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Chapter 51 - Chimera Technique“Who is it”

Obito’s expression changed, and he immediately raised Kunai to block in front of Yuuji.

“Obito, it’s an acquaintance… Hiruko-san, I didn’t expect you to still be alive,” Yuuji revealed a faint smile on his face.

The figure at the entrance of the cave staggered in.

He was in an extremely bad state.

His entire body was covered in blood, and one of his shoulders had almost disappeared.

The most eye-catching thing was his body that seemed to have been torn into pieces, but it was unknown what method he used to reform it.

A large number of threads covered the broken shell.

It was Hiruko.

Even though his body was terrible to this extent, this guy still did not die.

He chased after him all the way, and it seemed that he still maintained a certain level of combat strength.

“Ah! Great Ninja Hiruko, this is great! Come in and rest.

Don’t worry, those Iwa ninjas were all killed by Yuuji.

We are safe now…”

Obito immediately revealed a pleasantly surprised expression.

He did not think too much about this.

His limited brain capacity directly ignored Hiruko’s strangeness.


In the next moment, Yuuji suddenly attacked, grabbed Obito, and fiercely pressed him down.

“Don’t believe your eyes too much.

Obito, this guy finally revealed his true face… Look carefully, no matter what, don’t be blinded by your own eyes.”

Yuuji said calmly.

“Hmph, hmph, hmph…”

Hiruko gasped for breath and suddenly laughed softly.

This laughter grew louder and crazier.

“Hahahaha!! I never thought that one day, I would actually be played by a little brat like you! You did well.

You used some kind of vibration wave technique to shatter the ground.

You deliberately tilted your power in my direction, forcing me to be unable to escape.

Then, the two of you would take advantage of this opportunity to escape… Little brat, I really admire you!”

Hiruko let out a crazy laugh, and a sharp cry echoed in the cave.

“If I hadn’t transformed my body and deceived those Iwa ninjas with fake death, I would have been dead!”

“Who would have thought that the strongest genius known throughout the entire Fire Country, the perfect successor of the will of fire, was actually such a cruel and hypocritical guy!’”

Hiruko’s face was ferocious and twisted, and the madness was getting stronger and stronger.

Yuuji stood up and looked up calmly.

“Don’t say that, Senior Hiruko.

If I didn’t feel threatened by you, I wouldn’t have abandoned you… At that time, I would have taken you and Obito away with me.”

When Obito heard this, he was completely stunned.

“What, what are you talking about Abandoning and framing, cruel and hypocritical… What are you talking about”

This powerful information content almost overturned Obito’s simple three views.

He looked at Hiruko, who was known as the best friend of Sannin ninjas and then turned to look at Yuuji, who had studied the will of fire from childhood to adulthood…

‘What was going on with these two guys’

At this time, Yuuji smiled and patted Obito on the shoulder.

This simple action made the frightened Obito miraculously regain his composure.

Sometimes, the simplest action was an important signal.

“Obito, Lord Hiruko is a very dangerous guy.

When he first saw me, he had already set his eyes on me.

That kind of strong malice will not be wrong.

This kind of person must find a way to kick out of our team, otherwise, we will be the ones who will be injured in the end.”

Hiruko looked at Yuuji with a sneer.

‘This kid is actually sharp to such an extent.

From the first time we met, he had already noticed it at the western camp…’

Yuuji smiled and looked at the panting Hiruko, “Senior Hiruko, your current state seems to be very bad.

You came to me in such a hurry, do you want to die”

“Hmph, the one who should die is you… It’s a pity that the Uchiha who is with you is not the genius Kazue, but this useless trash Obito who has no eyes.”

Hiruko’s face was full of blood and stitching marks and looked at Yuuji greedily.

‘It was a little regretful.’

‘If Yuuji and Kazue were here, it would be perfect.’

‘Nuclear Release and Sharingan would all belong to me!’

“Little brat, I also saw the technique you used to kill Gari from afar.

It is indeed amazing, but using such a terrifying forbidden technique, I’m afraid that your body has already crossed over, and you can’t change your situation… Now is the time for you to repay me properly,” Hiruko sneered.

This was definitely the best opportunity.

It was the time when Yuuji was at his weakest!

Fortunately, that group of Iwa ninja had forced out this crafty little brat’s forbidden technique.

If not for them, he would have directly seized the Kekkei Genkai…

However, this terrifying blood inheritance, as well as the forbidden technique to kill Gari, would soon belong to him, Hiruko!

“Little brat, hand over your Kekkei Genkai to me!!”

Hiruko roared, and then quickly formed a seal.


The spot on his chest suddenly began to squirm, and then a strange black flesh bud came out, constantly shaking.

“What is this” Obito cried out in alarm.

“Chimera Technique, a forbidden technique that I developed on my own.

It can change my mediocre aptitude!”

Hiruko had a face full of resentment.

“The Three Sannin have already abandoned me and pursued Sandaime Hokage further and further, leaving me alone… So, as long as I fuse with you and have your Nuclear ReleaseKekkei Genkai, I will become a super genius like you!!”

“You damn things, you are born with outstanding talent!” “My Chimera technique was created specifically to seize your talent!”

More flesh sprouted from his body and moved quickly like a long worm, pouncing towards Yuuji.

“Come, give me your Nuclear Release!”

Hiruko was already impatient.

His vicious eyes were filled with the reflection of Yuuji.

As for Obito, he had ignored him.

If Kazue was here, he would be happy to swallow him, but if it were for Obito…

Fire Release – Great Fireball Technique!

Obito immediately spat out a fireball.

As a matter of fact, he was unable to defeat Hiruko.

The flesh sprouts shook off the flames and began to multiply and give birth.

“Yuuji, what should we do” Obito asked.

“I really have no choice…”

In a flash, Yuuji took out a storage scroll, placed it on the ground, and quickly opened it.

‘I originally didn’t intend to use this dangerous thing, and it was clearly incomplete… But since Senior Hiruko has delivered himself to my doorstep, then I will reluctantly use it.’

Yuuji slapped the scroll with one hand.

Summoning Technique!


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