.””

Yuuji’s voice was calm.

He lowered his head and looked at the meat sprouts and lumps.

They were indeed too rough.

At this time, Hiruko had not yet developed this technique.

Yuuji lost his patience.

He finally used that thing…

A cancer clone!!

The moment it came out, it merged with the cancer cells in Yuuji’s body and began to reproduce crazily!

One became two, two became four, and it continued to split.

Soon, countless cancer cells piled up into wriggling lumps of meat.

To a certain extent, they were very similar to Hiruko’s flesh buds.

The lumps of meat collided and multiplied crazily, and all of them poured into Hiruko’s body!

“What is this thing”

Hiruko suddenly felt a great sense of crisis in his heart.

Facing Yuuji’s smiling eyes, he immediately roared.

‘What is this Some kind of stripped flesh But what is the use of this thing’

“No matter what it is, you belong to me!”

Hiruko roared and increased the speed of fusion.

Just like that, a large number of cancer cells belonging to Yuuji crazily entered Hiruko’s body and began to proliferate endlessly.

The next moment, Hiruko’s Chimera Technique tried to control these balls of flesh that was swallowed up and combine them into a new body that belonged to him, but…


Chimera Technique’s control ability could not keep up with the speed of reproduction of these ghost things! What was even more terrifying was that Hiruko was horrified to find that these things were actually uncontrollable by him!

‘This kind of simple and disorderly cancer cells with terrible growth ability, I spent a lot of effort to specially cultivate them.

I didn’t expect to use them on Senior Hiruko in the end.’

Yuuji revealed a faint smile on his face.

Under Hiruko’s gaze, it was like the roar of an evil ghost.

In this short period of time, these things have already spread through Senior Hiruko’s body through his blood.

They will endlessly absorb the nutrients in Senior Hiruko’s body and then develop endlessly…

Yuuji looked at Hiruko in front of him and laughed, “This thing could grow with energy.

To a certain extent, it was Chimera Technique’s rival.”

Hiruko let out a painful scream.

His already tattered body could now see strange protrusions everywhere.

That was the proof of cancer cells replicating and expanding in his body.

Soon, Hiruko began to lose his human form, and his body expanded in disorder.

Countless cancer cells were devouring him.

“Impossible, this kind of thing! My Chimera Technique is a secret technique to control the body, he must be able to…”

Hiruko looked at the cancer cells with his eyes and tried to get rid of them in horror.

However, he discovered in despair that the more he tried to use chakra, the more the cancer cells in his body proliferated crazily and devoured everything.

Waves of weakness came, and Hiruko personally felt that he was being devoured by these horrible things.

This involved the blind spots of Hiruko’s cognition.

He had studied human bodies and blood for decades and exhausted his entire life to develop the Chimera Technique, but he had never come into contact with such a terrifying thing!

This thing was not reasonable at all!

“Senior Hiruko, welcome to hell.”

Yuuji easily broke free of the lifeless flesh bud and ball-like object, pulled out the stunned Obito, and said lightly.


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